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Boat launch idiots!

6/26/01 @ 2:05 AM
USER SINCE 6/16/01
Why is it that every time I go to a public launch I have to contend with someone who has no clue what they are doing? One time After fishing in the morning I get back to the launch, on lake winnebago in the big hole, and on one side of the dock I see a car and trailer in the launch, no boat or a person. I get to the dock and get out and look around and see a boat coming into the harbor. Didn't think much of it. Came back with my truck and trailer, just as two other rigs pull up to launch. I get my boat on the trailer and the boat I saw coming in behind me pulls up onto the trailer parked on the other side of the dock. This guy backed his rig in, got in his boat and went out on the lake without parking his car and trailer in the parking area!!!!!!!!!!! This launch is only a one dock two ramp deal. He had no problem with plugging one side with his car and going out on the lake! I'm sure we all have a few stories about jerks at the boat landings so here is a place to vent!


11/12/20 @ 12:28 PM
USER SINCE 6/20/01

262: Honest mistake does not make you an idiot.  In my book the BLI's are the people who CONSTANTLY block the ramps, can't back a trailer, etc. and NEVER get the hint or realize how inconsiderate they really are.

11/10/20 @ 6:53 PM
262 Fishing
262 Fishing
USER SINCE 8/10/18

Bringing this back to the top with my own story...

I had the boat in for maintenance, dealer pulled the plug and didn't replace it. I didn't check because I never pull it out. Chaos ensues. If you want to see how it all played out, here's the video for your viewing pleasure...

As long as I'm doing a shameless plug (actually, this one's pretty shameful), I'm doing a fund raiser for no shave November, making a donation based on new subscribers, thumbs up, view minutes, etc. I promise most of my videos aren't as pathetic as this episode! 

9/26/20 @ 11:15 PM

I feel like one of the BLI's when I prep my boat right in the launching lane when there's noone around.  I feel like noone will be coming in the 2 minutes it takes me to unstrap my boat, then sure enough, today someone comes and had to wait an extra minute or two for me to launch and get my boat off the dock.  Personally this never bothers me, but it might bother some that are in a hurray to get out on the lake.

9/10/20 @ 1:18 PM
USER SINCE 1/24/06

My new job.

9/9/20 @ 12:03 PM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

Launched on Green Bay on Saturday.  Dykesville.  Lower lot was full of rigs.  We were first in "line" and started prepping our boat right where the signs told us to.  Never takes us more than a minute or two.  Friends were behind us, some guy in a Green Lund comes in behind them.  The Green Lund proceeded to pass the both of us and move to a launch lane, well, he tried.  Instead of being on one lane, he was in two.  And?  He then stopped to prep his boat while in the launch lane.  Boy was I po'd.

Wife and I are ready, we whip behind him and start backing in.  I shoot him a look and he puts his hand on his cap and ducks his head.

He knew what he did was wrong.  So, I'll not call him a boat launch idiot, just anxious.

9/8/20 @ 9:15 PM

12packabs, yes, this was actually at Olin-Turville.  I've done it at Lake Farm as well.  If you're good at backing out of a stall, might as well to save time. I've even parallel parked with a trailer once, when I needed to park out on the street. at Olin-Turville.  

I couldn't believe how many people at that launch couldn't read the signs!  Several vehicles and trailers parked on the grass where it says no parking on the grass! Every one of them got tickets!

9/8/20 @ 8:20 AM

I had a guy look a little funny at me the other day when I got back to my car and proceeded to back right up to the dock instead of go forward first and go around.  the parking stalls are angled at this launch and I was the second stall in line, so instead of pull forward, drive several yards to the turn around and then have to turn and back up I just backed right up to the dock from my parking spot. He was coming from the other lot, I believe, and I didn't see him until he was right behind me.  Luckily he waited.  It would have taken me way longer to pull foward, go around, then turn around to have the trailer facing the lake.  Unlike some people though I make it to the dock on one try, not several!

9/8/20 @ 6:29 AM
USER SINCE 8/17/01

Might be a good way to enjoy the weekends

9/7/20 @ 4:19 PM
USER SINCE 5/17/11

This weekend brought out the people that only launch twice a year. Memorial weekend and Labor day weekend.

Watched a boat get taken out of the water, motor dragging on the concrete.

And witnessed a gentleman pull into the boat launch with the trailer jack wheel dragging on the ground also.

9/7/20 @ 3:58 PM

Three today at the single launch lane !!!! Prep your boat before u get into the launch lane not taking up the lane/launch.   Especially when the owner says to move it and you don’t.  When someone pulls over to prep the boat on the street, don’t pass them (me) and get in front of me to prep your boat taking up the launch lane.   The third one took place when I pulled the boat out.  Guy pulls up and took about ten minutes or so in the launch lane to prep his boat.   When he put it in the water I backed down and he got the hint to put it on the side of pier.   Then he took another ten or so to motor off.  Gonna have to mention to owner to put a sign up about prepping boats!!  

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