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2/8/16 @ 6:07 PM
User since 7/3/01
The powers that be ( in Madison) invented the CDAC, or county deer advisory committees. Each deer unit was composed of a county, not the larger units that the DNR came up with.

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress has provided leadership for the local county level CDAC's.

Each local CDAD has management options on how to control the deer herd. There are many options and thinking about custom regulations for each county sounds life a great idea.

Until one looks at the bigger, statewide picture.

If each CDAC decides to have different regulations, then complexity defines our statewide hunt. This invites confusion and frustration.

But uniformity in regulations, over large areas of the state is easier for hunters to understand.

I am not sure what our CDAC will decide to do this year or next. But I hope we consider not changing anything about our hunt. If I tell hunters that this year will be like last year, no explaining is needed.

What ever the outcome is, I hope that consistency and uniformity will characterize the different CDAC's.

Thoughts ??

2/11/16 @ 10:52 AM
User since 6/15/01
I don't necessarily think it's a code word or anything. Individual CDAC's will have the opportunity to perhaps use existing or create new Metro units if needed. In addition, there may be an opportunity where areas can be designated for specific or individual population goals separate of the rest of the county, basically a sub unit.

These items are basically on a two year plan. The goal right now is to merely start the discussion process on what could be available. Again keeping in mind that just because you can do something, doesn't necessarily mean you have to, or should.

2/11/16 @ 10:39 AM
User since 6/3/10

Is county subunits code for big no hunt cities like MKE dont want to constructively participate so we need to subunit out OC, Franklin, and Brown Deer to get anything done in the metro?

2/11/16 @ 9:04 AM
User since 6/15/01
It is a double edged sword. We wanted more options, more input in the decision making process, and the ability to address our concerns on a more localized platform. Getting the decision making out of the offices in Madison and into each area is really a good thing, however, like you mentioned it could create situations where neighboring areas have a varying ideas on how to address their concerns.

With the additional tools that were brought forward at last weekend's training session, there are a lot of options available for each county. When you add in the discussion of changing boundaries or adding subunits within a county, the next few years could really get hairy.

2/10/16 @ 11:27 PM
User since 6/3/10
We have to accept that change could happen.

Management at the county level is pretty smart in my opinion.

The focus should be that the DNR provides an intuitive, easy to find, plan language website that outlines the county by county regulations. Additionally the DNR needs to make paper copies available for the old timers that don't use computers.

The one thing that I wish is that we spread the word about the CDAC more. It's easy enough to find CDAC info online if you know what to look for; however, that initial search process is a little tough. I totally bolo'd the public observation process of the CDAC; somehow I missed that they are open to the public until recently. I hear that public attendance, and participation is pretty low, which is bad, because that sends the message that there is low interest; we know that is not the case however.

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