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Boat launch idiots!

6/26/01 @ 1:05 AM
USER SINCE 6/16/01
Why is it that every time I go to a public launch I have to contend with someone who has no clue what they are doing? One time After fishing in the morning I get back to the launch, on lake winnebago in the big hole, and on one side of the dock I see a car and trailer in the launch, no boat or a person. I get to the dock and get out and look around and see a boat coming into the harbor. Didn't think much of it. Came back with my truck and trailer, just as two other rigs pull up to launch. I get my boat on the trailer and the boat I saw coming in behind me pulls up onto the trailer parked on the other side of the dock. This guy backed his rig in, got in his boat and went out on the lake without parking his car and trailer in the parking area!!!!!!!!!!! This launch is only a one dock two ramp deal. He had no problem with plugging one side with his car and going out on the lake! I'm sure we all have a few stories about jerks at the boat landings so here is a place to vent!


11/11/21 @ 8:25 AM

Saturday evening at a Lake Geneva one lane launch, I am in boat prep area and first in line to launch and I am a minute away from launching. There were 3 rig spots open so I know I’ll have a place to park. A guy comes flying in and goes right by me and starts backing in launch. I’m not to worried because I know I’ll still be able to get out. I see this guy often and he recognizes me and says good luck. I figure he’ll be fast. WRONG!!!  He takes 5 mins to prep boat then finally gets it in the water. He took at least another 10 minutes to get it tied to the pier. By now the line is 4 boats deep and people behind me are getting irritated. We were both solo and when I get to go I was in and parked in 3 minutes. He was still filling out his parking slip and walking back to his truck when I pulled away from the dock. 

I had to maneuver around his boat to get out and my boat was actually blocking the next guy from launching because he didn’t tie his boat to the end of the pier.

I was half way across the lake and he wasn’t even in his boat. 

Some people, even experienced fishermen and boaters don’t have a clue.

I never said a word, but I would have if he was taking the last parking spot that should be mine.

11/11/21 @ 7:54 AM

Gotta love it!!!  

11/10/21 @ 4:18 PM
USER SINCE 10/20/05

Two lane ramp (South landing at Dresbach), guy parks in the middle of the ramp, spends 10 minutes moving crap from the back of the truck to the boat, dumps boat in, spends another 10 minutes standing there staring at his boat because he didn't tie off his rope.

10/23/21 @ 5:27 AM
USER SINCE 3/23/20

Buddy of mine was so in a rush to fish the depere walleye run he had to launch first he had a 95' Sierra manual so he backed his boat and trailer in then we didn't know but he put the truck in 1st gear turn off the ignition then launch his boat should've set the e brake and as soon as he backed his boat up the truck slipped out gear roller back in the water with just the hood and cab above water we then pulled it out with my truck fished the day and when we left to my amazement his truck started he's the one in the group who always does dumb stuff. But yah watching idiots at the launch is fun but when there's a line it gets annoying. 

10/17/21 @ 6:29 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/01

I think this is my 1st time posting on this thread.  I dont think there is a boater that has not been an idiot at a  at one time or another at a boat launch .  It is amazing how different each launch can be. 

10/17/21 @ 2:02 PM
banjo dan
10/17/21 @ 8:14 AM

My buddy and I were in the water, I was in the boat and it wouldn't come off the trailer. I have a small boat so the trailer was floating because the boat could hold it up. I finally realized what was going on and just died laughing. I don't have much ego so I don't care about doing dumb stuff but my buddy does. Even he had to laugh though. It was so funny. 

10/17/21 @ 6:56 AM

Saw one the other day in the Three Lakes area.  Someone forgot to take his tie down straps off the boat.  Started to laugh, but I have done that once before.

10/15/21 @ 2:32 PM
phishin phool

Ok, ok, we just got home from a bummer of a fishing trip. Well, wasn't exactly the trip we planned. We went to one of our favorite lakes, one we normally do well on.

Can someone or...will someone please tell me...WHY in the ##%%@@$$%%% some people chose to park north and south in parking slots that are marked to be parked east and west??? I am still scratching my head...Also, parking in the area for exiting.

Back home now...talking to my favorite "buddy", Mr Jack Daniels...

8/21/21 @ 10:11 AM
USER SINCE 12/7/17

My son had a similar experience, our launch didn't have the pier out at the time, and the next door neighbor launched by him self, well he couldn't swim ether the bay is about 100yds to 5ft of water the wind was taking it out to fast for him to catch it. We get a nock on the door, their he is soaking wet huffing and puffing. The launch is a like a city block away by the time my son got our boat out there his boat was more than half way across the lake. 

Guess he forgot to put the anchor out. Or didn't beach very well.

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