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Conservation Congress spring hearing

4/10/17 @ 8:01 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

I just returned home from Walworth county meeting. It appeared that the non hunting crowd out numbered sportsmen 2 to 1. I made out my ballot and split. See when the results are posted but Im afraid this may be this way statewide as they love their birds and hunters and fishermen are just too busy to take a couple hours out there monday night.


4/11/17 @ 6:48 PM
beachcomber II
USER SINCE 12/7/13

missed last night and last year had to work late. im 58 and started going with my dad when i was a teenager and never missed a year. it always kind of shocked me with lite attendance but i dont blame anyone when the state i think makes changes in the laws probably more than the dnr does without facts or understanding of what there even  doing. they seem that they dont listen to any of us at all.but yet they say they want are input. my feeling if they go to online voting sportsmen would get around to stepping up. how many treehuggers show up i think would be minimal to amount of sportsman that would show up especially if you needed dnr number or your name and address or the like.   

4/11/17 @ 6:14 PM
USER SINCE 11/3/03

Took my 19 yr old son with me last night 1st time. Last year he had to work. He stated at the end of the meeting, that why I thought it was important to make every effort to be there hit home with him. His first meeting and he said where are the rest of all us sportsman??? I said the younger generation is playing XBox or texting on their phones is more important. I think a revelation would be to most if they would experience it. The process is much better than years ago with counting raised hands for each vote or question... I can remember sitting at hearings till after midnight...

4/11/17 @ 5:10 PM
USER SINCE 9/25/14

percheye1,  That was the same feeling I had last night also.  I'm embarrassed to say it was the first hearing I've attended but in the same breath it was eye opening that more sportsmen need to get involved, fast!!! I know i'll be attending a lot more meetings.  I also attended Walworth's hearing.

4/10/17 @ 10:54 PM
USER SINCE 6/19/01

Just got back from the Milw. Co. hearing. Maybe 175 people tops.......2 out of the 3 votes for delegates went to non sportsman...there was one sweetheart on the ballot that I am sure glad did not get voted in. Was hoping for more discussion on the DNR to nothing....alot of talk on enviornmental issues and wolf's. Been going since the mid '70s enjoy listening to all opinions...but didnt get much out of it this year.Guy by the name of Reenpferd got a one year term.

4/10/17 @ 10:41 PM
USER SINCE 6/19/01

I'm in favor of opening up the spring hearings to on-line voting as long as it requires some form of credential to be entered - like a DNR number.  

My job responsibilities have prevented me from attending the meetings for years (tonight was my first) and it has irked me for some time that a small number of people can have such a significant impact on potential game and fish regulations.  

4/10/17 @ 10:14 PM
USER SINCE 11/3/03

Waukesha ended at 9:05. The new members for our county had some great credentials and were in our favor. Dave Poff will be missed as a true advocate for sportsmen and 25 yrs on the board. Turnout was 50 of them to 100 sportsmen and sportswomen. The biggest problem is going to be if voting goes online for everyone in the world and or to the polls as a part of the spring polling elections... Not sure who would go vote at polling and read 88 questions, but board member voting would be a big issue especially in metro areas.

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