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Indian Arrowheads

12/2/15 @ 2:43 PM
Mr. Darboy
User since 6/12/06
I tried to do a search but it didn't result in any matches so I'm guessing this topic hasn't been discussed much before. Does anyone on here search for arrowheads? My 11 year old has shown an interest after watching some stuff on tv and I thought it would be something we could add to our time in the woods shed hunting, prepping food plots, hanging stands, etc. Ties right into our love of bowhunting as well.

So, my question is how do we get started? Besides just walking and looking I know that much! Should we concentrate on streams and river edges after water recedes? Walk plowed fields in the spring after the rocks and heads are pushed up? Any specific parts of the state better than others? Are there any clubs in WI that specialize in this? I'd appreciate any help someone with experience can give or if you have a spot for us to walk we'd surely appreciate that too! Thanks.

12/30/15 @ 10:02 AM
User since 11/6/01
Mr. Darboy,

If you are in it for the right reasons, make friends with the true people of the land. Teach your son to respect the history. I search too...but no native tool is as it appears to be. Each has a purpose. On my first journey (almost 40 years ago) I found an piece. My Friend explained that this was not a hunting tool. It was a weapon of war. He explained that the shape was for humane retraction. Most Native American people did not believe in human suffrage.

12/4/15 @ 12:30 PM
Mr. Darboy
User since 6/12/06
Thanks for the responses everyone, it's very helpful and we appreciate it. Now the hard part will be waiting until spring to look unless we get some warm days in December and can check out some fields that the farmers already plowed this fall. Is spring better because frost pushes them up like stones? I also ordered a book from a guy in MO who has a cool website with lots of good info on it, maybe that will help as well. I know he does mention indian camps along waterways being a key area. Thanks for the info about Lake MI shorelines and Sheboygan marsh. All little tips like that will help. I've heard around Elkhart Lake was good area to search as well? I live near Lake Winnebago so have to imagine all around there is good also with how often they utilized the lake?

12/3/15 @ 8:04 PM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
I grew up in northern Iowa and we used to find dozens of them at a time after the field was plowed. I found out much later that the field was used by the Winnebago Indians as a camp site.

12/3/15 @ 7:41 PM
User since 2/2/09
I've never looked for them specifically...but I have found a few larger stones that I think were manipulated by human hands. Not sure what they were used for however. A few years back a Native American historian I guess you would call him, asked to walk the property I bow hunt. He believed there to be some kind of trees that held some significance as markers or sign posts in the past. Not sure what he ever figured out.

12/3/15 @ 6:55 PM
User since 9/27/01
An old family member taught me how to look for them when I was a young boy growing up near Point Beach State Forest. We mainly walked some sandy farm fields after they were plowed or disked. He knew from his older family members that the band of Menominee that lived there before the whiteman showed up made their winter camp in that area near our house away from the lake. I'd have to dig through some boxes that haven't been unpacked since our move but I still have the ones I found as well as his collection which included a spear head.

12/3/15 @ 6:24 PM
User since 8/10/10
I just started 2 years ago myself. I have found 4 arrowheads and a couple tools. all found in plowed fields. Sheboygan marsh area is a good spot. check out this place...

12/3/15 @ 3:38 PM
Todd Young
User since 6/25/15
Great hobby to get into. I used to spend lots of time looking for Indian Artifacts with my grandpa. We found a few on streambeds and lake shores and did a few digs that produced some nice finds. A very large majority of our time was spent walking plowed fields after some good rains. Nearby water source was very important and usually most finds were on the higher grounds in the fields. Try to picture where they would have set up camp near a water source and not get flooded out. My pap had around 1000 points in his collection when he passed away. He did say they were much easier to find in his younger years and our finds are from PA and Ohio.

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