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Things that people think are true, but maybe aren't....

7/13/20 @ 8:12 PM
User since 4/2/02

I'll start. When a person catches a 12 inch bass with a gash in it, I often hear, "WHOA! Something really big must have tried to eat that thing..." and they look as if they are holding a fish that just went through something pretty traumatic and that there is a HUGE fish probably in the same waters. 

Ok, maybe it's true.'s also possible that it's a sore, or a scratch mark, a scar from a long time ago, or something else....

7/15/20 @ 4:31 PM
User since 3/21/14

This is a fun topic!  My dad used to fish Gilmore Lake near Minong back in the '50s and '60s with one of his buddies.  They found a dead walleye along the shore with a big bullhead lodged in its gullet.  The walleye was over 30" and while they did not weigh it - I recall that it was pretty nasty when they found it -- they guesstimated its weight at 12#.  

One of my buddies caught a northern from a quarry in Thiensvile that we used to fish a lot.  He had caught a 4 inch bullhead and was dragging it in when the northern grabbed it.  Bullhead and northern pulled up on shore in one motion.

Finally, I fished on Lake Springfield in central Illinois with a buddy who insisted that the bass there never took spinnerbaits.  That was backed up by him and the members of his club.  I did catch a bunch of bass on a tube jig but nothing on a spinnerbait - I tried it just to prove him wrong but nope!  

7/15/20 @ 9:13 AM
Phat Walleyes
Phat Walleyes
User since 3/31/15

There are fish so massive that they die of old age...

7/14/20 @ 11:26 PM
User since 4/2/02

Good stories guys. Fun reading.

Here is something I don't believe to be true: Fish bite better in the rain.

7/14/20 @ 9:39 PM
User since 1/27/17

Had my kids out fishing for pan fish when they were young.   Set them up with cane poles . My youngest was about 7 at the time yanked up a gill and a 3 foot northern came sailing straight out of the water after it. Must've got at least a foot out of the water. He still remembers it.

7/14/20 @ 8:11 PM
User since 7/5/11

Pike eat bluegills. Even in my favorite lake where the latest DNR survey claims white sucker are the main forage, I catch a heck of a lot of big northern using blugills for minnows.

A few years back I was fishing on a reef anchored in about 10' of water and freelining a 5" bluegill somewhere out there in about 25'-30' of water. I hooked a 34" northern, hauled it up, and a BIG walleye and a much bigger northern than the one I had hooked followed up along with it. I almost fell out of the boat trying to net my mediocre catch with one eye on the fish I had hooked and the other on those two trophies eying up their soon to be caught rival with it's bluegill hanging out of it's mouth.

7/14/20 @ 6:23 PM
56 King
User since 10/6/06

Maybe about 20 years ago a friend and I went to get bait in Minoqua. Greg Bohn had just come in from a walleye guide trip and we stopped to see how they did. He opened the live well and showed us a dead  28inch walleye that had been mangled by a huge Musky. I would not believe it had I not seen it and yes somewhere I have pics. I think the following summer Greg made the news with a massive musky caught on Plum?? I always wondered if it was the same fish!

7/14/20 @ 4:31 PM
User since 5/6/16

Hmm, well I was fishing for bluegill in Plum Lake a few years ago and had a bait stealer hooked next thing I know a 27 inch northern comes out of no where and tries to eat the blue gill I had on . So how I lost the blue gill but landed the pike . Came back the next day , same spot , had it happen again but this time the pile broke my line and took everything . Not every predator fish will eat all the small fish , but the do what they do to survive 

7/14/20 @ 2:37 PM
User since 6/4/06

This happened to me while walleye fishing a couple weeks ago . The walleye had my jig in his mouth . Both fish were released separately and alive ,

7/14/20 @ 12:18 PM
User since 7/5/11

Here is another old one- 

"That's the only lure/bait fish eat around here"

The way that one works is somebody catches an exceptionally large fish on a certain lure and everybody else starts using the same lure in hopes of duplicating success. It probably ain't the only lure/bait fish eat, but it is the only lure fish get caught on simply for the fact that nobody is using anything different.

7/14/20 @ 11:25 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

musky probably don't eat ALL the walleyes, but they will try some, Had an 18.5" walleye coming to the boat on Big McKenzie, when it suddenly got heavy, in the depths I could see 2 lines of white, 1 being walleye belly, the other the jawline of a pretty dang big musky... of course I tried to reel it up, lol... held onto the eye for maybe 20 seconds then released it... there were teeth marks that were pretty deep and wide... so sometimes, it IS a big fish!

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