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Gun Control

12/16/14 @ 3:45 AM
B Fish
User since 6/26/10
Well guys if you didn't see the news or current President has appointed a new Surgeon General who has already said "Guns are a public health issue"

Front Page of the MSN web site.

So back to my other comments regarding why the mid-west states are providing so many doe tags and over harvesting the deer herd.

1. Reduce the herd 2. People get discouraged 3. People stop hunting 4. Kids don't take up hunting 5. The current generation of hunters die 6. Who will hunt? 7. Eliminate hunting, why do we need guns.

It is NOT the local DNR field guys, it is coming from a MUCH higher level.

I would expect an anti-hunter (who we know reads this stuff) will jump in very fast and bash me as being wrong as always happens on this site.

1/2/15 @ 3:46 PM
User since 8/2/01
This is a typical anti gun ploy to link hunting to gun ownership. the two are mutually exclusive no where is our gun ownership rights linked to hunting in the 2nd Amendment.

I know many competitive shooters, male, female, and juniors that have no interest in hunting but expend more rounds down range in an average year in practice and competition then most hunters shoot in a life time.

Although I am an avid hunter and agree we need to engage youth and females in the hunting sport, don't perpetuate the myth that gun ownership in any form is linked, or that hunting is a requirement.

We Hunters at times tend to be our own worst enemies because of narrow and sometimes uneducated views of all the shooting sports.

Good luck

12/23/14 @ 9:07 AM
User since 9/27/01
The only issue that I have with gun control is when I shoot my AK in rapid fashion and the muzzle wants to creep upwards. I don't get that much with an AR but the caliber is smaller. Other than that, I have excellent gun control.

12/22/14 @ 8:51 PM
User since 9/16/01
V V V V Hahaha!! V V V V

( readin' my mind … )

12/17/14 @ 7:04 PM
User since 12/20/12
Methinks some of our posters need to reinforce the aluminum foil lining in their hats...

12/16/14 @ 8:18 AM
User since 4/11/08
And a great place to look first is the "Common Core" in education. Centralizing the core of a childs education to support the politics of those that are in power in Washington and this country is a form of mind control. Imprinting a young childs brain with a sense of what is 'good and bad' will influence them their entire lives. We as parents can teach them a way of life at home, but five days a week they get shipped off to a public school and are force-fed the common core values of a bureaucracy with the hopes that those values will be the norm of the next generation. Don't take those guns and hunting away now, just breed the desire to hunt and acceptance of the 2nd Ammendment out of our kids for the future. It is a slow but effective process.

12/16/14 @ 4:41 AM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12
I've been thinking that for years, why do you think they brought in the wolves? A way to control the deer herd without hunters...If you don't think there's a little truth to that, better pull your head out of the sand before it's too late.

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