My wife and I are blessed to have two son's. The oldest is two(going on twelve) and the youngest is eight months. Anyways, the two year old is addicted to watching deer hunting DVD's. Some kids like Mickey Mouse, some like Sesame Street, others like Barney, ect...this little guy loves watching "the bucks" on my old hunting DVD's.

Now I work an odd work schedule, so I don't often have time to sit down on weekend mornings and watch hunting TV shows with him. We spend as much time as we can outside together, but with winter approaching I think we will be parked in front of the TV some days. As those of you with kids know, spending time outside with a two year old is short lived during the colder months.

I'd like to throw out an open ended offer...I have a few hunting DVD's that we have now watched over and over and OVER again. It seems like my two year old has memorized them. Instead of going out and buying new DVD's, I thought maybe somebody would be interested in trading DVD's. There are nothing wrong with mine and I'm sure some of you guys have some old deer hunting DVD's laying around collecting dust. If you would like to watch something new for a change of pace, I'm in the same situation. The DVD's I have are unscratched and work flawlessly.

Off of the top of my head, I know my son and I had been watching Monster Buck's 10 and some Roger Raglin DVD's. I would gladly part ways with either of those as I would guess that we have watched them dozens of times together now.

If you're interested in trading, shoot me a message and we can work out the details. Thanks for considering the swap.

My hope is that this forum thread title can be used for future DVD trades/swaps between hunters too.