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What killed it for you?

10/14/18 @ 11:09 PM
USER SINCE 7/22/01

To piggyback on the last thread "What motivates you?"

What killed it for you?

For me it was my dad getting sick about 3 years ago. He passed just almost 2 years ago.

Toss in a dislocated knee and other med problems. I haven't seen the woods in over 3 years.

Never missed a year since I was 10 (I am 37) until then. I just lost it. 

I'd rather be fishing.


11/30/18 @ 11:57 AM

I personally feel most of the people you see on TV like the Drury's, Lee & Tiffany Lakosky and so on are nothing but shooters. They show up at Outfitter after outfitter, he puts them in the hot stand and they just sit there and wait for the big buck to come by. They do none of the leg work in the offseason except maybe on their own property and even then I don't think they're doing any of the work. Too many people think that's the way hunting has to be but that isn't even hunting that is literally sitting over a food plot or bait and waiting and shooting. I would be more than happy to trade places with those guys for a fall and I can guarantee I'm going to have the big bucks and they'll be lucky to get anything. There is a reason you seldom them see them off in the public land looking for a deer on their own because the truth would come out they probably aren't that great of hunters.

11/30/18 @ 10:21 AM

I too hunt in northern wi and see baiting a big problem.   Baiting causes to sit over bait and wait.  Hunters become 'shooters' NOT hunters.  I think this the way most young hunters are being taught.  Just go out drop some corn under your tree stand and wait! 

I really wish they would ban baiting all together, or at least during the month of November.

BTW, i believe many of the states mentioned below have banned baiting.

11/29/18 @ 9:18 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/01
Yes, Noorthernexposure you are right. It is not the size of the rack but the skill of the hunt. Many would say  i'm jealous of guys getting big bucks. I am not when I see what they spend on out of state hunts. The size of the rack  has a lot to do with how much money you spend.  Go to Iowa, then Kansas, then  North Dakota, then Alberta  and pay big bucks for a guided hunt. You will get some big bucks, but at what cost?

11/29/18 @ 5:54 PM

Reason Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska have better deer is less hunters, alot less hunters. It helps when the whole state is pretty much rural areas and the population is 1/4 of what Wis has. Not aware of antler restrictions in those states. Try as a non resident to get a tag in Iowa, gonna cost you$600 and might get an archery tag every other year. Hunter restriction would go alot farther than antler restrictions. 

11/29/18 @ 5:11 PM
USER SINCE 6/27/17

In my 34 years of hunting both private and public I never ran into any idiots in the woods on the public lands in the north.

 I have on many occasions run into far to many on the private lands I have hunted.

 I never had any bullets wizz by me on public. I have on private.

  Sure the deer numbers are down on our public lands in the north and so are the hunter numbers.

 Can you kill a really big buck on our northern public lands easier than you can kill one on good private land... no. But you could consistently get one if you put your time in  and some guys do.

 Quality of a hunt means so many different things to people.

  What it is killing it for me is that alot seem to want easier to kill bigger and bigger bucks. We don't need antler restrictions if that happens I am done. Our best times in Wisconsin are yet to come with the lower Hunter numbers.

11/29/18 @ 4:37 PM

One  big  reason for  the bigger  bucks  in  these  other  states  is  the antler  restriction rules  they  have. Even  a 3 point  on  one  side  rule  here  would  let  a lot  more  bucks  grow  up. I know  it's  been  proposed  many  times  at  the  spring  hearings  but  it  always  gets shot  down.  I had hunted  public  land  for 50 years  and couple  years  ago we  bought  our  own  land  or  else  I  would  be  done  gun  hunting. There is no  comparison  between  public and  private  land  hunting. Gun  hunting  on  public land  in the north is a almost a  joke now compared  to  years  ago. The amount of deer  is  about 10% of  years  ago  but  still  a lot  of  idiots  in  the  woods!!

11/29/18 @ 11:31 AM
USER SINCE 3/15/08

It is sad that the people of Wis. have come to this.  Read thru these posts and you see a lot of how easy it is to shoot a big buck in Iowa, Ill., ect..  Wisconsin isn't TV hunting!  It is hard to get a 140+ class deer in Wis., but when/if you do it means something.  To the guys that go to other states and shoot big bucks every year good for ya, but does it mean anything to do it the easy way.  It seems people got lazy and don't like hunting anymore.  They just want to shoot a big buck with as little effort as possible.  For me, shooting is the end of the hunt, the true hunt is what leads you up to the point where you shoot.  Spend 10, 20 or more years trying to get a big buck on Wis public land, when the day comes you succeed the feeling is a great one.  In 32 years of hunting WI I have 1 deer over 140", but I am prouder of that deer that any +170" deer I could take in a week long hunt out of state. 

11/23/18 @ 8:28 PM
USER SINCE 3/10/13

Loss of my private land is a big part for me and having to deal with the dip stick wanna be hunters who infest the public lands which has become even worse with crossbows now because all that did was make every moron in the state a "bow hunter" and I use that term loosely. The poor management by the dnr is another factor for me I mean seriously how many different seasons do we need it's never ending. I now spend more time out of state where they actually know how to manage a herd. I shot my buck and doe early with the bow here went out of state for the rut filled my buck tag and didnt even waste my time for gun here 

11/23/18 @ 6:25 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/01

True, Iowa is great. There is a big difference though. Nonresident is very restricted and I am not sure Iowans are as crazy about shooting a deer. Iowa has much easier winters than northern Wisconsin. As for rifle hunting the rut. I will say it again. There is almost noone hunting way up north anymore. You will see a few more hunters if we start gun hunting earlier but a recipe for disaster is not the case at all.  If anyone wants to try big public land hunting, I would suggest finding a big piece of public land with no roads for several miles and scout all spring.  You will need to put on 50 miles of scouting . By the time you are done you will realize why it is so lightly hunted and a good chance you will not come back and for good reason. It is that tough in so many areas out there. I am willing to bet there are square miles with about 5 deer on it. Many places are better but it is the toughest hunt being a mile back off the road and finding a buck. 

11/23/18 @ 8:07 AM

I'd be against the earlier gun season.  Guns in the rut with Wisconsin pressure is a recipe for disaster.  I actually prefer Iowa's way of not having guns until December.  There is a reason everyone wants to go there to deer hunt and it's not the timing of the seasons.  

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