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Youth hunt

9/18/12 @ 8:56 PM
User since 12/5/11
I feel this youth hunt is a sign of our times. Kids now a days are afforded the same if not better opportunitys as adults. What happened to wait your turn like the rest of us had to. Adults spend all the money on hunting and do the scouting so kids can go out a month and a half early and shoot bucks. I think this hunt should be doe only. I may sound cold hearted but I feel very strongly about this, I have 23 nephews so it's not like I don't love kids I do. It's just that I waited my turn, so should they. It just seems every one caters to the kids. Thoughts?

10/18/19 @ 1:38 PM
User since 7/20/09

I think you missed what I meant.  I wasn't comparing incomes, I was comparing how kids respond to things and the many more distractions they have today than years ago...when like you said they had less money for those distractions.  So you kind of proved my point unintentionally.  I was mostly saying there are a lot more things for kids to do these days than hunt.  I don't think they all think its their right, they are just better off now like you said.  I'm sure if people had more money years ago they'd have bought more things too, sort of how it works.

I do agree though that access is a huge part of it as well, don't get me wrong.  I think its a combination to be honest.  If the access is hard and the hunting isn't great, they can lose interest.  Heck who doesn't, there are a lot less guys up north now than years ago so it happens to adults too.

10/18/19 @ 11:33 AM
User since 4/1/05

"I don't get caught up in the whole 'this generation' thing.  I guarantee if you could have taken the technology of today and inserted it back in the 50's or 60's that many of the older guys would have been playing it as kids too."

The difference is, with the Baby Boomer generation, not many families could have afforded a $500 iphone even if technology was available.  Heck, a lot of families I know would eat lard sandwiches because they couldn't afford anything else.  Hunting was different then.  Hunting was utilized to primarily provide food for families (in the northwoods anyway).  Now, hunting is more a sport and privatized.  Hunting has turned into a rich man's game.  The generation thing to me is valid, and the new generations believe it is their right to have iphones and anything else they want...people are simply better off today.  

10/18/19 @ 7:50 AM
User since 7/20/09

I like the mentor part of the hunt.  When I was 12 I got put in a tree with a weapon to shoot a deer, I didn't sit with anyone to show me things.  I've taken my son out on the youth hunt the last 2 years now and its been nice to show him what to do, when to move, etc.  Practicing, preaching gun safety, etc.  He actually popped right out of bed every time.  Even one time he wasn't going to, then he remembered it was for deer hunting and he instantly got up.  He goes with me at times during the normal seasons as well.  Kids have a lot going on, I try to make it fun in the hopes it sticks for when he's older.

I don't get caught up in the whole 'this generation' thing.  Each generation is going to be different based on the world around them.  I guarantee if you could have taken the technology of today and inserted it back in the 50's or 60's that many of the older guys would have been playing it as kids too.  And don't forget your generation is responsible for raising the next generation you are complaining about so who is really to blame?  No one ever actually states that, I say it as a joke but its true.  

Prior to having kids I would bow hunt during the youth weekend and get deer on public areas.  I know there were kids out but the overall number statewide is pretty small in comparison to the normal seasons.  Many guys I find complaining don't even have youth hunters around them and when i mention that they get all defensive.  Its fun to do.

10/17/19 @ 3:27 PM
User since 10/22/13

You guys have the same experience as me.

10/17/19 @ 3:07 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Fish hound, I don’t blame you one bit. I would have done the same thing.

My feelings on the youth season have evolved over time. I used to be dead-set against it, but that changed when my son was born. I’m actually chomping at the bit to take him out for this. I believe that at ten years old for example, he’s too young for our regular 9 day deer camp. The youth season would be a great opportunity for some one on one time in the woods.

His first experience will not be in a heated blind over a manicured food plot, predicated by “pictures of good ones” and no preparation. To justify the youth hunt I want him to spend time in the woods with me - walking, scouting, and having some genuine interest in real hunting- not what is filmed Real Tree Outdoors. If the stars line up with all that, a “good one” could be a yearling doe. 

10/17/19 @ 1:10 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

I offered our deer property and stands to an acquaintance who had been talking about going and looking for a spot. He promptly asked if I had any pictures of "good ones" running around. I rescinded the offer and wished him luck.

10/16/19 @ 9:31 PM
User since 10/22/13

I am on board for the youth hunt but it is now going to be to people I know. I did not know this person and thought I would be nice. It’s just not working out. Property in my area is 10 thousand acre not a lot of public land and I had a soft spot for the two people. Maybe good will come of this. They will still be welcome for the November season.

10/16/19 @ 9:24 PM
User since 12/19/10

I always had a great time with my boys during the youth season! sitting in a 2 man stand together for a few hrs seeing different things, eating snacks and joking around was awesome, getting a deer was just a bonus. Seeing my youngest son progress and actually pass on young deer to see if something bigger came by really amazed me, I could not do that at a young age! We saw lots of things that we still talk about today like the owl that swooped past us and landed on a branch above us just before dark or the doe with no tail that knew we were there but just couldn’t find us. Now my youngest isn’t so young anymore and is more interested in girls and friends at this point in time which I totally understand. Enjoy those youth hunts while u can, time flies!!

10/15/19 @ 5:43 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

I don’t disagree with any of the points made in recent posts, and I do understand where you are coming from. 

That said back in the day, finding quality hunting land was much easier than it is today. Quality hunts (and access to quality land) with family is why most of us got into the sport many years ago. 

I believe it is important for today’s youth to have a quality hunt with their parent (or mentor) to show them what it is all about.

Times are different than when we grew up. Opening day on public land is a rat race, and many folks don’t practice common courtesy - unlike when most of us got into the sport.  

During the youth hunt the woods is filled with fathers and their children, definitely a more accommodating environment than you’ll find on opening day.

My kids are grown, but some of the best memories I can recall were during the youth hunts, both waterfowl and whitetail. It gave us a low hunting pressure day, where we could spend the day together, and parents could pass on what they know. 

Also, when we were kids, there were no smartphones or social media - it’s tough to get today’s kids to unplug. 

I’m a big fan of the youth hunts, for those who are on the fence, take a kid out hunting (even if it isn’t your own), and it may change your perspective. 

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10/15/19 @ 3:43 PM
User since 10/22/13

The deer are not as spooked so the youth have that time they need to make a good shot. I think they learn a lot and can carry this into the future. Is it  being not able to hunt everyone’s property ? Absolutely, land and taxes cost a lot. People don’t respect the privilege so they get bounced. Deer numbers are down and people protect the couple left. I let a father take his son this year to have a opportunity and soon the cameras come out to scout certain deer, not being great full for a chance for anything for the youth. Give a inch take a mile. My property was now a almost lease situation. It is not working out the way I thought so now opportunities for kids in the future may not ever happen again. I don’t need the drama.

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