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9/25/14 @ 3:27 PM
mystery fish-n-sea
mystery fish-n-sea
USER SINCE 4/10/10
I have been a member of my dad's deer camp (he's the president, more or less) for the last 15 years, since I was able to start hunting at the age of 12. We routinely made the trek up north to public land even though he has 90 acres connecting to 90 more acres of state public land at home. I lived very close to our spot up north for a few years before moving closer to home. I know for sure there are more deer around home than there are in our traditional hunting spot. In fact, the guys that regularly hunt his property while we are away for the weekend usually do quite well. Since I have been going up north, there have been 5 bucks shot in 15 years, the largest a 7 pointer my dad got about 7 years ago. During that same time, there was one year we came back and one party had taken 4 bucks off, and another year that a GIANT 9 pointer was killed on his land. With 8 guys we have gone one year without killing a single deer, and another where a nubby saved the camp. My trail cams around my dad's place always prove there are quality deer in the area, and I have seen numerous deer (including some nice bucks) with limited bow hunting time in the past couple years.

In addition, a couple of years ago I was hunting a stand up north that I have liked for quite some time. After shooting at a deer a man came from his property to yell at me that I was shooting too close to his property, and even claimed I was trespassing. I have plat books/GPS/ and know where the survey markers are in the area and know I definitely had the right to hunt that piece of public land. My dad walked over to talk to the man and he started threatening to call the warden and took his picture. My dad told him that he was going to wait until the warden arrived. The man then started shouting/shooting his gun in the air. I had already left and was quite worried that this man had killed my dad. Back home our neighbors are friendly and we have access to hundreds of surrounding acres if we want to branch out.

The past few years I have tried to convince him that we should move deer camp back home, and this year he finally put it to a vote. I lost 5 to 3, with my dad and I both voting to stay at home. The other 5 guys want to go up north because of tradition. We are not drinkers, we do not go into town to go to bars, we sit around and play cards until we go to bed at 9:00.

I told my dad that I was going to hunt his land this year, even though the vote failed, granted that he gives me his permission. I proposed that my dad, brother and I take a weekend, I'd pay to rent a cabin up north and we would just sit and watch the squirrels for the weekend (this is what deer camp is to us anyway) then we could sit around and play cards at night. That way I don't feel guilty about missing spending quality time with my ol' man and brother and I can still hunt some great property and increase my chances at seeing some deer.

He's still pretty bummed I won't be going to deer camp for the first time. I kind of am too.

Whatcha think? Am I a jerk?

UPDATE 2019:


12/1/21 @ 5:25 PM

Congratulations Mystery!

The family/friends, smiles/handshakes, the camp and the deer.

That’s what it’s all about! You’re a lucky guy to have what you have!

12/1/21 @ 1:16 PM
Swamp buck
USER SINCE 1/23/09

Why do people act like frickin Arm Chair Gamewardens? See it on the fishing sites all the time. Does it affect you?  NO!! Nice video and congrats on taking two beautiful bucks and enjoying the great outdoors. See that's how you respond instead of thinking someone did something illegal immediately. Get a life

12/1/21 @ 1:09 PM

Mystery...if people would watch the video in entirety before commenting they'd know that when you went "pussyfooting" that you were kicking up deer for your hunting party.  It's pretty easy to know that if you're driving deer like that you're within hearing range of your hunting buddies! 

12/1/21 @ 10:16 AM
mystery fish-n-sea
mystery fish-n-sea
USER SINCE 4/10/10

Yes, oldhunter, my dad was in earshot of me that day.  He allowed me to use his tag which we always discuss before a hunt.  Thanks for commenting and watching!  I think I mentioned it in a previous edit of the video but to cut down on time I eliminated it.  Just as a note, every guy in our camp hunts within earshot, and while I know that, I understand a viewer may not.

12/1/21 @ 10:13 AM
waltereye sr.
USER SINCE 6/25/01

Agreed. And I have not watched video yet. Was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Everyone have the best day possible 

12/1/21 @ 10:09 AM
USER SINCE 2/28/13

Yes, I realize it can be done that way, as long as the other hunter is within sight or voice.  His video does not mention that being the case.  You would think If the person shot two bucks in the same day, he would clarify that.  If he did, I could have missed it in the video.  

12/1/21 @ 10:03 AM
waltereye sr.
USER SINCE 6/25/01

Assuming he had another hunter in his party out hunting and within earshot. 

12/1/21 @ 9:54 AM
USER SINCE 2/28/13

How do you legally shoot two bucks in one day?

12/1/21 @ 8:33 AM
mystery fish-n-sea
mystery fish-n-sea
USER SINCE 4/10/10

Wow mudbucket.  It really puts into perspective the value of our hunting traditions beyond what was killed or seen.  Thanks for sharing.  This community is pretty impressive and I love that we can all share our stories.

Here is an update for this year's deer camp:

I ended up getting the two biggest bucks of my life in one day.  I had never even seen bucks that big in that area before and then I had a crack and capitalized on two in one day!  The first one was aged by my taxidermist at 4.5-5.5 years old and the second one was aged at 3.5 years old based on tooth wear.  I am having the first one shoulder mounted and the second one Euro mounted.  

Thanks for watching, and if you could, please click the subscribe button.  I just really like watching the number go up more than anything else.  It's free, there's no obligation to do anything else, but it makes me happy to see more subscribers.

12/1/21 @ 4:04 AM

It was a tough one this year. Headed up to deer camp Nov 5th to the 7th to hunt the rut and spread dads ashes. My son wasn't ready yet, so it was just me. Spread the ashes Saturday morning, 2 eagles soaring above.  One more flys from a nearby tree to join and they disappear into the distance. Reminded me of his Harley ferring he had painted in remembrance of his 2 buddies that were killed. Climb up into his stand.  Had a deer walk past and just stared at the stand. Seen quite a few deer that weekend.

Headed back up for rifle season with my son and 6 other guys. All packed up Friday night and my Ford van wouldn't start. Finally give up, pack all the crap into Dads truck and head up. Another year of making memories. Son shot a doe as we were getting ready to head home Sunday morning. Right near Grandpa's stand and shortly after saying our goodbyes....

Hope everyone had a safe and memorable deer camp this year. We had a lot of laughs great food and made lasting memories..Wish the kids would have seen more deer, but that's hunting. The weather Saturday was perfect by us..

Can't wait for next year's deer camp...

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