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wolf hunt

8/31/12 @ 5:18 PM
USER SINCE 12/12/10
just wondering how most guys are gonna try to harvest a wolf if they draw a tag ? think guys will start guiding for them ?


10/20/14 @ 12:41 PM
swamp people
swamp people
USER SINCE 5/14/12

10/20/14 @ 10:44 AM
"the highest amount of tags should be distributed in the central and southern areas of the state where wolf habitat is unsuitable "

So, in other words, kill the wolves in the south, and don't kill them in the north because of available habitat? Wolves seem to survive just fine in the south, so why should those be selected for getting shot over the wolves in the north? There is great deer habitat in the north, should we not shoot any deer in the north and kill them all in the south? There isn't great grouse habitat in the south, should we remove the bag limit for grouse in the south and try to reduce their numbers? That argument is ridiculous.

To have 4/6 wolf zones closed already shows the lack of accurate population estimates DNR has at their disposal. I feel sorry for those that spent a bunch of coin hoping to kill a wolf, and then have their zone closed before the first weekend they can actually go hunting for them. The quota levels are a complete joke, and will do nothing to control the population explosion that is occurring. You then have to gall to say that quota numbers are reflected from poaching? If the public is relying on the DNR to effectively manage the wolf population, it won't happen unless some major changes are made. Why would would-be poachers quit shooting wolves if they know the DNR does not take wolf control seriously? We have a current goal of 350 wolves statewide, and we are likely 3 times above goal than what the DNR uses as a guesstimate. There are likely more than 2000 wolves in the north alone. To have 15 tags available for all of NE Wisconsin is proof enough the DNR does not have an accurate count of the wolves in this state.

10/20/14 @ 10:35 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09
Skills improved or there are just so many its easy, like deer hunting used to be right lol! Tounge Out

Just think how many guys who drew a tag never even bought a license because they could not go in the first few days. I'm one of them. I was going to go this weekend, but waited to drop $50 on the license just in case, and I'm glad I did. That just shows it was even faster yet, I'm sure not everyone went. I'm done applying until I see a realistic quota. It should not be filled that fast unless they are way off in their numbers.

10/20/14 @ 8:08 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04
And after Day 4 the State's wolf quota is roughly 55% filled with 4 of 6 Zones closed. Zone 3 and 6 remain open. Both have big quota's yet to be filled. This is where things will slow down drastically.

10/19/14 @ 8:47 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04
Just noticed in Zone 2 the quota was set at 15 and the harvest as of this morning was at 29.

I suppose now the Dnr won't have a wolf season in Zone 2 next year because of the overwhelming over harvest. Because that makes sense on paper, right?

10/19/14 @ 8:36 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/04
Wow. After Day 3, 45% of the State's quota is now filled with Zone's 1,2 and 4 closing/closed!

It's a good thing Zone 4 has the highest quota again at 40. Only 2 have been reported so far.

Looks like the hound guys might get a crack again at filling some tags..

Congrats to all the successful hunters thus far!

10/18/14 @ 1:40 PM
USER SINCE 12/6/10
I know the elk herd is considered experimental but how about we get rid of the experimental title and treat them as an endangered species in Wisconsin? Same thing for the couple moose in the state. If they're considered endangered then shouldn't the wolf population have to be greatly decreased to keep them from killing the elk and moose? Same could be said for Minnesota nad Michigan.

10/18/14 @ 1:34 PM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02
Yeah, why would the state want to manage for a usable resource that feeds families and brings people and money to the Northwoods when you can have to many wolves instead.

10/18/14 @ 9:55 AM
the only problem is that you want the dnr to manage for as few predators and as many deer as possible. the days of wisconsin being one large game farm for deer are over

the dnr's job is to manage the ecosystem as a whole

10/18/14 @ 9:39 AM
musky nut
musky nut
USER SINCE 7/20/12
I see a problem...maybe too many wolves!!

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