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Rain gear

6/16/16 @ 9:58 PM
the eye slayer
User since 3/17/09

I am in the market for some new rain gear  I am looking to spend no more then $250ish.

Just wondering what everyone thinks. I have been looking at the gander mountain stuff($180)also the frabill F2 surge($250)

9/29/16 @ 8:32 AM
User since 12/10/14

I'll second the " bang for the buck" on FROGG TOGGS. Try the middle to upper price range ones. The lightest ones have no pockets, but are better than nothing. I keep a set of those in my vehicle, just in case......

9/24/16 @ 7:26 AM
User since 7/19/03

The frogg togg rain gear come in different levels now.  I have used a coat and bib set for two years now.  Used mostly in Canada, and at cabin.  The water proof material is the same but the outside of the gear is coated with a material to make it more durable.  The Zippers are sealed and the many pockets are zippered.   The bibs have velcroed lower legs to make getting on over boats easier. The hood is good and the neck weather flap is excellant. In heavy rain storms I have not got wet at all.  The only moisture I have noticed is when I sat on an old cloth boat cushion that sat out over nite in the rain.  At the end of the day I had a small amount of wetness at the seam right at my sitting point.  It had also rained all day while out fishing and at times there would be  a puddle of water I was sitting in on my boat seat.  The price was in the upper 80's if I remember right for bib and coat.  The rest of the group was wet to different degrees thru their much more expensive rain gear.  The only person who was not wet was my son who wore his Helly Hansen bib and coat sail boat set.  But he was sweaty because that set looks like rubber over cordura. 

I say give the upper level frogg Togg sets a try.  Best bang for the buck.


9/21/16 @ 11:38 AM
Flyrod Man
User since 8/13/09

Hi, just came across your rain suit request.  Have you purchased yet?  I have a Santiva Ocean Storm Suit.  Worn twice, excellent condition. High end suit.  More info available if interested.  Thank you.  email:

8/17/16 @ 6:11 PM
User since 8/17/16

I live out here in the Pacific Northwest where it rains more than it doesnt sometimes.  The brand that is used out here by most of the normal recreational guys as well as the commercial guys. Is Grundens.  That is also the brand that most guys in Alaska wear.  Their normal line I think is called the Hercules and they are just heavy duty rubber.  You Definitely wont get wet wearing them, however they dont breathe at all.  The ones I would recommend to a recreational fisherman is the Grundens Gage series.  I have the coat and pants, they also have bibs.  The Gage series is breathable.  I love mine and have had them for several years.  I bought pants instead of bibs, if I had it to do over I would get bibs.  They arent insulated but the move around here is to layer up under your gear so you can strip layers as needed.  Some good under armour and a nice thick fleece does the trick most of the time.  The best part is the Price point, I am pretty sure you can still get a set of bibs and a coat for between $150-$200.  Definitely check it out if you want some good gear that will last.

8/2/16 @ 10:15 PM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15

Rain gear is tough to find for us oversize guys. I have a real good set I got from BPS but it was expensive. It is not the 100mph stuff but the one under it.  It works great tends to bae a little hot but it will keep you dry.  If you put it on and put your hood on.  I cannot stand to have my head covered with a hood but if you don't you will get wet with any rainsuit.   

Big Ed’s Guide Service
(573) 692-6710
8/2/16 @ 8:16 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Got each of my boys a set earlier this year from Cabelas. It's not the Guide wear Gortex, but it's good stuff. It's a parka and bibs, don' recall what they call it, but it's good stuff. I think on sale it ran $300, normally $400

6/17/16 @ 6:25 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

I use Guide Gear. It's light, and not stiff at all. Very comfortable. You won't sweat till your wet. Price is much cheaper than what you would spend. High quality too! 

6/17/16 @ 5:15 AM
User since 2/7/06

I love Frog Toggs also  I am on my second pair.  They cut the wind and keep you dry.  First experience with them was in the UP fishing in a snow storm for 10 hours one day and I was bone dry.  They run big on the size.  Can beat them for the comfort and price.

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