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Wisconsin Fishing Trip Vacation

12/29/14 @ 2:36 PM
User since 10/31/10
My dad and I are looking for somewhere in northern Wisconsin for a week long fishing trip during the summer months. We went for a trip many years ago on Lac Vieux Desert when I was young and not interested in fishing nearly as much as I am now. We have talked about going on a northern Wisconsin fishing trip for many years but havent gotten around to it. Does anyone have a lake they suggest to go to or a lodge/cabin they suggest to stay at/in? Thanks for your suggestions!

1/4/15 @ 7:46 AM
MEMBER since 1/23/09
Treeland resrts on chippewa flowage

12/31/14 @ 5:23 PM
Edward Felcohands
User since 2/24/09
One thing I will add about the TFF, there are very few pleasure boaters/skiers/PWCs due to all of the stumps. Some of the lake chains get a little ridiculous in the summer

12/31/14 @ 1:53 PM
Otter Box
Otter Box
User since 12/10/14
If you want the lodging then the Cisco is an awesome place as is The Turtle Flambeau. You will enjoy either of those very much.

12/31/14 @ 8:19 AM
User since 5/21/03
If you want the up north experience with great fishing, I'd take a long hard look at the Cisco Chain. Tons of water, scenery is Canada-esque. Fishing is great. Muskies, pike, walleyes, smallmouth, perch, crappies...etc.

Tons of bays and smaller lakes to pull into when the wind makes the larger lakes tough to fish.

And if you want a great trip, hire either Rob Manthei or Bruce Becker for your first day up there. Have them show you the chain and where to fish, then re-fish those spots later in the week.

You would have a blast.

And when up there, head to Bents Camp for a pizza!

12/30/14 @ 9:04 PM
Turtle-Flambeau Flwg Assn
Turtle Flambeau Flowage Association
MEMBER since 12/23/11
We agree with the posts about the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage being a great vacation destination. Click our signature below to access our website for info on lodging, food and guides, along with ordering a free map.

12/30/14 @ 7:06 PM
User since 5/28/07
I'm partial to Vilas and Onieda Counties. Been up there my whole life. Fished LVD as a kid and a few times as an adult. St. Germain area is nice. Have a friend that fishes Sayner and Boulder Junction and swears by it. We fish the WI river near Tomahawk a lot now. All good places. Hire a guide especially if you do decide to fish the WI River system from Rhinelander to Merrill. I would check out the website before making and decisions on resorts. Some deals on rental by owner are better with nicer accommodations but some of the resorts are first class as well. Best to have all the information you can before making a decision. Time is always limited when you're on vacation so knowing what you're getting into ahead of time is key... Best of luck!

12/30/14 @ 4:18 PM
Edward Felcohands
User since 2/24/09
Check out the turtle flambeau flowage, very nice big lake, good fishing, and a little more remote than the Chippewa, but you're still only 15 minutes from bars, restaurants, and groceries. Hire a guide early in the trip for a day or two and you're all set for the rest of the week.

12/30/14 @ 3:01 PM
User since 11/30/14
Try Lake Galilee in Mellen Wi for early morning walleyes

12/30/14 @ 11:43 AM
User since 2/2/09
I make at least one trip to the Chippewa Flowage every year. Lake has everything a guy could want to catch in it. I stay at Indian Trail Resort. They have a bunkhouse that you can rent a room (s) by the night. Also have boat rentals....nothing fancy but plenty good to fish from. Lots of cool history and stories at Indian Trail and the chip itself.

12/30/14 @ 11:09 AM
Hildy Boys
Hildy Boys
User since 12/14/09

Hire the right guide for the first day and he will put you on fish the whole week!

I like this lake because you can always find someplace to fish and it doesn't get a lot of pressure. Plus for the most part it is undeveloped.

Only downsides is watch your lower unit and bring lots of jigs!

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