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Boat launch idiots!

6/26/01 @ 2:05 AM
User since 6/16/01
Why is it that every time I go to a public launch I have to contend with someone who has no clue what they are doing? One time After fishing in the morning I get back to the launch, on lake winnebago in the big hole, and on one side of the dock I see a car and trailer in the launch, no boat or a person. I get to the dock and get out and look around and see a boat coming into the harbor. Didn't think much of it. Came back with my truck and trailer, just as two other rigs pull up to launch. I get my boat on the trailer and the boat I saw coming in behind me pulls up onto the trailer parked on the other side of the dock. This guy backed his rig in, got in his boat and went out on the lake without parking his car and trailer in the parking area!!!!!!!!!!! This launch is only a one dock two ramp deal. He had no problem with plugging one side with his car and going out on the lake! I'm sure we all have a few stories about jerks at the boat landings so here is a place to vent!

8/20/19 @ 6:22 PM
User since 1/7/02

Yesterday after 10 hours on the water I pull into the launch, tie off to the dock and get the truck and back the trailer in. Just a bit of wind was giving me grief. My 16’ vee hull on a roller trailer usually loads quick and easy. Not then. Another boat put in on the opposite side of the dock. While one parked the vehicle the other tied their boat to the dock. He noticed my struggle and grabbed  the side of my boat to hold it straight while I pulled the winch rope and started it on the center roller, it then loaded quick and easy. A tip of the hat and a thank you to that person. Just shows that some can be decent when given the opportunity. Somewhat the opposite of this threads theme but hey there can be a good story out there too. 

8/20/19 @ 5:00 PM
MEMBER since 1/25/02

I have to classify my launch/preparation to fish on Lake Michigan the other day as a boat launch idiot.  It seems that when prepping my boat to leave the house, I neglected to mount the down riggers but did not realize until I was doing the final prep in a proper place before launching.  Although we had some success, I am still quite upset with myself because I chose not to put them in the back of my vehicle the night before when I thought of them.  In the future, they are going in the back of my vehicle the night before.

8/13/19 @ 10:07 PM
User since 7/11/01

Not a launch, but similar to arcus...

Was at a local restaurant.  A guy had his boat / trailer parked in a couple stalls.  No problem.  But with multiple other spots open, a gal I know parks right in front of the truck.  I notice the owner of the boat is sitting with his family.  He is just shaking his head and his wife asks what is wrong.  I walked over and asked if he wanted my help.  I told him I know the person who blocked him in.  He said sure.  I then went and asked the gal if she realized what she did.  She looked at the situation and quickly went out and moved her vehicle.  Guy thanked me, but less than a minute later, another person blocked him in.  We both just shrugged and threw up our arms.

8/7/19 @ 5:27 PM
User since 11/11/15

Toby Keith could easily do a remake called...

I Love This Thread


8/7/19 @ 7:23 AM
User since 7/19/03

I like to think of a few of these BLI's more as boat launch failures.   A few years ago on lake Waubesa I had left the boat at home and went for a bicycle ride.   I enjoy riding past the boat launch where I  stop and watch people launch or load their boats, cheap entertainment .   Also, it lets me talk to the fisherman to see what's biting.  

While stopping at the launch to talk to fisherman, two older gents show up with their full size truck with topper and a 12 foot boat on a trailer.  I truly expected to see a skilled boat launch sequence but this did not happen.  

They pulled up and swung a 1/2 circle in front of a ramp, both gents remained in truck.  The back of trailer was 20 feet from edge of the water.  They attempted to back up to sink the trailer.  I assume it was the lack of ability to see their boat and trailer in their mirrors that the trailer immediately jack knifed.  This didn't seem to bother the driver and he pulled forward to straighten trailer and try again.

Well...This went on and on and on for the next 10 minutes.  They could not back up 20 feet and hit the water.  After 10 minutes, the passenger decides he should get out and guide the launch.  By now...most everyone who was launching a boat or just fishing off the piers had stopped to watch what they were doing.  

After maybe another 8 to 10 more minutes of back and forth the wheels of the boat trailer just barely touched the water.  The second person who was now standing in the water unhooked the winch strap and pulled the 12 foot boat into the water.  A small applause came from the now 15 to 20 people who had all quietly and patiently waited and watched these gentlemen. 

They then pulled their truck up to the parking lot, loaded their fishing equipment in the boat, fired up the motor and motored off to fish.

I know folks will say someone should have helped.  Saying that,  both these men while elderly did appear very physically able.  Sometimes it's best not to interfere with these folks independence,  it disappears soon enough.  They didn't hurt anything and everyone there was very patient and quiet.   No harm done, but it was amusing to watch.  

8/5/19 @ 10:41 PM
User since 12/19/10

Arcus, $10 says that was her 1st ever at a boat launch. Her friends probably told her “oh you should come out on our pontoon boat sometime “ lol. Maybe not a boat launch idiot just clueless. Lol

8/5/19 @ 6:03 PM
arcus venator
User since 1/6/03

My wife and I were fishing on Pickerel Lake in Forest county Saturday morning.  Fish weren't biting too well so we decided to head in.  As we were going toward the boat landing we could see a woman and a kid standing on the dock and a pontoon boat heading toward them.  As we pulled up to the dock they were getting on the pontoon.

We tied up and I got out to go get my truck and trailer just as they were pulling away.  I stepped off the dock and see a small SUV parked directly behind my trailer maybe 2 feet away.  I had no way to pull forward.  

We yelled to the pontoon boat and asked if that was their vehicle because they were blocking my trailer.  The woman calls back and says "Yes, I'm sorry."  Then we had to wait until they pulled back into the dock so she could come and move it.  The killer is I had the only vehicle and trailer in the parking area.  She could have parked anywhere else but decided to park right behind my trailer.

7/6/19 @ 6:45 PM
User since 12/19/06

Was shocked today launching at Dahlman's on Koshkonong.  Launched at 3:30is, off at 5:30ish...had to park outside of the park, all parking spots filled, all grass areas filled.

10minutes to launch, 10 minutes to recover.

Took longer to walk to my car to recover cause it was parked so far away.

No idiots to report.  TONS of boats out, and choppy as heck...

7/3/19 @ 3:20 PM
phishin phool
MEMBER since 4/5/08

Today, as it panned out, was a stupid plan for me to go phishing. I will not "double post" from the Gripe Site thread...

As I was heading in. The launch/recovery area is a channel approximately 125 yards long and 10 yards wide. There was some folks preparing to launch (?) 2 idiot boats. PWC???. I was at the end of the channel for 15 minutes as they tried to start the engines. Then ran them up. Shut 'em down. Started them up. Then backed 'em off the trailer!!! As they came off the trailer, I headed in. NOOO!!! They came out side by side. I headed in and it became aware once they realized they should not be abreast...they had no idea on which side to pass me. Not only that. Aren't those drivers suppose to wear life jackets???

Bad day on the water. But, then again, better then a sharp stick in the eye.

6/29/19 @ 7:44 PM
User since 2/22/07

Any launch today and tonight on the Madison chain. Shake the Lake.

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