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wolf hunt

8/31/12 @ 5:18 PM
USER SINCE 12/12/10
just wondering how most guys are gonna try to harvest a wolf if they draw a tag ? think guys will start guiding for them ?


10/18/14 @ 8:56 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04
And after Day 2, 20% of the State quota has been filled with Zone 2 closing today.

Does anybody else see a problem here other than JC and myself?

10/17/14 @ 7:20 PM
to have a small amount of tags for northeastern wisconsin is definitely not asnine. have you ever been up there? there is tons of good, suitable wolf habitat there.

the highest amount of tags should be distributed in the central and southern areas of the state where wolf habitat is unsuitable

10/17/14 @ 7:17 PM
thirsty you may have the math right but you didn't include anything about biology or dynamics of wildlife populations. thus, your math is basically fanstasyland.

wolves, and all wildlife for that matter, are extremely difficult to count, plain and simple. if you are that upset about the wolf population estimates then why don't you man up and volunteer as a wolf tracker instead of whining on the internet

10/17/14 @ 12:49 PM

"One in Minnesota lists illegal poaching as one of the main reasons of adult mortality. Thus, less tags will be given. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand they factor this in when quotas are determined. "

Just today, and after a single day of hunting, Zone 2 has already been announced as CLOSED as of noon on Saturday. In a day the quota has been reached. The entire NE part of WI had a quota of 15 wolves! Either the Zone has the best hunters and trappers in the world, or there is an error on the wolf population estimate.

Do you think poaching actually changes the available quota to any degree? The only way it does is if there is a relatively accurate population estimate. If guys didn't shoot wolves on sight, would the quota then be increased from 15 to 17 wolves? It is obvious the DNR has no idea about wolf numbers in this state. To have 15 wolf tags for the entire NE portion of WI is asinine, and there is no logical reason to tell people that poaching will prevent an increase in available wolf permits to a point to help control the population. To fill the entire quota in a day speaks for itself.

10/17/14 @ 8:17 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04
And after day 1 almost 10% of the season quota is filled......

10/16/14 @ 11:00 AM
USER SINCE 10/14/01
Good luck to all wolf hunters.

10/16/14 @ 9:19 AM
USER SINCE 10/17/01
I'm not a wolf lover or hater. I have no problem with having some wolves around, but think they should be kept at a social carrying capacity that the majority of people will tolerate. I believe in ecological principles and there's important reasons to have some around. What bothers me is the guys that brag about killing every one possible and the three s's mentality. I think their attitude is counter productive for what they really want. Take a look at some population models/studies that have been done. One in Minnesota lists illegal poaching as one of the main reasons of adult mortality. Thus, less tags will be given. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand they factor this in when quotas are determined. The wolves that are killed illegally could be trophies for those who do things right. Besides giving hunters/sportsman a black eye, it also gives the anti's more reason to lobby for re-listing. If you want fewer wolves, go to the public meetings. The people who want more wolves are.

10/16/14 @ 6:37 AM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02
I wouldn't have any trouble with that math and those number, IF the DNR got them down to those numbers and then manages them accordingly.

10/15/14 @ 7:17 PM
musky nut
musky nut
USER SINCE 7/20/12
We'll said thirsty!! Pretty simple math but some people just can't figure it out. You wonder how these people made it this far in life...I wouldn't mind having a couple hundred in the whole state but when there are probably close to a 1000 of them that really sucks!!

10/15/14 @ 5:51 PM
USER SINCE 10/8/09
150 thats all? I agree that won`t even put a dent in the population. I was chatting with a guy and he asks me why we shoot so many? I said So Many, Not enough. How you figure he asked. This is what I told him. Say there is 300 Wolves in Wisconsin. ( I know there are more.) Hunters shoot 100 that leaves 200 left. Half of those are females. Have of the females can reproduce. Those females that can reproduce each have 4 pups in the spring. How many Wolves you have? 400! 100 more than what you started with. He told me he understands now. I believe as an avid Hunter, We need with the help of the Trappers to harvest 65 - 70% of the population to get the population controlled. If not next year then the year after. Otherwise we will not be able to control the population and get down to that 350 mark like they want. I`m also hearing the U.P. of Michigan has more Wolves than Wisconsin. Whats stopping them from coming to our state? --- Always Thirsty

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