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Conservation Congress spring hearing

4/10/17 @ 8:01 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

I just returned home from Walworth county meeting. It appeared that the non hunting crowd out numbered sportsmen 2 to 1. I made out my ballot and split. See when the results are posted but Im afraid this may be this way statewide as they love their birds and hunters and fishermen are just too busy to take a couple hours out there monday night.


4/22/21 @ 2:44 PM

Resolutions that pass are used in different ways.

DNR staff use resolution data to measure public sentiment about specific issues.  So when they are contemplating rule changes, resolutions are a part of the justification for or against a rule change.

State lawmakers keep a close eye on resolutions that passed to measure how their constituents feel about specific issues.

If proposing new legislation, the passed resolutions will provide justification for changes in the law.

Overall, resolutions, both passed and failed are a reflection of society.   So resolutions can be charted over time, if they are voted on more than one year.    One can also measure  support of a resolution, or the idea behind it, to see if it is regional or statewide.  

Rhetoric, especially on social media, is not a measured litmus test of how society feels about a given issue.   Resolutions are a numerical measurement of how both local and statewide citizens feel about a given issue.

This year there were several environmental resolutions that passed,   much to the irritation of the natural resources board.   Resolutions are clear communication from citizens both to the DNR and the NRB.    In that regard, they are a unique exercise of the First Amendment.

4/20/21 @ 8:19 AM
Fin Bender
Fin Bender
USER SINCE 9/16/11

Hey Trouter, Can you tell us what now happens to the WCC resolutions that were voted "yes" (passed) at the spring hearing? When are these officially presented to the DNR as recommendations in law? and what does the DNR do with then?    

4/19/21 @ 8:19 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

If you take a look at results of county resolutions it is pretty obvious the antis are organized. They had multiple resolutions pass in many different counties trying to take over and eventually change hunting and fishing as we know it. I guess this year most decided it wasnt worth their time to vote with only 12,000 votes.

4/19/21 @ 7:10 PM

The results of the 2021 Spring hearings is posted at DNR website.

3/15/19 @ 10:32 AM
USER SINCE 12/25/09

You don't have to vote on every question, just leave the one's you have no opinion on blank.

3/15/19 @ 9:31 AM
USER SINCE 1/21/12
I plan to attend the spring hearing for the 1st time this year. As I look through the advisory questions I can't help but feel like a few of these questions have no bearing on my area of the state and to go with that, I have little to no knowledge of the some questions being asked as to how it could or could not impact what they are trying to accomplish. I don't want to blindly vote just to vote, so do I leave it blank or can we have discussions here about pro/cons of certain questions? Without getting too political, I am looking for friendly advice and good hearted chatter!

1/16/19 @ 7:40 AM
USER SINCE 1/16/19
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

4/12/17 @ 5:30 PM
USER SINCE 6/17/11

And that's exactly the kind of thinking that has allowed anti's to get voted into the Conservation Congress. Yes, lawmakers have jumped over the process and that's really annoying.  To say it's a waste of time is your opinion that you are entitled to. No other state has a process like this. It is also true that Act 21 from "the sportsmen's Governor" has watered it a bit in that changes take longer now but the process still works.


4/12/17 @ 12:29 PM
ole 870
USER SINCE 6/27/01

Aside from electing new board members what's the use of going? Every year you fill out the questionaire and things are unanimously approved or rejected by the folks in attendance accross the majority of counties and nothing ever gets done about it. Instead you get one renegade guy in the legislature who initiates or slips something in on a current bill and next thing you know you're stuck with a new law that no one voted for or agreed upon at the spring hearing. And it's a miracle how fast something like that can happen, whereas you vote on what seems like the same question at the hearings for 10 years in a row and nothing ever gets done about it. It's a complete waste of time and a real joke. 

4/11/17 @ 8:34 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

I too started going with my Dad 45 years ago and many others my age used to show up in pretty good numbers I know some of you hit on the legislature making changes without going through the process but I just wonder if many of those that used to attend just remember back in the day counting the hands and listening to all the arguments. I honestly havent stayed for at least 15 years. I know what my answers are ahead of the meeting and transfer them onto the ballot wait for the election and then head home and wait to see the results posted on line. Last night I was just thankful that none of the non sportsman were interested in being on the Congress as it appeared they out numbered us and would have been elected. Maybe we are just jaded or have a sense of apathy. I dont know but I know many who participate in the great outdoors and they werent there.

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