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Pop Up Ground Hunting Blinds

11/9/14 @ 10:14 AM
MEMBER since 1/25/02
I am thinking of buying one. Does anybody have any opinions on what I should look for or stay away from? I will not be climbing a tree or using a raised blind so I don't need opinions on getting one of those instead. Thanks for the input. Big Smile

11/26/14 @ 10:20 PM
User since 3/15/03
Help! I am looking for a blind that is COMPLETELY ENCLOSED when I am not using it like my Doghouse, but with ZIPPERED WINDOWS(like the Doghouse) for when I am hunting. I want one that is BIG so I can sit with the lady, kids, do mentoring etc. I DO NOT WANT SHOOT THRU MESH, but it seems like all the hub style blinds either have openings everywhere that you can't seal up or "shoot thru mesh" every where. I am an archery hunter, so I wouldn't shoot "through" anything even if I was told I could...simply ridiculous. Also, it sounds like if I get a hub style blind I am going to have to stick a fricken pole in the middle to keep it from collapsing in the snow...seriously??? My Doghouse took the last 4-6" of wet snow no problem. Would a hub style cave in from that??? And you have a "V" in every window on a hub style...I'm guessing these get in the way??? Please reply cause the more I think about it the dumber a hub style blind sounds. Anyway, I want to completely seal it up when not in use cause I leave a lot of stuff in there that I want to keep dry and it stays up for 3 or more months at a time, so it must be fairly waterproof and durable. Amazingly, the $60 Doghouse has held up nicely for 3 years now through rain, snow and ice. Also, a skirt around the bottom would be nice. I'm looking at the Barronett Grounder 350...anyone know anything about these??? I gave up on the idea of being able to bow hunt out of a blind about 5 minutes ago. I can just see it...a big buck comes trotting through during pre-rut/rut and I am fumbling around in a fricken pop up tent deciding which window to NOT! I suppose if you're a field edge hunter a blind would be okay, but I hunt in the woods where the deer actually live Smile

Review - I want:

BIG - at least 70x70 footprint so I can sit with inexperienced hunters and mentor.


NO SILLY GUN PORTS for rain, snow and critters to come in when I'm not there.



ANY input will be helpful...Thanks

11/26/14 @ 9:20 PM
User since 3/15/03
I bought an Ameristep Doghouse and if you know how to fold up a band saw blade it don't get much easier to set up and take down. It literally takes 2 minutes to completely set up, plus it's only like $60. I had the snow completely crush mine one winter and it was fine after I dug it out. Great for a person with a kid and a gun or crossbow but I just can't see hunting out of a blind of any kind with a bow no matter how nice it is, unless you don't mind missing out on a buck of a lifetime. I've had turkeys strut around this blind for a half hour and bucks walk right past it. As long as you set it up and let the game get used to it for a while you should be fine. It is actually pretty waterproof too. I leave it up for several weeks at a time with no problem, and if you want to tote it around it comes with a backpack. I clear all leaves and debris and put hard foam camp flooring down for a floor. I put a folding camp chair, a 5 gallon pail(with a sealed lid for her to piss in) and a 20 lb. propane tank w/Mr. Heater in it and as long as you stay organized it is pretty good for one person, but if you're gonna use a heater make sure to play the wind cause it smells. Just not a lot of room to move around with a bow even without the extra goodies. It has 2 way(inside/outside) zippered windows for "open" viewing/shooting and smaller zippered shooting ports that you can put the velcro "shoot thru" mesh over(really...velcro???), but I don't know how you could shoulder a long gun without sticking it out the window anyway, so the mesh is pretty useless, and shooting a bow "through" ANYTHING is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I think some people are mislead into believing shoot thru mesh is for archers. It's for guns. Anyway, with the heater it stays warm enough for the lady and kids and it actually stays pretty dry in the rain. I sit in it once in a great while with the camera, kids or for calling turkeys in for other hunters, but I'm mostly an archery hunter so I wouldn't be caught dead in a blind for deer. I'm sure I could easily shoot a deer out of one, but I hunt for big bucks and don't want the risks or restrictions of a blind. Also, I am continuously on the move turkey hunting, so silly things like blinds and decoys are a waste of my time, money and effort. Getting a turkey is too easy to waste money on. A couple good calls and a shotgun shell are all you need. Anyway, back to the's pretty crumply sounding in the cold, but overall I am very happy with it for the measely $60 price tag. I just wish they made the same exact thing in a magnum size with a little better fabric so you could fit a couple in it comfortably or use a long bow in it. Also, the old style without the leafy border is better quality from what I am hearing.

11/26/14 @ 10:49 AM
User since 1/1/10
Did you have a heater going while you were sitting in it? That might increase the smell some also.

11/26/14 @ 10:48 AM
User since 1/1/10
I've had a primos for around 4-5 years now and love it. I use it a lot, but never have left it out for more than a night at a time. I notice the nylon smell when i first got it more so than i do now. I've rubbed dirt all over mine and sprayed down with earth scent alot over the last few years. I also use it ice fishing. I can think of mulitple times hunting in the rain and still have deer come by without any problem. I think the more you use it, the less it will smell. Make sure to always let it dry out before packing away for any length of time though.

11/25/14 @ 9:27 PM
User since 6/16/03
Barnett blinds have worked well for me. 2 sizes to choose from and 80-120 bucks when on sale. Good quality. Going on 4 years for all three I have. I like the bigger windows also. Yes, like anything else, you can expect new material smell right out of the bag. I wash mine down during the summer and than apply "dirt scent" on it. Only drawback I have is it is noisy when it rains or dripped on. I wish it had a felt layer on the roof to deaden the sound

11/25/14 @ 1:42 PM
by the finn
User since 9/4/01
Used one for the first time in U.P. this year. Wondering if anyone has experienced the smell of the nylon once it gets wet? Its a cheaper model and went thru 3 ft of snow in a week. First day had deer close by but after that nothing. Sitting inside the smell of wet nylon got stronger every day, Im thinking the deer certainly must have gotten a whiff. Your thoughts ?

11/11/14 @ 4:47 PM
User since 6/17/11
When I got my first ground blind a fellow told me to get a piece of indoor/outdoor carp (astroturf?) that would fit inside. It really helps to keep the noise you may make down due to leaves, etc.


11/11/14 @ 3:19 PM
pike eyes
User since 12/28/10
I believe that's public and private,12x12 patch on all sides

11/11/14 @ 10:47 AM
User since 6/21/01
pop up blinds are great, but lets not forget about the safety factor.. During gun, even on private land, if you have multiple hunters at least hang a one dollar stocking cap above your blind... I like others to know exactly where I'm at.. The piece of 2x2 is a great way to keep them blinds up all season without troubles, but, I put a cloth over the end to make sure if it slides off the hub it's not going through the roof of the tent, and make sure you have the stakes to hold in down in high wind... I swap out the small cheap ones for a good longer tough steel tent stakes, I get them on sale/clearance end of summer. My blinds don't move...

Good luck all..

11/10/14 @ 10:06 PM
Summers Off
User since 5/9/06
I echo Bowbuckman's comments. I bought my first pop up for hunting with the kids 8-10 years ago. I purchased an Ameristep from Gander. About $180-200. Still functioning, but it has been beat up by weather. Wet heavy snow is no good for ground blinds.

Last year I purchased a second Ameristep ($130-140) from Fleet Farm. It didn't even make it one hunting season. A snow that the old one make it through collapsed the new one snapping the fiberglass rods and sending them through the tent material....add a little wind and it was a total loss.

This year I purchased the Primos Groundmax ($375ish) or whatever it is called. Awesome blind. very functional. high quality material for the outside tent material. zippers, cords and anything else all seems about 2-3 grades levels above the ameristep I bought last year.

Tons of room in the Primos....put some carpet down and get a good solid chair and you will be good to go.

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