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Cell trail camera

9/26/20 @ 5:21 PM
USER SINCE 9/25/14

Can anybody tell me if there is a cell trail camera that would work with us cellular?  I have no experience with these but every time I look into buying one its always a Verizon plan. Any help would be appreciated on how i could make it work with us cellular would be great! Thanks 


10/21/21 @ 4:31 PM
USER SINCE 1/19/03

A few pictures to see quality

10/21/21 @ 4:29 PM
USER SINCE 1/19/03

Sorry the app is great.. very easy to use never had a problem 

10/21/21 @ 1:35 PM
USER SINCE 1/19/03

I'm sorry but I have not used the video function yet so I have no input to share.. although this conversation has me thinking I should give it a try

10/21/21 @ 3:46 AM
USER SINCE 1/14/13


How’s the app for Tactacam? Are the videos decent quality? I would much rather spend a little more money on batteries and have cameras on video mode instead of photo. I’ve learned a lot more from 15-20 second video clips than just photos and definitely miss a lot less action. 

My brownings are not cost effective to run on video mode. Even the guide pro package only allows 100 videos/month in HD. The Exodus renders are great in video mode but the plans are pricey so I’m considering going a different route and tactacam may just fit for me. 

10/20/21 @ 8:16 PM
USER SINCE 1/19/03

I have 4 of the tactacam I pay 320 bucks a year for unlimited pics/video been out for about 3 months now and batteries read 90-100% still..I'm impressed with everything so far except the picture quality does not compare to my regular browning trail cams..its not bad just not great

10/20/21 @ 6:57 PM
USER SINCE 1/14/13

I have 5 cell cams going on my property on food plots. 3 brownings and 2 exodus renders. I want to try tactacam reveal next but always sold out. Heard great things though.

The render cameras and app are pretty flawless and very reliable. Great on batteries if lithium’s are being used. My renders are set to take 15 sec videos every minute. I don’t like to miss things. I believe the renders have taken somewhere around 3000 videos on the current set of batteries and both cameras say 100% still. Granted, it’s been warm…  I pay 120/month for 5 gb which is a ton of pics or videos. Pricey but worth it for 3-4 months not having to pressure the property checking cameras. My renders are Verizon. 

The brownings are decent cameras but the strike force app has lots of problems crashing, locking up, syncing, etc. The app is just clunky and messy compared to exodus. I pay 50/month for guide pro package which allows up to 6 cameras and 6000 images I believe. Cost effective and the cameras are reliable but not great on batteries and the app is frustrating sometimes. My brownings are At&t.

10/20/21 @ 6:39 PM
USER SINCE 6/24/01

The camera manufacturer bills you per month or per year depending what you sign up for. Most plans start at $5 - $8 per month and go up from there for more pics. I have been using a Tacticam Reveal for a year now and it has been outstanding.

10/20/21 @ 6:21 PM

I assume you are billed by the carrier, how is it billed?

How much extra is it per month?


10/19/21 @ 5:21 PM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

Another thing to want to get a camera according to what cell service works best in the area you’ll have the camera. If u know Verizon for example has better coverage go with a Verizon model. Or say you have at&t for your cell phone and you don’t have much for a signal where u hunt then your camera will have the same issue if u get the at&t model. Some areas neither may work, just depends on cell service. I got my first cell cam last year. It’s pretty cool sitting home and ur phone dings with a picture!! My camera signal is pretty spotty though, at times I’ll have almost a full signal but other times I’ll only have 1 bar or sometimes zero signal. With it fluctuating my batteries don’t last real long, bout 3-4 weeks is all I get on 12AA’s. I use a Moultrie XA6000 camera. 

10/12/21 @ 8:06 AM

I just bought cuddiebacks last week and put them out. I have AT&T but they listed Verizon on the box. From what I researched the carrier you have for your phone doesn't matter, the camera carrier doesn't matter, what matters is that you have cell service where you want to put the camera. Any camera will link to the nearest cell tower just like a phone would. The stronger tge cell signal where you want the camera,  the better and quicker pictures can be sent. My camera is working great, but I always have good cell service where I hunt.

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