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Old fishing shows

2/8/18 @ 12:50 PM
User since 10/15/03

What old fishing shows did everyone watch ,like or dislike.

I  remember watching Billy Westmoreland's fishing diary, Tony Dean and bunch of other shows.

4/8/20 @ 11:45 PM
Joe Cool
Joe Cool
User since 4/23/15

Yep, think the Lucky 13 Fishing Show had place winner's down to 3rd place in each fish category. Also they'd show picture's of the Angler's catch available and where the fish was caught. Think Jim Crandal if I remember right was the Weatherman on WEAU 13 New's who hosted the show.

4/8/20 @ 2:13 PM
User since 9/24/01

I remember Lucky 13, I lived in Altoona for 1 year in '75, I recall it being on Sunday night after the news (long time ago, I could be wrong).  They would have a segment with photos of locals, can't remember if they won anything.  I still recall a Virgil Ward episode where he was floating the White River in Arkansas, slaying browns - something that is still on my bucket list.

One fella on here mentioned Bill Dance and his staged falls in the water. I recall 1x when he walked around the back of the truck and shinned the ball hitch. Having had this pleasure myself, I did appreciate that at least somebody else had to learn this lesson (you'll never do it again).

4/8/20 @ 12:25 PM
Joe Cool
Joe Cool
User since 4/23/15

beezlebob, I was wondering when someone was going to mention Virgil Ward and his show(don't forget his son Jim!). In Eau Claire back in the day, WEAU 13 use to have the Lucky 13 Fishing Show(Contest) on Sunday night's. Jim Crandal was the host and would announce weekly fish category winner's. When the show was no longer broadcast some year's later Dave Carlson hosted a new show on WEAU 13, which his show later went to our Channel 18(ABC). 

John Gillespie, while his show continue's to be broadcast on FSN and YouTube I still find him annoying to listen too, lol.

4/8/20 @ 8:18 AM
User since 9/24/01

"From the lakes of northern Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico,

wherever fish are bitin', that's where he's gonna go....."

Virgil, American sportsman, Fishing w/ Earl.  Then in the late 80s I liked J. Gillespie because the guy was fishing spots I knew.  I used to live on the Milwaukee River between the North Ave bridge and the dam, one morning I looked out and there's a couple of guys fishing out of a little boat below the dam - it was Gillespie after salmon, the show was on like a week or 2 later.  I ended up as a weekly winner on his show a couple times with fish I caught down there - the prize was a very ugly t-shirt and a case of Pabst.  Kind of like when you picked door number 2 and got a wheelbarrow with a box of Rice a Roni in it.

4/7/20 @ 12:44 PM
Timmothy A
User since 5/17/09

Rod And Reel Streamside with Don Meissner on PBS.  I loved that show, I wish it was still on.  That guy could catch anything on a hair jig.  I also enjoyed Bill Saiff II's show as well on PBS.  Then there was also Bob Mehsikomer catching smallies and ski's.  The gold old days for sure.

4/7/20 @ 12:25 PM
MEMBER since 11/5/17

Bob Thomas.  He used to plug God”s Lake Resort.  In the 60s? CARPIO 

3/29/20 @ 5:56 PM
User since 3/26/15

Fin4livin I’m 40

3/24/20 @ 4:29 PM
User since 6/20/01

Gadabout Gaddis.Dam iam old.

3/23/20 @ 9:48 PM
User since 4/28/08

Monkeymaster..I remember Rick Geisler. His was one of the first shows I remember. I grew up in Iowa and as a kid met him once at a sports show. Somewhere at my folks house I have an autographed picture of him. He had a heart attack when he was 41 after loading his boat on his vehicle in 1987 from what found.

3/15/20 @ 10:11 PM
User since 6/4/19

Yep Big Shane!

You must be around my age. Back in the late ‘80s earl ‘90s Saturdays were the best! Early morning if you were lucky enough to have cable and a 26” Quazar tv in your room... you’d start with ESPN and all of the fishing shows that the great Jerry Mckinnis would introduce and which one of them was his own. Then midday ish you’d change the channel to TNN and watch mostly hunting shows(Buckmasters with Jackie Bushman was the best) with Bill Dance’s show mixed in there. About 4:00 you’d tune into your local ABC channel to watch In-Fisherman and Babe Winkleman whose autograph I got when I was 13 years old at Perkins restaurant in Madison while he was eating breakfast with his wife Chris. Maaaaan I was so stoked for that! ?? Then at 5:00 it was on to TBS for Olando Wilson, Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin and a very young Hank Parker. Because of most of those guys my childhood dream was to have a Bass Tracker boat. ?? Ended up with a Smokercraft.. Of course after those shows were done it was some of greatest wrestling ever! I can still hear the theme songs for those shows.. Some of the best memories I guy can have! Sure do miss what someone my age can call the good ol’ days??

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