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12/1/21 @ 12:54 PM
Walleye Warrior
Walleye Warrior
USER SINCE 8/23/01


We have 4 acres in Calumet co.  It is not used by us so we rent it out to a farmer.  This has been in place for years.  I believe the farmer pays $60 per acre for the use of the land for crops.  Whats the going rate for farmland rental?  thank you in advance 


12/6/21 @ 5:27 PM
One shot one kill

Depending on your land CRP can be a steal . I have about 7 acres  and get about 550.00 a year for a 10 year contract.  

They like it for ground nesting birds and pollinators. .

12/6/21 @ 12:01 PM
USER SINCE 6/27/01

Others have mentioned size, but another factor is how far away the farmer is.  If it is across the road from the buildings, it is more valuable than if it is 10 miles down the road.

My land is in the north and I consider myself lucky that I can even rent it.  Fortunately, there are 3 other farm landowners in my neighborhood who rent to the same farmer.  All fields get worked on in the same time frame.  If it was just my 20 acres, I wouldn't get anything for it. (The others have more acreage also)


12/5/21 @ 5:34 PM
USER SINCE 11/22/10

Brews, I'm not sure how it pencils out to profit either, but we sure as heck signed the contract!!!!  Keep in mind he buys and sells corn with 3 dryers.  And yes, 4 acres isn't worth it.  But that's why we kept the John Deere 300 around for so long.

12/5/21 @ 4:46 PM
USER SINCE 12/14/14

Per county, but lack of acreage is a big issue. Not sure if there is a minimum amount of land for CRP. Good luck.

12/5/21 @ 12:13 PM
USER SINCE 2/28/07

Should of tried to enroll ot in CRP. Your lucky that farmer even rents it, that's a small field

12/3/21 @ 4:12 PM

$340 an acre, not sure how that even pencils out to profit. As others said, be happy someone uses it if you don't want to. 4 acres isn't worth pulling into a field for most guys. Let the farmers use it and consider it a food plot they plant and pay for.

12/2/21 @ 2:16 PM
USER SINCE 4/17/07

I own 3.6 acres. About 1.5 of it was a hay field when we bought the place in 2020. It was directly connected the to the neighbors field, so without seeing the plat it looked like it was theirs. I was going to let him keep using it if he came to talk to me about it, he lives a couple houses down the road. Never did in 8 months. So the next spring I found the pins, mowed it down and planted 25 trees and put in a small garden/ pumpkin patch. I mowed it a couple times then let the grass go because I didn't want to mow it anymore. I keep a path around the edge mowed and a few in the middle. Once the trees grow it will look pretty nice and increase the value of my property a little. 

12/2/21 @ 8:48 AM
Grindstone Cowboy
USER SINCE 10/27/20

We have a 4 acre field as well. The neighboring farmer plants it for $0. I am happy that we don't have to keep it mowed or maintained. The farmer is a go to guy with plenty of equipment to lend us and always has or helped as needed. This scenario works great for us. Rumor has it many farmers won't pay for fields less than 5 acres due to the equipment issues previously stated.

12/2/21 @ 7:45 AM
Duke M
USER SINCE 1/12/09

Bear in mind that 4 acres is so small that with today's modern equipment a field that small is not worth as much as a larger field.

12/2/21 @ 4:16 AM
USER SINCE 11/22/10

Me and my dad farm.  At least we used to, got out of it after he was nearly killed in a farming accident.  We payed anywhere from $160-$240 an acre.  Depends on how good the ground is.  Now that we are out of the business.  Our neighbor who has a large scale operation and buys, sells, stores grain with three dryers.  Pays us $340.

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