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Boat launch idiots!

6/26/01 @ 2:05 AM
User since 6/16/01
Why is it that every time I go to a public launch I have to contend with someone who has no clue what they are doing? One time After fishing in the morning I get back to the launch, on lake winnebago in the big hole, and on one side of the dock I see a car and trailer in the launch, no boat or a person. I get to the dock and get out and look around and see a boat coming into the harbor. Didn't think much of it. Came back with my truck and trailer, just as two other rigs pull up to launch. I get my boat on the trailer and the boat I saw coming in behind me pulls up onto the trailer parked on the other side of the dock. This guy backed his rig in, got in his boat and went out on the lake without parking his car and trailer in the parking area!!!!!!!!!!! This launch is only a one dock two ramp deal. He had no problem with plugging one side with his car and going out on the lake! I'm sure we all have a few stories about jerks at the boat landings so here is a place to vent!

7/6/19 @ 6:45 PM
User since 12/19/06

Was shocked today launching at Dahlman's on Koshkonong.  Launched at 3:30is, off at 5:30ish...had to park outside of the park, all parking spots filled, all grass areas filled.

10minutes to launch, 10 minutes to recover.

Took longer to walk to my car to recover cause it was parked so far away.

No idiots to report.  TONS of boats out, and choppy as heck...

7/3/19 @ 3:20 PM
phishin phool
MEMBER since 4/5/08

Today, as it panned out, was a stupid plan for me to go phishing. I will not "double post" from the Gripe Site thread...

As I was heading in. The launch/recovery area is a channel approximately 125 yards long and 10 yards wide. There was some folks preparing to launch (?) 2 idiot boats. PWC???. I was at the end of the channel for 15 minutes as they tried to start the engines. Then ran them up. Shut 'em down. Started them up. Then backed 'em off the trailer!!! As they came off the trailer, I headed in. NOOO!!! They came out side by side. I headed in and it became aware once they realized they should not be abreast...they had no idea on which side to pass me. Not only that. Aren't those drivers suppose to wear life jackets???

Bad day on the water. But, then again, better then a sharp stick in the eye.

6/29/19 @ 7:44 PM
User since 2/22/07

Any launch today and tonight on the Madison chain. Shake the Lake.

5/15/19 @ 9:24 PM
User since 1/17/12
Sunset bay landing on Lake Wisconsin today. One guy tied off on one side and going to get his truck to load up. I pull in prep area, undo my straps, etc. About to hop back in the truck and launch but nope. Guy in Don's Marine truck pulls in with a pontoon, cuts right in front of me and backs down the ramp. He clearly saw I was ready to launch. Not only that, but him and the other guy proceed to spend 10 minutes uncovering and whatever else while parked on the ramp, while I sat waiting, as the other guy was still loading. 10 years ago I would have unleashed an f-bomb tirade on them, but I took deep breaths and just let it go. Either way this guy is clearly a royal a$$hole, and I sincerely hope he pulls that crap on the wrong person one day and gets the punch in the face he deserves.

5/1/19 @ 9:01 PM
User since 9/27/01

It’s this weekend and The 4th that I’m thankful that we have our own launch on our property. Besides the idiots, I can F’up all I want and nobody will know!!!

5/1/19 @ 7:26 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

I can’t wait to have something to contribute. Unfortunately for this thread, a great deal of my open water fishing is done when it’s still miserably cold out. That usually weeds out most of the yahoos and leaves the guys who are pretty serious and knowledgeable about what they’re doing. 

We are in May now, so soon it will be time to grab a six pack and a lawn chair and observe the Fremont town launch. Might be even better than catching whitebass. 

Cheers to safe and efficient boat launching!

5/1/19 @ 8:18 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

 That could have ended badly. A friend of mine did that years ago and the anchor ended up snapping back into the boat. Almost killed his wife. Mrt.

4/30/19 @ 9:17 PM
User since 1/19/03

Not a bli but I did see a guy try to get up on plane a few weeks ago on delevan with his back anchor still down that was quite amusing... at least me and the other 30 boats out there thought so

4/30/19 @ 11:13 AM
User since 2/15/19

To the top

9/5/18 @ 6:14 PM
User since 7/22/01

"a good half hour to get off"

Cold, I take it you don't have kids?

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