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Something is bad, is it my luck or Daiwa brand fluoro?

6/4/23 @ 8:06 PM
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I'm going on my third season using fluoro for pike fishing.  Season one was 50# Vicious, never lost a fish but did lose a lure on a cast after not checking the leader after missing a fish.  Season two was 80# Vicious, no problems at all.  Went to grab a new spool for this year and Daiwa was on sale for a decent price and since it's a well known and respected brand I went with that over the Vicious.  I've gotten bit off on both of my last outings now and am about to lose my mind.  It sucks knowing you came into contact with something good enough to gulp down a 10" bait in one shot and not at least getting a look at it, it sucks losing hand made custom baits, but it sucks more knowing there could be two magnificent fish out there with my gear stuck in their traps.  Hopefully since they were clean bite offs on the hookset the fish just spit em out.

Rant over, anyone else had issues with the Diawa brand leader line?

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6/19/23 @ 9:29 PM
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I typically run 20# braid to a 3' length of 15# Seagar with an Alberto knot. This has worked extremely well for us. Our group fished for a week in Canada this spring we caught pike to 35" while walleye fishing and I don't recall a single bite off using jigs.  I will note that that same set up while casting a fluke style minnow bait for bass seems to get bit off quite a bit as the pike will eat the whole bait.  I did buy spool of Daiwa Fluro last year and didn't like it. Spool is still on my bench. It's much cheaper that Seagar but not near a durable.
6/12/23 @ 7:03 PM
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When they shake their heads is when you lose most of them.   They have triangular teeth that are sharp on all 3 sides and it doesn’t take much to cause a bite off.  That being said if you use a lighter #test it can slip BETWEEN THE TEETH without being cut.  I use 4# &6# for panfish and hookup quite often with pike and I would guess that my catch ratio would be around 50-50.  Bottom line being go back to lighter# test.
6/5/23 @ 8:56 AM
.Long Barrels
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It's one of those questions that have details left out.  Not your post,  just in general speaking,  too many variables to come to a real answer.

2 things,  if you had great luck with something,  why change?  

I don't think you can compare fish with big teeth the same.  I think it's happenstance,  you got unlucky,  they nicked it just right.  Example,  I have lost countless baits this year fishing walleye's,  got bit off clean from pike using 10 and 12 lb floro.  Felt the hit,  set the hook into air,  clean bite off. This last weekend,  I was fishing smallies,  I landed a pike on a marabou jig,  6lb floro,  he had the whole jig buried,  40 inch pike....to me that's a freaking miracle.  So honestly,  I think it's all situational and luck.  I don't fish pike or musky so maybe i'm not qualified to answer,  but that's my take.  I catch enough just fishing walleye's and smallmouth and I also lose a ton of baits to toothy critters.  I'd say if you were using 20lb wire leader you'd be better off.  Years ago when I did fish Pike,  i'd run all 20 to 30 lb wire and I can honestly say the only difference I noticed was ice fishing.  I ran ALL floro then,  wire I got less fish.  Casting baits back then in open water,  I never had any issues running wire or coated wire.  Again though,  I'm not into the toothy creatures now,  so maybe times and tactics have changed.  
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