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What killed it for you?

10/14/18 @ 11:09 PM
USER SINCE 7/22/01

To piggyback on the last thread "What motivates you?"

What killed it for you?

For me it was my dad getting sick about 3 years ago. He passed just almost 2 years ago.

Toss in a dislocated knee and other med problems. I haven't seen the woods in over 3 years.

Never missed a year since I was 10 (I am 37) until then. I just lost it. 

I'd rather be fishing.


11/11/18 @ 7:23 AM
USER SINCE 9/27/01

“also the trespassing shooting that happened in rice lake“

I was close enough to that incident to have the chopper that flew the SWAT team in buzz my tree stand. The initial report on the radio stated that someone was randomly going around shooting people in blaze orange.  We assumed it was some crazed animal rights activist.  Our group was driving around, horns blaring trying to get everyone out of the woods.  Sad day.  My uncle knew all of the victims.  I know that a few members of our group considered hanging it up after that.

11/10/18 @ 8:59 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/01

Yes, thanks Frenchbrit, I am not exaggerating when I say these things. As for Dodger, Sorry to hear of your pain. In cases like yours , I see no reason to decline you from going on public land with an ATV. It wouldn't bother me a bit if you drove by me on public, but dont you dare pass me up if I'm dragging one. Snicker.

11/10/18 @ 6:57 PM
USER SINCE 12/17/16

CWD management was the starting point to no more deer hunting.also the trespassing shooting that happened in rice lake.just lost interest in gun deer hunting after about the older you get the cold becomes a lot more to tolerate.I remember hunting in the shirts a couple of first year was 1984 til 2004 was my last time.I just like summer and being on a boat fishing it's warmer!!!lol!!I really miss it though.I miss opening day and those first couple of shots of the season.the adrenaline pumping was so addictive ,and sitting up in the tree was like the best meditation ever.someday I will go buy a license and hit up all the farms and places I hunted back then just to see if any old deer grounds are still open to hunt that will be a hoot.kind of a one last time tour of Wisconsin that would be super fun.

11/10/18 @ 6:19 PM

It hasn't killed it for me yet but it's getting close. I hit 60 and the doc said I have an irregular heart beat. Multiple surgeries on my back, neck and knees made it impossible for me to walk very far.

I'm blessed that a landowner allows me to take my four wheeler close to my stand and pull any animals out.  The DNR also gave me a mobility permit to cross a small piece of property with the four wheeler. 

Good luck to all,

11/10/18 @ 3:17 PM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

I hear ya gimper, it sucks when u get to the “work” part of hunting. Lol. I butcher more deer nowadays than when I was younger with myself, wife and son hunting. When I was young I really liked butchering deer with dad in the garage. We’d always have an electric skillet going cooking small pcs as we were working. I don’t hate it now but it’s just more of a job. I suppose it’s a good problem to have though!

11/9/18 @ 2:35 PM
USER SINCE 11/27/01

Partly, for gun deer, it's the 9 day hurry up rat race. If the gun season were a month long and a little more relaxed without the goof balls making questionable to horrible shots ( some past my head ) , "cause they might not get another one," the gun season might be a little bit more enjoyable.

Overall tho, for any big game hunting, I HATE cutting meat. Hate is a powerful word which is why I'm using it here. Boning out front shoulders is worse than getting the rulers on the backside back in elementary school. And I'll be in a pine box before I trust someone else to cut my venison. 

11/8/18 @ 5:16 PM

My wife and I were hunting public land in Central Wi.surrounded by farms, When a group of 8-10 local High school students opened up on a deer!We dived to the ground as slugs hit all around us! They all had local team jacket with orange vests! I heard them say too small,lets go back to the Farms !By the time I got to the crest of the hill they were going away leaving the little yearling laying there! My wife put her tag on it because there was no way I could catch up with the kids! Next day I came back alone and after a hour got a soker and went back to the truck to change socks.I was back in the cab when I heard the door handle rattle,it was some of the same bunch checking for locked doors! They took off like a bat out of hell as I kicked open the back of the cab! Reported it to local cops,but Never heard a word back! This was back in the early 90's probably worse now!

11/8/18 @ 12:46 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

Pretty clear that ihookem knew EXACTLY what he was talking about

11/6/18 @ 10:12 AM

Like a few others have said. I gun hunt for the simple fact it is tradition to go. One of these years I will give it up. I hunt private property and don't deal with all the public land crap but it has really changed. I love (not) hearing the first shots when it is so black out I need a flash light to see in the stand. Gun hunting just seems like a rat race. probably personal stress that I place on myself but sure is not relaxing like bow hunting. The brown is down philosophy killed it for me and that is  more of a gun hunt thing in my area. I will go sit all day of gun opener and bring some good food and watch the deer. Got a doe and buck with bow don't need to kill anymore. My daughter will hunting so maybe I can just gut and drag her deer.

11/4/18 @ 8:03 AM


That dont just happen on public. Last year I  sit 75 yards in my woods off property line. 5 minutes after legal shooting time see a light in neighboring woods making all kinds of noise. Here comes a herd of deer my way.  Those clowns moved all day, but at least the deer were coming my way.

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