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What killed it for you?

10/15/18 @ 12:09 AM
USER SINCE 7/22/01

To piggyback on the last thread "What motivates you?"

What killed it for you?

For me it was my dad getting sick about 3 years ago. He passed just almost 2 years ago.

Toss in a dislocated knee and other med problems. I haven't seen the woods in over 3 years.

Never missed a year since I was 10 (I am 37) until then. I just lost it. 

I'd rather be fishing.


5/16/21 @ 11:27 AM

That exactly sums up what has happened statewide. 

5/9/21 @ 12:58 PM
USER SINCE 1/21/12

Being 44 now, back in my early years before I could carry a gun, I was as excited as could be to be out in the woods next to someone that could carry. The hunt was always a highlight, not so much for the deer kill, but the comradery. Not being a landowner wasn't an issue, myself and mostly everyone I knew that hunted had land that they were allowed to hunt. So we always knew where we could go, and it was gonna be there year after year. My group consisted of my father, aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members. Along with other hunters the property owner let in every year, we knew of them and it was never an issue to share the farm with them. It got to be where we would have campers set up in the fields and make a hunting camp right out in the open. Like I said, we were there to eat, drink, play cards, tell stories, make fun of the hunting follies and maybe see deer. And if seen, have a ball trying to shoot them and usually miss but laugh the rest of the day talking about it.

Fast forward 15 yrs, the farmer sells off and we lose our land. Land owners figure out people are willing to pay big dollars to use their land for hunting. Private land becomes impossible to get onto, so all the relatives go off in their own direction to hopefully find someone willing to let them on to hunt. There's no reason to go into town and register your deer, no longer parade the horns at the local watering hole in fear of having them stolen. Now it's no longer "The Group", it's a go on your own and do what you can situation. That is what ruined it for me. 

12/2/20 @ 9:57 PM
USER SINCE 8/28/03

Fishloveme, I'm in the same boat. Started hunting farmland around home. I can shoot a deer opening morning by 8:30am. Wasn't the same as big woods with dad. I have since moved and the past 4 years have hunted some of dads old stomping grounds. It feels good to be excited about hunting again. 

I even had a euro mount of a small 6 point because it was my 1st buck without my dad hunting. 

12/2/20 @ 8:08 PM

A buddy from church is having his multiple bypass tomorrow. Started getting chest pains and had to call it quits on his hunt. Gives new meaning to something killing it for you.

12/2/20 @ 12:43 PM

Wadu, hang in there man and do as much hunting as you can till you can't anymore. I am 64 ,beat Lymphoma 9 years ago and had surgery for Prostate cancer this past March. I am very lucky so far as all is going well for me right now and I have bowhunted almost 30 times this fall, shot 2 does and a buck. So I am having my best season in 20 years and I plan on bowhunting the Metro Zone till the end of January, ice fish and snowmobile because my biggest fear is my 3rd strike and I may be out!!!

12/2/20 @ 10:13 AM

I never thought I'd see the year my dad said he couldn't do it anymore, but that time came this year.  He's been battling Leukemia for 12 years now and all of the treatments, hospitalizations and stuff has worn him out to the point he can't walk in the woods anymore.  Two year ago he drove up to his hunting spot.  Last year he only walked about 10 yards from his vehicle.  He hasn't shot a deer in 10 years now, so that leaves me to do all the work.  I don't mind, I'm happy to give him some of my deer, but it's not the same hunting without him now.  I now hunt a different area with a group of friends.  I'm just glad my dad is still alive.

12/2/20 @ 6:37 AM
USER SINCE 1/10/19

Nothing has killed it for me, not yet anyways.   Reading all these posts reinforces that the clock is ticking. Even though I am sore, and getting old, and I don't like wearing blaze orange while bow hunting, and it's cold, and these public land deer I chase are really hard to find natural movement, and all the plethora of reasons not to go, there WILL come a time when I can't,,,, so I better get while the getting is good cause you never know when it might be your last season.   I hope some that lost that fire may find it again,  the outdoors is such an important part of my life that I hope I never do, but I realize father time is undefeated tho..... good luck all hunters.

12/2/20 @ 1:08 AM
USER SINCE 5/13/02

What killed it for me..well I got hurt had 8 surgeries and get chemo every 6 weeks the rest of my life...I'm 58.  I lived and breathed hunting and when I realized I couldn't anymore I wanted to put a slug in my still still means slot but I say I cant alot...I hunt maybe 3-4 times a year and it generally is within sight of the just not able...I'm hurt and I'm hurt bad...all I think about is dying and I dont want to...I wanna go back...I wanna be young..

I wanna be able to climb a tree...I wanna shoot 6 deer a year like you could in the late 80s early biggest w the bow is a 123" 10 point..

2 fricken inches from Pope and young...I always wanted a Pope and young buck and in the registry...I guess it's not in the cards....I dont even know what's in the cards for me anymore...worm food I guess...or ash...

As far as all the shows...its our world today...lack of respect for the sport...lack of respect for the animal.and greed to make money off the average joe..

That's it


1/8/20 @ 8:58 PM
USER SINCE 10/27/09

In the summer I set up, move the  bases of stands and brush the lanes.  A week before season I cover the stands and get them ready. Opening day two of my family members show up and hunt. If they get a buck I gut it out, drag it and bring it in.  On Sunday morning they are pretty much gone and I hunt alone for the rest of the season. One of the family members is the land owner and has denied my request to build large, permanent stands repeatedly. Occasionally, after Sunday, the land owner comes out an hour before dark and parks in the field waiting for a deer to cross. Nothing crosses because he is parked in the field. We have a really nice spot but I am tired of doing all the work. On opening day the past few seasons I shot the first buck I sae just to be done. Now, they want to split the venison three ways when they go buckless but have not offered to pick up any of the costs. I miss hunting with people that want to improve the land and put time in. I have a second spot to hunt that is no where near as productive and I may make the move because the spot is with old timers who hunt all nine days, process together and work on stands together.

1/2/20 @ 7:04 PM
One shot one kill

Nowhere near the number of guys we used to have . Those of us left are getting old and tired.  No real deer drives in 15 ? years .  But I'll still go until I can't . One thing I do now is to hang a few small bird feeders (to high to be called baiting ) . See woodpeckers  , chickadees cardinals  , and blue Jays .

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