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Wakeboard boats on small lakes

7/3/20 @ 8:14 AM
User since 10/15/03
I think there needs to be some kind of limit on the size of lakes wakeboard boats go on.  I think a lake of 200 acres or less is to small for these boats. they create huge wake that mess up the lake and can make it bad for someone in a small boat.

7/5/20 @ 1:01 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

Law is the law. Change it through your elected lawmakers if it bugs you. I don’t have one of the boats and understand your opinion. Got to go threw local government or congress.

7/4/20 @ 8:33 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

Big Cedar is 1,000 acres. There was a time when you only fished it during the week. Now with these Wakeboats you cannot even safely fish it during the week. Once the parents go to work, the kids and their friends come out. They will run you over, or come close to swamping you. They actually run and ski inside the 100’ shore buoyed areas.

I don’t feel it is a political issue, it is a common sense issue. We cannot allow Lake Association to set the rules for “Their Lake”. If the DNR can set the number of public parking places on a lake, why can’t they set HP and speed limits?

In my opinion a Wakeboard boat has no business being on a lake under 500 acres, and then only when operated under safe conditions.

7/4/20 @ 3:38 PM
User since 7/5/11

I got an idea for a game. Let's us take a 20' long semi-displacement hull, fill the bilge with ballast, put flaps astern to drag the ass-end towards the bottom of the lake, then pull a kid half jacked up on alcohol with a plank strapped to his feet while the pilot of the boat is half jacked up on reefer or perhaps inhalants.

Seriously, if a wakeboard boat swamps another vessel then the wake boat operator is liable for damages. If a fisherman casts out and hooks a wakeboarder then the wakeboard boat operator is liable for spooled reel,   lure, and hospital hook removal.  It is against state law to operate at greater than slow no wake within 100' of an anchored vessel. 

The wakeboard boats can push the average 14' fishing boat off anchor from 1,000'. I suspect most wakeboard boat operators are  unaware of their boat's effect at distances longer than a ski rope. It's a shame, but it ain't worth the unintended consequences of more regulation IMO.

7/4/20 @ 1:26 PM
User since 4/19/16

This has nothing to do with politics and we all pay taxes.  

Wake boarding should not be done on smaller lakes. It ruins the ecosystem. Small lakes do not have the capability to recover from the damage done by wake boarding. 

7/4/20 @ 8:28 AM
Paranoid Percher
User since 8/19/18

Let them hammer they pay taxes You guys must be liberals to  make rules that serve you

7/3/20 @ 6:13 PM
User since 5/6/16

Totally agree, these boats do more damage than anything else , most owners are impervious to the damage they are causing , but the person behind boat looks cool riding the wave , which to some  that's all that matters . Just glad I have a 18 foot boat now and can handle their destruction better than my old 15 footer 

7/3/20 @ 12:36 PM
User since 6/1/09

I am not generally in favor of restrictive regs, but something has to be done to the speed regs. on smaller500 ac.or lakes and most rivers! Last week on a smaller Flowage in Oconto county it was CRAZY! Jet skis,wake boarders,tubers and skiers all going flat out in all directions! Had jets doing consistent donuts 100 feet from pier, and racing by at at least 50 mph. Same thing on river fishing this spring 250 hp. Boats flying by at  50-60 mph. Glad the NOWAKE was on the Rock for a while, probably saved someone from getting hurt!

7/3/20 @ 10:15 AM
User since 1/17/12

They shouldnt be allowed on probably 95% of lakes in this state. All they do is create a dangerous situation for other boaters and kayakers or canoes. Not to mention the shoreline erosion. The worst part is generally the people driving them have little to no awareness of what that enormous wake behind them is doing once they go by. I can share the water with normal pleasure boats, jet skis, other fisherman, but the wake boats are getting to be just ridiculous.

7/3/20 @ 8:20 AM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

Wakeboard boats on Big Lakes.

I don’t like Wakeboard boats on any lakes. I’ve got cracked ribs from a Wakeboard boat on a medium sized lake.

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