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Wisconsin's Unmanaged Wolves

11/13/17 @ 10:35 AM
User since 12/7/13

A very interesting possible end around of longtime federal inaction on the out of control  Wisconsin wolf packs.


1/22/21 @ 9:40 PM
User since 12/14/14

Big surprise. 

1/22/21 @ 3:27 PM
User since 12/21/04

Well they tried.. I think we know how this will play out by November. 3-3  vote and the board chairman broke the the tie.. Don't know if would have survived legal actions anyway.

1/11/21 @ 7:46 PM
User since 12/30/10

Cannot find the study anymore, but there was a DNA study done many years back on wolves in one of the Western states.  All of the dark phase wolves carried domestic dog dna.  That would make them hybrids.  Hybrids are not protected by Endangered Species Act.  In fact, one of the biologists suggested a program to eliminate the hybrids to achieve a pure strain wolf population.  

I don't know if that legality applies to WI.  But it could be a work around on the present law if it is.  There is nothing to suggest that dark phase wolves in WI are hybrids since I know of no DNA testing being done.  Shooting one could entail massive penalties if it turned out not to be a hybrid.

1/8/21 @ 4:28 PM
User since 12/14/14

Urgent: Hearing on Wolf Hunt in Wisconsin

Demand the Wisconsin DNR hold a wolf hunt!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
10:00 a.m.
Room 412 East
Wisconsin State Capitol
2 East Main Street
Madison, WI

1/4/21 @ 8:05 PM
User since 10/29/09

Walked the woods with the dogs yesterday in northern Marinette County. The landscape is almost void of deer. However it looks as if 3 wolves are going to make sure of it.

12/28/20 @ 5:43 PM
User since 7/3/01

I have no idea what the spiritual beliefs are of the soon to be appointed secretary of the interior.

But it is impossible to separate who we are into neat little segments.  How a persons moral code is evolved is complex.

12/23/20 @ 1:06 PM
User since 9/10/15

It sounds like they'll have a hard time finding 80 deer there to kill. Seems like a stretch. Hopefully they just manage them like coyotes. Although it seems like the more coyotes you kill the more coyotes you have. Good luck. When in doubt blame someone working for the government. 

12/23/20 @ 11:37 AM
User since 11/16/01

Yama, I did the same thing this past Sunday with the exact same results. Wondering if we were in the same area as there were a set of boot tracks that had already been through, probably from Saturday though. I saw a ton of wolf tracks in a pretty remote area Sunday with only a couple small deer tracks. Snow late Friday night so tracks were fresh.

12/21/20 @ 8:53 PM
User since 5/7/06

This past Sunday I took a walk in the National Forest in Forest County in an area our family had hunted for probably 50 years and shot many many deer up until a few years ago. It was a very depressing walk as I only crossed 4 deer tracks but the area was just over run with Wolf tracks. We used to occasionally see a wolf track but now they are everywhere, there were 4 wolves running together following 2 of the deer tracks I seen. Just think those 4 will probably kill a minimum of 80 deer so its no damn wonder there are not many deer in a lot of Northern Wisconsin. We all have hopes that maybe the wolf season planned for next year will start to help. I hope the season happens but the new Interior Secretary that was nominated is a Native American and we all know what animal is sacred to some tribes so don't be surprised if the protection is put back on the wolves before the season even starts.

12/16/20 @ 9:35 AM
User since 12/14/14

To have a successful ecosystem there must be balance. The majority of the hunters /landowners/ tax payers / farmers from the north part of the state are just looking to get the packs in control. Coyotes under control can do a fine job controlling injured / sick animals without creating problems. The wolves have a much better capability to kill healthy animals and in some documented cases don't even consume them. I am sure frustration has impacted some because the lack of resolution from our policy holders to resolve the issues.

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