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What killed it for you?

10/14/18 @ 11:09 PM
USER SINCE 7/22/01

To piggyback on the last thread "What motivates you?"

What killed it for you?

For me it was my dad getting sick about 3 years ago. He passed just almost 2 years ago.

Toss in a dislocated knee and other med problems. I haven't seen the woods in over 3 years.

Never missed a year since I was 10 (I am 37) until then. I just lost it. 

I'd rather be fishing.


12/19/18 @ 1:37 PM

.  They are definitely not what you see on screen from what I have heard.  Very arrogant and demanding.  When they come to WI they take the mantra of being in a different zip code from home as well.  It is a tough industry and unless you are a bully you do not often get anywhere.  Their videos are second to none.

12/19/18 @ 4:51 AM

This is going to come off as contradictory in the end, but it is all the tv shows with all the bigger than you videos.  On top of that it annoys me that I have to watch them drink coffee and explain it.  I can watch it, just show me the action.  I miss the Babe type guys who explain, teach and give hands on stuff for after the kill too.  As far as the Drury boys, they have demons in their closet but we all do.  They make money on us.

I am fortunate enough to have two boys, a budding producer who can take lousy footage and make it look decent and try an old tactic.  No worries about the biggest or the best although there are some episodes.  Mentoring kids, getting them out and them showing the audience cooking segments, how to clean etc. with the help of others.  Our last episode is on snapping turtles.  The little money we make goes into putting it on the channel. Not many people know about it locally and that is a shame but  Hopefully when the boys are older they will have great memories they can look back on.  If you are bored check it out, there are some pretty cool episodes. 

12/11/18 @ 3:19 PM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

Kids definitely changed my hunting.  We don't live that close to family for easy baby-sitters.  I went from hardcore to not caring quite as much.  Now I just take what I can get.  I'm not going to compete with the guy hunting any time he wants with nothing really holding them back.   I just had to come up with ways to make it work.  In the past that's all I'd do, any free time I'd be in a tree.  I've come to realize I was missing a lot though too.  I actually do more overall by deer hunting less now.

We duck hunt in a boat, kids have toys along and blow on calls, etc.  I have ear muffs for them.  We bring lots of snacks.  Its chaotic at times but we get ducks yet.  I even started deer hunting in a ground blind so they could come along.  Amazingly we get deer, even though they are loud at times.  They seem excited about it so that's been fun for me, different kind of fun I guess.  Gets easier every year now as they get older. 

12/10/18 @ 3:11 PM
USER SINCE 5/31/02

I'm sure this will be a very unpopular opinion, but what's killing it for me is the lack of antlerless permits available in the northern forest zone.

I know what we did in the past was wrong (with 1000s of antlerless permits available up there) but at this point in my life (59) I sure would be happy to just take one reasonably plump doe for the freezer.

I've never been a trophy hunter and I'm not going to claim I need to shoot a deer to survive. But a freezer full of venison does take a bite out of the grocery bill. With much healthier and more delicious meat to boot.

Like other guys have posted, age does take its toll on you and feet and knees and hips and back just can't do things anymore like they did when you were 30. Trust me, one day you're looking in the mirror and you're pushing 60 years old. HTF did that happen.

I liked to old days of Hunters Choice. Bring it up to date and make it one deer and you're done in the northern forest zone. That would work for me.

After this year, I think I might be done.



12/3/18 @ 4:42 PM
wack'em & stack'em
wack'em & stack'em
USER SINCE 3/13/10

i lost my itch to get out for a few reasons

1- have a young kids. too young to take out. and i lack patience to take child out. i waterfowl hunt and most spots need a helping hand to hunt.

2- most friends either dont hunt anymore,or we've grown apart.

3- i travel 5-30 days in a row,due to my work. time home is time with family.

4- had permission to hunt 300 acres in iowa county. landowner passed and kids sold it.

all reasons killed my buzz.

i get out in the blind about 2-5 times a year. kill a few ducks/geese. i live in country. so some shooting is just pass shooting geese. hope to get out more once kids get older.

12/3/18 @ 2:21 PM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

It’s easier for people to be “good” hunters when u have prime land in the best areas of the state, no regular job, money isn’t an issue and you have all the latest and greatest equipment at your disposal. I really like the Drury’s and think they’re quite knowledgeable but how “good” would they be if they were put on the same over hunted public land that regular joe’s have to hunt? I think most people know to watch the wind, be scent free etc etc. it’s the hunting location, free time to hunt and your wallet that make the most difference imho. 

12/3/18 @ 10:47 AM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
USER SINCE 1/11/05

I remember the pass through footage for that video, even though it’s been 20+ yrs since I last saw it. 

12/3/18 @ 10:00 AM

That is correct.  The drurys and lakoskys own large amounts of land and are very successful managers of that land for large bucks.  They rarely use outfitters except for things like Western hunts.  They are good hunters.  The problem with them is not that they're bad people or bad hunters.  It's that that style doesn't work for maintaining a large population of hunters.  People talk about hunting going the european route where only rich hunt.  This is how it happens.  

12/3/18 @ 9:55 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

Jimmer - Yes, he was in it.  Technically it was his video with Bob along as well.

12/3/18 @ 9:28 AM
USER SINCE 10/10/17
Brews, with all due respect you couldn't be further from the truth. yes, the opportunities the Drury's and Lakosky's have is far better off than most of us. But it doesn't mean they aren't good hunters. The way they manage farms and stand placement is very impressive. I'd suggest you tune into a few of the podcasts' Mark Drury has done. The guy in simple terms is a whitetail freak.. he knows his stuff. Also, both the Drury's and Lakosky's rarely venture to outfitters anymore for whitetails - they have their own properties for that. I'm not one to back the celebrities and product pushers, but give credit where credit is due. 

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