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Bobcat permit-how many points

3/7/14 @ 11:34 PM
User since 6/17/11
Sorry if this has been addressed but did not see it in a search.

How many points has it been taking the last couple years to draw a permit? I currently have 5 and am just wondering when I can expect to draw.



10/2/14 @ 8:19 AM
User since 1/5/05

the native you are talking about didnt trap those on the res. He was off res in Douglas County and took between 30 and 40 in one year. I believe it was 2011 or 2012 because I saw a massive drop in cats after that. Went from tons of tracks to no tracks. Now I have a few on camera again this year.

The DNR actually mentions that Native taking that many cats in something they have online. I cant remember what or where it was though.

10/1/14 @ 12:59 PM
User since 12/12/03
8 points, no tag.

3/19/14 @ 5:03 PM
User since 4/10/06
We are defiantly seeing a increase in numbers in southern Wisconsin. I seen one while on stand this fall bow hunting and my wife took the picture attached yesterday on my fish gut pile. The 2 encounters are more than 30 miles away.

3/17/14 @ 12:45 PM
User since 5/1/05
I have 7 and will be going on 8 this year. I doubt 8 will make it for the second season.

3/10/14 @ 6:36 PM
Steve @ G & S
User since 6/15/01
Fishy, yeah, we have that many bobcats. I got at least six different cats on my trail cameras this past hunting season. I have pictures and video of a young cat that was sitting within three feet of my hunting blind.

And they're as big as any in Wisconsin that I've seen. A neighbor killed one last season that weighed over 35 pounds. And one was killed nearby that stretched 53 inches from nose to tail tip! I shot one a couple years ago that got away from me in a big sawbrier patch that was almost that big. It was sitting when I shot it and I saw where it's head came to on a tree. Later I looked at the tree and measured it, the top of its head was almost 34 inches off the ground when it was sitting!

That's a big cat anywhere!

Formerly Steve @ G & S

3/10/14 @ 5:47 PM
User since 1/12/02
We have as many bobcats as Mn Im thinking? I see tracks everyday when in the woods- the neighbor has a trailer park on Nelson lake- they have two or three cats making a living on the rabbits that live under the trailers. I don't get this at all- I have 7 points- no tag yet. Heard of a trapper on LCO(reservation) who has 30 cats- all legal from the reservation lands. If they can get that many there must be a lot! I don't agree with it- but the law is on their side to trap on the reservation so its nothing new. My point is we have a great population of Bobcats in Northern Wi- and a growing population in Central and southern Wi as well.

3/9/14 @ 8:53 PM
Dirty Jim
User since 2/25/14
I have 9 points and did not draw this year. I applied for the second season. Heard of people with 7 points getting drawn for the first season. Got a love wi a non resident can buy 5 tags over the counter in mn every year!

3/9/14 @ 12:24 PM
User since 1/12/02
Steve, are there that many or does Tennessee consider them a nuisance? Also- do they get as big as Wisconsin cats? JIM

3/8/14 @ 5:27 PM
Steve @ G & S
User since 6/15/01
That's just one of the things that I love about Tennessee. The bobcat season starts near the end of October and continues to the end of February. AND, we're allowed ONE A DAY for the entire season!

Formerly Steve @ G & S

3/8/14 @ 6:47 AM
User since 6/9/08
It may be a little easier to get a bobcat tag in future as the DNR is suppose to open more of the state up.

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