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Wakeboard boats on small lakes

8/24/21 @ 9:23 AM
USER SINCE 10/15/03


9/26/21 @ 5:18 PM
USER SINCE 9/22/10

You can cross in front of them from their starboard to port. (R to L) according to the rules of the road you are the privileged vessel and they are the burdened vessel and must give way.

I would never try it as I always assume that everyone else on the water is an ignorant putz.

9/26/21 @ 6:03 AM
USER SINCE 10/22/02

Topic us getting lots of notice up here lately. Multiple groups formed to find away to stop them. The waves and erosion are a tough sell to many, but the proposal stirring and scouring bottom up yo 16ft down will be the issue that turns the tide imo.

8/30/21 @ 7:43 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

I don't expect any laws to work.  We already have laws and they are not enforced, its impossible to do so.  Not enough law enforcement to go around, not even close really.

I find most people causing these issues to be ignorant.  They have no idea its even an issue, they are only focused on themselves.  I could be the only person on a lake fishing, with 99% of it open for other activities.  They'll still drive circles around me, having a great time paying attention to just themselves.  Just the way people are, the world is full of them.  Same way jet skis will fly right by you when anchored, again those people don't even know its an issue.  I don't think they are all jerks, they are just clueless.

Good luck telling a guy with a $100k+ boat that he can't use it because its causing erosion and waves.  I'm sure that will go over well.  It would take some big action to prevent that type of thing.  I just don't see it happening, like was said, money talks.

Skiing hours are the only thing that might help.  We have that on a chain by us and for the most part it works.  They get the middle of the day, fisherman get early and late.  There are still some that break that because its not enforced, but there is a reduction for sure.  Signs are posted at the landings and bridges between lakes.

8/28/21 @ 2:07 AM

Is there any laws that stop me from running my boat back and forth in front of the wake boat that has been running back and forth by me while I am fishing?

8/27/21 @ 5:26 PM
USER SINCE 3/23/20

Totally agree with mattw 100%. And these are the reason why invasive species spread if they don't care on the water they don't care what there dragging from lake to lake. Also the richer the lake property owner the worse it is fact. These are the same dumb people racing there snowmobiles by you in the winter to close to fast. Even on big lakes wakeboard boats seem to always want to see how close they can get was on the chip 3 weeks ago same thing no matter where we went they seemed to follow  no respect. The worst is if the wake hits the back of your boat. For me I always slow down no matter what. 

8/27/21 @ 1:08 PM

Jumbee,  here's the problem,  who you going to get to enforce those laws and regulations ? I also vouch for Tuffy, these boats have no place on many of our inland lakes , the damage they do is  unrepairable on some lakes .  They are not safe around  other boats or water vessels such as kayaks , paddle boards , sail boats .  Usually by the time you see the huge wake they leave it's too late . You can't hide from them on a smaller lake. Sure sure just talk to them kindly will fix everything , not going to happen in this day and age . Local lake associations , no dice there , if there are big money properties on the lake and moneybags has one  , money always talks . Plus sonny and princess will always take mommy and daddy's boat out when they aren't home . Very few people bring their kids up on respect and accountability anymore , even worse most have not taken the boater safety course or wont bother either because well whose going to stop me from operating my boat on my lake additude.  You can pass all the laws, rules and regulations you want , but until there is bite to the bark, this will just get worse and worse . 

8/27/21 @ 10:46 AM

I can vouch for Tuffy as a good guy that added much to the fishing and helpful hints, help with... etc. conversations

8/27/21 @ 9:08 AM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

Tuffy - don't leave on my account.  You have the right to your opinion but so long as any other boaters are operating within the rules and laws they have a right to use the water for their activities too. Seek ways to enact the changes you desire through your local lake assoc or elected officials or the DNR etc.

To add: do these regulations not cover the issues?

8/27/21 @ 6:25 AM
Paranoid Percher
USER SINCE 8/19/18

Yup more laws and more government that works every time!!!

8/26/21 @ 10:59 PM
drummer boy
drummer boy
USER SINCE 3/14/08

Tuffey,you are one of the best on here,do not go away.Some times you can't fix it.

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