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Deer hunting snow report

11/11/14 @ 3:47 PM
land man
User since 9/12/06
Central Wisconsin (Marathon/Portage counties) has 4"-6" on the ground right now- which I consider about perfect. Whatever is on the ground now is staying for quite a while as there are no forecasted highs above freezing for the next 10 days. Some overnight lows are forecasted to be below zero, which should freeze up lakes and some creeks.

Further north- the Medford area had 6" yesterday at noon with more falling at that time and another 4-6" today. The northwoods will have more- a LOT more in some cases.

If you hunt the northern forest, get ready to do some snow bogging. On the other hand, you should have plenty of "tracking snow".

Shoot straight, shoot well, and shoot often-

Big Smile

11/18/14 @ 11:56 AM
MEMBER since 8/5/05
Phelps: As of Friday afternoon about 24". Don't know how much fell yesterday/today. Sleds and/or snowshoes are the deal.

A bit less near Conover.

11/17/14 @ 7:02 PM
User since 6/9/02
Northern Iron county (Hurley area) is pretty intense. Snow varies from well over the knees up to my "crotch". Shut the cabin down and will be hunting Plan B...which in reality is a heck of a lot more conducive to taking a good buck. I'll miss the area I've hunted for many years, but more snow coming and deer already heading for the wintering yards so "tradition" will take a back seat this year.

11/17/14 @ 3:46 PM
User since 5/2/06
Any reports near Phelps. Anyone know how the logging roads are in the big woods. Just want to know if we'l be able to drive the trucks in or if we'll be taking the sleds.

11/17/14 @ 1:45 PM
User since 4/11/08
Spent the morning yesterday busting a snowshoe trail into one of my spots. The mile in was tough going, but the back trail was already setting up on my way out. Despite the 20"+ of snow there was quite a bit of deer movement (tracks) with most already down in the hemlocks and cedars. Did not cut a wolf track either which is surprising. Will see how much lake snow we get the next couple days. Going to have to get out there every couple days to keep the trail open, and hope some weekend warriors don't try to take advantage of my sweat equity to hunt my honey hole. Northern Vilas county.

11/17/14 @ 1:11 PM
User since 7/20/09
I think that's sort of contradictory. Those who want to get out and hunt but they need someone else's spot. Wink That's not manly, find your own spot! Instead you need to give your out of shape butt a heart attack for a deer, now that's manly! LOL


11/17/14 @ 12:54 PM
pike eyes
User since 12/28/10
That's lazy "if I cant get to it with my four wheeler I'm not going to hunt " sounds like something a 5yr old would say. TAKE YOUR BALL AND GO HOME THEN

11/14/14 @ 5:35 PM
User since 5/29/06
That really sucks for all those that won't be able to get to their hunting spots. There should be some type of forum where those who just want to whine about the quality of hunting can donate their hunting spot for the season to those who actually want to get out and hunt. Could be called, barstools for bucks.

11/14/14 @ 2:08 PM
User since 2/2/10
Yup us guys have it so easy take ur dress of and stop ur crying. No one told you you have to hunt in the north woods. Thats were the men hunt you should stay home and hunt at the Milwaukee co. Zoo youd fit in withe the monkeys

11/14/14 @ 11:41 AM
User since 2/22/11
That article is the area our group hunts, but we have 3 mile atv ride into hunting grounds, not happening this year. Season over before it started. Puke You guys in the south farmland have it so easy. Big Smile

11/14/14 @ 8:18 AM
User since 7/17/09
Florence County - 12" snow and Brrr.

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