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What happened to common courtesy?

3/27/15 @ 10:10 PM
Gon' Fishin'
User since 9/28/13
I enjoy fishing just as much as the next guy. I try to get out as much as time (and money) allows. The nearest place for me to go happens to be a river. Since I am not fortunate enough to have the money for a boat, I have to try my luck fishing from shore.

There are very few public fishing areas on most bodies of water, and this one is no different. I have had very little success over the last 2 open water seasons but I still rather be out there trying than sitting on my butt at home.

Now, the river, especially this time of year, is a popular Walleye fishery. This means there are lots of people fishing, and the majority are in boats. Drift jigging is a very popular method that has good success from what I have seen. It just so happens one of the better shore fishing spots is at one of these "hot" spots for jigging.

Since jigging from shore in a river is darn-near impossible, and slow reeling 3-ways usually ends up in snags, I typically have no choice but to cast it out and let it sit and wait for a bite. Meanwhile, the several boats working this same stretch of river, insist on coming so close to me, they catch my lines. This has happened 3 times this week, twice results in my rig getting snagged and having to snap my line, and today it got caught in the guys trolling motor and he keeps going down river as hes apparently trying to free it, I either have to cut my line or throw my rod in, and I'll be damned if thats going to happen, so I had to cut it.

My point is.. Is getting that 5 yards closer to me really that important? Gear isnt cheap and snags happen on their own, I dont need you in your boat to come by and catch my line a couple times a day.

You have just as much right to fish the river as I do. However, you (boaters) can fish the entire river, anywhere you want. I have very limited places. If you insist on fishing the same stretch of river, please, please, please... Have some common courtesy to your fellow [shore> fisher men and women, and give us a little more room. The river is plenty wide enough and I'm not even close to half way across.

Thank you.

9/22/16 @ 6:17 PM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

Brad, I'm convinced that a lot of people don't look close enough and analyze what you're doing! It falls into the same category as the guy at the boat launch that can't wait his turn! A lot of people don't give a crap!! Get used to it, because I think it's getting worse year by year! They don't analyze anything around themselves!

9/22/16 @ 11:56 AM
User since 9/27/01

That happened to me a couple of times on Gaenos Reef this summer.  I run through trolling and pick up a couple fish on the reef and some boat comes running over and parks on the spot.  I gotta teach the boy to keep the net low in the boat when netting fish.

9/22/16 @ 10:11 AM
Brad Durick
User since 3/31/16

It is not just shore vs boat any more either. I have another thing that I seem to just draw to myself.  I will be running a slow drift on a point then troll back up. (yes I am an evil boat owner) and another boat will come right into my drift and dump an anchor to set slip bobbers.  I has happened to me at least four times this summer.  It is a huge lake and I am clearly fishing here by myself.

At least I don't run into that in the river.

Brad Durick Outdoors LLC
(701) 739-5808
9/21/16 @ 9:31 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I ran into that situation once, guy had his name and company number all over his truck. I took picture and texted it to him, read him the riot act. His response was well my buddy parked my truck.

9/21/16 @ 2:11 PM
User since 6/18/05

there was plenty of room and he is a guide, you would think he would know better

9/18/16 @ 9:28 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

In real tight parking lots this happened to me. All I did was pull the back of trailer straight within the lines by hand. It isn't very hard to do. Some people just don't care.

9/18/16 @ 7:50 AM
User since 6/18/05

Wish people would learn to park

4/4/15 @ 1:06 PM
User since 9/16/01
It's in the same place common sense. Let us know if you ever find it … and gooood luck with that. Worried

4/1/15 @ 6:24 PM
Tommy Howell
User since 7/11/11
I agree with the lack of common courtesy, it does seem to be getting worse. The landings are what seem to be the worst, to the point a guy just dreads putting or taking your boat out. No matter how much has been written about how to prepare your boat for landing, out of everybody's way, theres always that one guy who just never got the message.

Tommy's Guide Service
(218) 403-1075
4/1/15 @ 5:29 PM
User since 2/8/05
I agree, what you are dealing with totally sucks.

That said, I have seen shore fisherman do some pretty stupid stuff after arriving in a spot to fish, that already had a line of boats drifting. It is a two way street.

I personally always give room to someone on the shore. It would be nice if people could look at each other smile, and find a way to enjoy the day... but.

If I was alone, and you were the only guy on the shoreline... and looked friendly enough, I may even invite ya to come fish for a while. It sucks being on the shore, and not having options.

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