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CDACs Up North Not Using Metrics or Science To Justify Increase of Antlerless Tags

5/20/21 @ 2:45 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

I have been following cdacs in some northern counties especially Eau Claire county central forest and they are not using metrics or science to justify big increases in anterless tags. Just using some anecdotal statements from the forestry rep and dnr biologist.  These tags are not necessary and are ruining deer hunting especially on public land. The Natural Resource Board needs to override these unjustified increases.  Is any one else noticing these ongoing trends with the cdacs and dnr?


7/6/21 @ 4:10 PM

I have watched several NRB webcasts over the last few months and always felt Preston Cole was arrogant, and appears more arrogant when he gets over his skis.  That board meeting shows how arrogant/childish he is.  My heroes once again are Dr. Prehn and Kaz.  I really like both those guys, and they are the most logical people in the room.

7/6/21 @ 3:26 PM
USER SINCE 12/14/12

I watched the Portion of the NRB meeting where Preston Cole told the Board he would not follow their recommendation and walked out, Bush league on his part no matter what the issue is.  NRB does set policy and it is inherit upon the DNR Secretary to implement their recommendations.

I follow the Eau Claire County CDAC closely as well as a couple of others, a strong argument can be made that they are not following/using the metrics in their decision making process and instead deferring to the Forestry interests which only provide their observations of deer impacts and no data that actually quantifies deer impact. 

Meanwhile in all of these units on Public Land, Deer harvest numbers remain at all time lows.

7/2/21 @ 5:04 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

Some dont like the truth and an accurate representation of how the top man in the dnr acted when it was exposed how useless sak is. you think I really care how me or my accurate description of how the dnr secretary acted is perceived if it is the truth. If any of the board members did that especially one a lot of people dont care for you would never here the end of it about how rediculous and childish it was. The difference with the dnr secretary and dnr board is that the secretary is paid a healthy salary by the taxpayers The dnr board members are not paid and they still work for the people and dont walk out of board meetings. These dnr people seem to have no accountability to the people who pay their wages and benefits.  Time for them to be accountable and called out especially for them not using science or metrics to issue antlerless tags to properly manage deer.

7/2/21 @ 11:19 AM
USER SINCE 3/18/08

"......pouts like a baby that doesn't get his way,...."

I wonder how often those that say this line, ever wonder how they are being perceived by others when they say that line?

Oh well......

7/1/21 @ 10:37 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

It's not about kaz all you kaz haters. If you know anything about science, population models, statistics and audits you would know sak is not science and is absolute garbage.  It is the reason why deer hunting sucks in many parts of the state. Yet the dnr keeps using it as the gospel even though they know sak is highly flawed and totally inaccurate as several audits and real numbers have shown.  Would you use a formula to balance your checkbook that is plus or minus 121% of the actual balance.  Well that is what audits of sak have shown. Sometimes the truth hurts when sak is shown to be garbage and not science at all. When the truth is brought out the dnr secretary doesn't like it and pouts like a baby that doesn't get his way, too bad. And these people, dnr secretary and biologists claim to be scientists? Maybe they and the cdacs should start using some real science and metrics so they don't issue way too many antlerless tags in areas as they are doing now.

7/1/21 @ 5:54 PM
USER SINCE 2/22/07

Anytime Kaz starts throwing or challenging numbers out there, I'd be suspicious. His track record for distorting data is legendary.

6/30/21 @ 10:44 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

People need to remember the natural resource board is to set policy for the dnr and be a check and balance so the dnr doesn't just do what they want. If the DNR secretary stomps his feet and leaves the meeting like a child too bad. The dnr doesn't like to be called out on the fraud Sak is and kaz and audits have pointed out how flawed it is. The dnr and cdacs continue to not use any science or metrics to properly issue antlerless tags to manage deer by county. It is a joke and irresponsible for the dnr and cdacs to ignore metrics and science to continually issue way to many antlerless tags and are ruining deer hunting.  True negligence.  When the dnr is called out that their presentations are inaccurate and their recommendations are not justified by any metrics or science you hear nothing but crickets. All about money from extra tags and way too much influence from timber industry. DNR wants cdacs to fail because they are disgruntled as some of their power was taken away when cdacs were formed. 

6/29/21 @ 6:57 AM
USER SINCE 4/17/07

Did anyone listen to the NRB meeting last week? Kaz proposed changes to the CDAC recommendations for some northern counties and called out the SAK model, basically saying it was BS. He pointed out the 95% confidence interval has a 500,000 deer swing, basically 1/3 of the statewide population. Things got heated between the NRB and the DNR secretary when it went to a vote, it looked like the secretary left the meeting after that in frustration they voted against the CDACs/ DNR. 

6/10/21 @ 8:48 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17


Amen.  I really hope more people take the bull by the horns like you and contact to NRB. What a lot of CDACs are doing and the dnr local biologists are condoning is to ignore science and are promoting wildlife management malpractice. This is definitely not managing our resources and is a travesty. 

6/10/21 @ 1:49 PM
USER SINCE 9/25/14

Little Luck, 

Thanks for the info. CDAC's are a joke! That's exactly what I did last year was wrote to the NRB my concerns about over issuing doe tags. And the SCIENCE was there to prove my concerns. Now they (cdacs)are recommending the same thing that the NRB over turned last year. We will see. I say skip the cdac and write directly to the NRB. 

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