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3/1/14 @ 2:43 PM
User since 1/25/10
Hello everyone. I am looking at ways to connect with my two teenage sons, through some outdoor activities, and I would like to try some camping and fishing in the TFF. I have never been to the TFF, but I find myself drawn there due to the lack of shoreline development, giving it a wilderness feel, and the fact no complicated or costly permits are required. I have just a few concerns I hope you folks can answer. First, I have a new 16 foot aluminum boat with a Yamaha motor, and I am hesitant to take my new rig on this body of water for all the horror stories of lower unit damage. I've read where people wreck their lower units just about anywhere on this lake, and no where is safe. I almost feel like going there would be a sure thing wrecked lower unit. Are these concerns realistic, and what steps can I take to prevent this, when getting into the presumably more treacherous fishing areas? The next question I have is how to access the campsites, without running a boat up on the rocks. I'm guessing you just have to anchor your rig and wade in, unless someone can share their system. Lastly, if we catch a mess of fish to eat while we are camping, where does one discard all the fish heads, spines and guts? Do people pitch them in the lake? Do you bury them somewhere? I hope you're not expected to save it all up after a few days of camping and haul it out of there, as that would be quite the nasty, smelly, fly infested mess. Thank-you in advance for helping me out.

5/16/14 @ 2:57 PM
User since 3/14/03
Thanks a bunch, Scott! Can't say enough good things about your place up there...stayed many times! Looking forward to shore lunches next week...

5/16/14 @ 1:59 PM
lota lota
lota lota
User since 7/12/01
Threefivetyseven: You can pass from Merkle to the Turtle River depending on water levels and the size of your boat. We did it in a 20' pontoon most of last Summer. If you're in a pontoon, remember to drop your canopy and stern light. Just go slow.

5/16/14 @ 11:40 AM
User since 7/20/09
I was the guy who said to burn the guts. Get a good fire going and they burn up pretty quick. Have I fed them to the crabs before? Sure but probably not supposed to, most likely littering. When I did though I just made sure there was no air in them so they sunk to the bottom. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

If you plan to camp, best time to show up from my experience is on Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning. The times some people would be headed home. Showing up on Friday is iffy if you ask me, its gotten pretty popular.

Every place I stayed was sand and I could just beach the boat and throw an anchor on shore.

I've hit a few stumps before but they were in places I was expecting it and going slow. No issues for me yet from going there. Like was said before, buy a good map.

There can be lots of daddy long legs around and mosquitoes at night, you are in the woods afterall. The toilets are basically tubes coming out of the ground with a toilet seat on them, in the woods, no walls.

5/15/14 @ 7:30 PM
User since 3/14/03
It's been too long...can anyone comment on passage between murkle and the upper end? Is it possible?

5/15/14 @ 7:03 PM
User since 10/3/12
Ive experienced "first hand" what happens when you feed fish guts to the birds. In nearby Vilas county they have an eagle that has become fond of people because the people think its charming to feed the eagles thir left over fish. Over the past 5 years the eagle has gotten so brave that he perches above anyone in the process of catching a fish.

My 5 year old son caught a 25 inch northern last year so he brings the pole and pike nto shore then runs into the cabin to get some adult help. Sure enough, we go out to unhook the pike and thers the eagle taking off with the fish and the rod n reel is hanging from the fishes mouth. What seems kind of humorous is quite dangerous to the eagle who is about to hook his own self onto the lure and get tangled up in the mono line. Fortunately we hollered and yelled enough that the eagle dropped the fish, along with rod n reel.


5/14/14 @ 8:42 AM
MEMBER since 4/8/10
I'm very surprised they don't have a specific fish guts disposal policy. If I were you, I would just find a small island (with no campsite) or remote shoreline spot and ditch the remains right near the waters edge. The birds will be on that in no time. Everything else is biodegradable. That is ridiculous to have to keep the guts with you or else drive to the landing after each meal. Please let us know how your trip goes - I am considering a 2015 expedition to the TFF.

4/24/14 @ 3:29 PM
User since 5/19/06
There are several island campsites that are kept in good order. These provide a wonderful camping experience. As for fish waste, we've always just deep 6'd ours. Read up on carbon and nutrient cycles and you won't feel bad about it.

4/24/14 @ 2:29 PM
ducks forever
User since 10/15/07
I will be up there the second week in June for my first time I have a 18ft boat with a 100HP on it I plan on going slow so if I would hit something it won't cause much damage and plan on having somebody in the bow watching for hazards to hopefully avoid hitting anything my navionics chip in ths GPS shows alot of the hazard areas

4/20/14 @ 8:43 PM
User since 10/7/07
I thought I read in a similar post that some people burn their fish remains in their camp fire. Might smell for a bit, but seems like an effective way of getting rid of the mess.

4/17/14 @ 11:09 AM
Bobber Down Turtle Flambeau
Jeff Robl
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