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Dealing with a complex wounded deer/trespassing issue

11/30/15 @ 9:53 AM
User since 7/16/01
We have a neighbor that has 15 acres with 5 guys hunting on it and are having issues with them every year wounding deer and coming over to our area to track. The border is a river and because their land is so small with so many people, often the deer run over to our spot, hit or not. They are terrible shots using sub-par equipment (shotguns with bird barrels). In the past when they have had to track deer, we have simply let them. But the number of deer they quickly don’t kill has been increasing, and they are constantly negatively affecting our hunting. I stopped by the owner’s house prior to deer hunting to at least discuss coming over. I said simply send me a text, one from a safety standpoint, and to help put down deer that might be wounded. The opening weekend Sunday, around 9 am I have 2 guys coming through. I come out of my stand and talk with them. Looks like a muscle hit and of course it goes into one of our sanctuary areas that I have not been in for years. We tracked it for a bit, and they gave up, to go back and track the other deer they hit. Both were found on our property. One gut shot (found 3 days later) and one meat shoulder hit (that we finished off). We found one other gut shot deer that we believe also came from them. My frustration is increasing with their sloppiness. To add complication to the whole mix, the owner of the land is one of my father’s clients and need to tread lightly. But, with that being said, I feel we can’t continue to go one like this. Any thoughts on how to address this, without causing harm to my father’s relationship. And it doesn’t help, these are one of the only neighbors that shoot “brown its down” while the rest of us support QDM and most of our crew is shooting only 3.5 yo and better.

1/7/16 @ 9:24 AM
User since 1/27/14
We have a almost the same situation on our farm. 5 guys hunting 20 acres with an shooting everything that comes by. Last year they harvested 17 deer and i can see how bad the population got hurt by it. The deer have 3 ways to come from east west and south the north border is grassland that the deer don't really bed in that turns into another piece of land that we can waterfowl hunt the pond on it. We own the south and west border and every year an uncle watches the deer go in and as soon as they cross the property line get busted at nubbers fawns spikers whatever. Well the neighbor on the east side used to have a deer farm. long story short he put up a 10 ft fence that way the deer can't get to them from him. He's been pimping us to let him put up the fence on our side but we don't know if we really wanna do that. We had them coming on our property bow hunting tracking deer with out asking and the guy that put the fence up has had them try to come on to his but didn't allow it he went and tracked the buck and tagged it himself.

12/24/15 @ 10:39 AM
User since 3/10/11
I had I similar experience. I also tried talking with our neighbors. It didn't work out. it seems like we have one property owner, with 4 other hunters that are friends. Im sure the property owner has more to risk than the friends that are hunting his land. One simple method I tried and it worked. Send him a letter via mail. this will get his attention better than a verbal conversation. State in the letter that he as the landowner has to follow through with certain rules just as you will if you need to go on his 15 acres. A piece of paper with the rules is a lot more effective than saying it verbally. Then he can pass the letter along with his friends at deer camp. If that doesn't work, Simply post no trespassing signs and QDM statements along your lot line.

12/8/15 @ 9:51 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
Getting a bit personal here!!

12/7/15 @ 11:37 PM
User since 5/31/10
Offering to help them target practice may help to give them a hint, but they should know by now that they aren't taking great shots. Being open and honest is probably the best choice but if they don't listen or respect your agreement you may have to get more firm.

Of course, if you refuse to let them track on your land you will probably wind up with a lot more deer going unrecovered. It's more than likely that they'll continue to take bad shots and not even bother to track it if it heads towards your property line, they'll just take another shot at the next one they see. I doubt they will change anytime soon so even a stern talking to or ultimatum likely won't change their shooting behavior. If nothing changes except now you have a poor relationship with your neighbor, it is really worth the hassle you'll have to deal with? It's their property they're shooting on and even though it has a negative effect on you, in the end there's not much you can do except try to work with them if possible.

12/7/15 @ 11:23 AM
User since 7/16/01
I appreciate all the dialogue.

On another note, we found another dead deer while picking up stands this weekend. It also appears to be shot from a 12 ga slug, but as it has been sitting for 2 weeks now, a little tough to tell. But that would be #4 from this group if my assumptions are right. In any given year, they will fire somewhere between 20-50 rounds. So it is certainly plausible they wounded and did not recover 4. Just makes me sick.

12/4/15 @ 10:33 PM
User since 12/30/10
SJB, it seems you have been more than fair in your dealings with this group. Maybe that is the problem. It is very hard to be reasonable with people who are not reasonable. My suggestion - for what it is worth - would be to first sit down with your dad and find out how much he values this client. Maybe the guy thinks he can just walk all over you because of that business relationship. If that is the case, the guy is never going to change the way he acts.

This may come down to a decision to either denying this neighbor access, or learn to cope with having your season marred by his actions. This is a tough situation to be in and I don't envy you for the decision you have to make.

12/4/15 @ 5:37 PM
Cold Front
User since 7/9/01
Getting deep here. Mrt.

12/4/15 @ 3:59 PM
pike eyes
User since 12/28/10
for the record I was brought to make every attempt to recover a wounded deer, and I pass that same sentiment on to everyone. Yes I do have private land. and yes I would allow one of them along with my help to look for there deer. That would be the right thing to do.

12/4/15 @ 3:52 PM
pike eyes
User since 12/28/10
Great outdoors please proof read what you write so it can be understood. In essence you are correct about letting it rot. Because all 3 choices are his, not yours or mine. If he chooses to not let people come and look for their deer, and if he doesn't want to tag it I guess he then chooses to let them rot. That is in my opinion some one whom must have no respect for the hunt or the animals themselves. Food for thought!!! It may not happen that your deer run over there often but it will happen. It might be not a 3.5 year old buck but something even bigger. You will have to stand on your lot line and watch them hang up your buck of a lifetime. Be ready for that moment. Karma works that way.

12/4/15 @ 2:15 PM
User since 7/5/01
Not sure how I am supposed to not read into your statement about ROT about it not being on the person who would deny access.

"SJB,I guess I'm not sure what is so complicated about it. You have 3 choices, you let them come and get their deer - This would be letting them it, you take the deer - This would be not letting them in, you wouldn't take the deer if you let them in as far as I can comprehend, or let it ROT - This would be not letting them in, you wouldn't make them leave the deer lay there dead if you let them in as far as I can comprehend. That's the three choices you have." In the statement above you said SJB has 3 choices, and ROT was the 3rd of his choices. Then you claim that if the deer would rot it wouldn't be on him? Please tell me where I am missing something with my comprehension. If it is 1 of his 3 choices and he chooses it, how can it not be on him with your logic of his choices? Really, I seem to be missing something here. "Where in my post did I say it would be on SJB if it would ROT" - Probably the part when you said SJB would have 3 choices, the third choice being ROT.

I'll work on my comprehension "sills" as long as you work on your spelling. Then we both won't look like idiots. You talk about belittling, yet you are out there calling everyone an idiot who does not agree with you on allowing full access to private land for slobs who can't follow rules.

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