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7/9/15 @ 11:21 AM
Landin' Lunkers
User since 6/4/12
Im sure this is on here somewhere so I apologize if its a re post. My daughter turns 10 in January. Can I take her this fall to hunter saftey? Im a little confused by the wordage used on the dnr site. Says anyone any age can take it... is this true? She like to come with me but its time to let the bb gun go haha. Thanks.

7/10/15 @ 8:31 AM
User since 3/21/14
Tim is correct, I was misspoken on some of it.

The rules are a bit complicated. It says that persons age 10 - 12 can hunt under the mentorship program (arms reach rule, only one weapon in the group).

At the same time, they sell licenses (and require them) for those 10 - 12 year olds to be mentored. See the license listing on the DNR website. That is likely where your confusion ( and mine) comes from.

The actual "hunting license" is for those 12 and over. As I recall, even 12-14 year olds have to be within control ( sight and sound) of an adult mentor, but not the "within arms reach" rule and both hunter and mentor can have weapons.

There is no minimum age for taking the course.

I guess I have been out of the loop too long.

7/9/15 @ 10:25 PM
the Jimmer
the Jimmer
User since 1/11/05
My daughter took the class this past winter, having just turned 10. She did well on the field and written tests, although her score was better in the field portion. She hunted turkeys this spring, having purchased her own license under her own DNR #, so I am confused on what you are saying, Tim. Either way, we were lucky enough for her to get a real nice bird in 4th season.

7/9/15 @ 9:24 PM
User since 6/17/11
chuckc is partly correct. There is no minimum age to take Hunter Safety. She still cannot buy any license until she turns 12, even with hunter safety. So if she were to take the class this year,she would lose out on the freebies he mentioned.

That being said, the written test is not exactly geared for 10 year-olds. Not saying your daughter wouldn't pass but I have been instructing for over 18 years and until the mentored hunts became a reality, I never had a student fail. When the mentored part came around dad thought it would be a good idea although not required, to take junior thru the class. All failures have been on the written exam. Field tests have been no issue. Not saying every 10 year-old has failed but there seems to be one in each class lately. Sweating

Best of luck with your daughter! Have fun!


7/9/15 @ 12:14 PM
Landin' Lunkers
User since 6/4/12
Thanks Chuck much appreciated

7/9/15 @ 11:53 AM
User since 3/21/14
She can take the course. There is a minimum age (10) for obtaining a license in WI, although using the Mentored hunt you can get around the need for her license, but a child of any reasonable age can take the course. If she is 10, I believe she can get a free small game license this year (year of her course) and even ( again. . I believe) a free doe tag for her deer season. Better ask at the course to be certain.

Good luck Chuck

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