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Trapping Question

12/1/14 @ 4:56 PM
User since 2/20/14
Just out a curiosity...I have zero experience with trapping, but over the gun deer season I nearly stepped on a trap...this is all on public land. I can only guess it was for coyotes or something bigger. Thankfully it was closed but it was obviously an active trap site. (the trap was still secured to a tree) My question is, does a trap of any size need to be marked in any way? I looked around to see if maybe there was tape on a tree branch or sign or something, and nothing. I know that the trap wont take my foot off or nothing but it sure would hurt like hell I'm guessing. I'm not mad at the trapper either way, its more just for my safety since it is so close to the trail I get to my stand on. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!!

1/2/15 @ 11:23 AM
Trapper Jed
User since 3/7/11
i think there was a hint of sarcasm in his post. He was referencing some one else on this thread

1/2/15 @ 7:32 AM
User since 1/10/08
Hudson hawk...anything else we can do for you? Maybe no bowhunters where you hunt, maybe put a sign out on YOUR public land so we don't bother you.

12/31/14 @ 11:42 AM
User since 6/9/08
darrink, Here is contact info:

Bryce Larson, WTA Statewide Trapper Education Coordinator Email: Tel: (920) 693-8734

Get in touch with Bryce he should be able to help you.

12/31/14 @ 10:03 AM
User since 4/13/03
Does anybody know if there will be more than just two trapping classes this year put on by the DNR. I live in Waukesha County and was wondering if there is any other place to take classes.


12/13/14 @ 1:36 PM
User since 1/24/06
Unless youre walking in bare foot I realy dont think you'd feel a thing. Most likely your foot would span across the jaws and they wouldnt close until after you lifted your foot again.

12/10/14 @ 8:41 PM
User since 11/26/01
As a casual trapper, pheasant and duck, and bow hunter and dog owner and lover, just figured I would add a bit. I did reread all posts and do not intend on doing anything to sand.

Growing up in NE illinois where there was no public land for hunting or trapping, I was lucky to move to minnesota for college. A few thoughts. Bird hunters should like and respect trappers for removing skunk and raccoon and yote that disturb nesting and eat young birds. I hunt public land and my dog so far has avoided a trap. Trappers usually want to avoid bad pr and should avoid trapping public land on the opener, but to avoid trapping until February would reduce raccoon harvest big time.

In any outdoor sport, there are those that show respect and those that don't. Just because I do not musky fish doesn't mean water should only be managed for walleye. We must respect each other's passions.

I am glad public land is available for many different activities, even if I do not participate in some of them. Outdoor enthusiasts must support each other as long as it is legal and ethical.

12/10/14 @ 6:26 PM
User since 5/23/10
Fowler, I understand that you were hunting and that you don't need a leash, but every dog owner I know that takes their dog for a walk on public ground during or after season never put a leash on their dog, that was my point. The next thing I don't understand is that you want to know if an area has traps set, just treat every public area as if traps are in the ground, problem solved.

12/10/14 @ 3:37 PM
Hudson Hawk
User since 2/19/07
Not against trapping but maybe you trappers can stay off public land from the start of bird hunting until the end of bird hunting but I can let me and my dog do whatever I want. Pound sand

12/10/14 @ 3:34 PM
User since 6/14/10
"Umm....If you condone something, you allow it, approve of it, or at least can live with it."

"I did not say once I was condoning trapping" you don't approve of trapping. Got it

12/8/18 @ 9:21 PM
User since 7/17/09
Umm....If you condone something, you allow it, approve of it, or at least can live with it.

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