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Fall food plot

5/4/21 @ 10:56 AM
USER SINCE 12/19/11

Just looking to talk some food plot ideas - What do you guys have the best luck with for a late season plot? Do you do anything special for fall plot preps? How about some pictures of bucks taken off kill plots? 137 days till archery opener... 


5/7/21 @ 12:40 PM
USER SINCE 12/19/11

I'd like to plant some brassicas but I'm worried the soil isn't going to be ideal for them on our land. It's very rocky and full of clay. I was thinking about doing some winter wheat or oats. There is almost no ag land within several miles our our area so having something green deep into winter I would think would hold some deer. 

I do plan to plant a brassica plot on the 10 acres I live on. I'm surrounded by ag land and they travel through my chunk between fields during the summer and early season, but once the crops die off I see far less deer. Brassicas seem to be the consensus for the best late season crop if you can get them to grow. 

5/5/21 @ 10:04 AM
USER SINCE 10/24/11

I split my plot in half.  At the end of July, I put in brassicas (turnips, rape, radishes) on one half.  At the end of August, I put in winter rye, oats, peas, clover, radishes on the other half.  At the end of May the next year, I till up the brassicas and put in buckwheat since the brassicas are done.  Then rotate so the brassicas go where the rye plot was the year before and the rye then goes where I did the buckwheat/last years brassicas.

Rotating helps with nitrogen in the ground.  The brassicas use nitrogen.  The rye, oats, clover, buckwheat puts it back in the ground.  I still add urea when I put in brassicas.

The rotation keeps the does there all year and like magic the bucks show up in October.  The winter rye comes up green right away in early spring when the deer really need food, so that's a big plus.  Turkeys love the bugs/grasshoppers in the rye in the spring/summer.  

It's weird that I don't get many pics of bucks in velvet in the summer.  Just does and newborn fawns.  I don't mind it that way, cuz I'd rather have bucks in the fall!  I have read that does are very territorial so they may scare off the bucks in the spring to have their fawns.    

As far as success, I put a new tower blind on the edge of the plot 2 years ago.  First year I messed up on a really nice one that was out seeking.  Last year this one came in chasing does that were coming to eat.  

5/5/21 @ 8:55 AM
USER SINCE 1/24/02

Brassicas are a great option and they do draw deer late in to the season. If you intend to plant them get a soil sample first. They require balanced soil, plenty of sun and good N levels.

They won't grow on my land. I plant Cereal rye and clover mid to late July. Sometime I'll also plant peas and or oats at that time as well. Rye will stay green well into December. The clover then comes up in early spring and prior to early summer planting.

Check your growing zone for planting times.

Good luck!

5/4/21 @ 9:14 PM
USER SINCE 9/17/16

Turnips seem to be a good late season option for me. Last year was my first year and I’ll be expanding the turnips this year.  They ate the tops early in the season too and the attraction to deer only got better and better as the season progressed.    Once the muzzy season and the cold weather hit along with the ag food sources gone off the landscape it was a huge draw.  My small plot had deer in it daily until early Feb.  My plan was for it to be my primary focus for muzzy, but I changed plans and didn’t sit it at all due to other sightings.  Turned out to be a mistake but I didn’t learn than until pulling cams after the season. 

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