July 30, 2015 IP-SE-2014-68-02207-02208 North Lake Management District This letter contains important information regarding your DNR permit application to place a boat ramp on the bed of North Lake and to fill wetland to develop the North Lake Hwy 83 public access site. Your application has reached its date of closure and is considered complete. Wisconsin law (chapters 30 and 281, Wisconsin Statutes) requires that the public be allowed an opportunity to comment on projects like yours. The next step in the individual permit review process is a Notice of Pending Application and public comment period. In addition, a public informational hearing has been requested. The Department has scheduled a public informational hearing on your proposal at 5:30 on August 19th , 2015 at the Merton Town Hall located at W314 N7624 Hwy 83, North Lake, WI 53064. The hearing provides an opportunity for you and the Department to gather additional facts to help gauge the possible environmental impacts of your proposed project. The hearing is informational only. Department staff will manage the hearing agenda according to set procedures to allow all who attend a chance to be heard and to gather as much factual information as possible. The enclosed document is a "Notice of Pending Application/Notice of Public Hearing” for your project. The Department will publish the notice on our Internet website. The 30-day period to submit written public comment will begin on the date on which the Department first publishes the notice on our Internet website. The period to submit written public comment will end 10 days after the date the hearing is completed. Before the Department can proceed further toward a decision, state law requires that you: 1. Publish this as a Class I Notice, at your expense, in The Lake Country Reporter at least 10 days prior to the hearing date. 2. Provide the Department an Affidavit of Publication from the newspaper to prove that the notice was published. 3. Provide a copy of the enclosed notice to the parties listed below by U.S. Mail or in person. If provided by U.S. Mail, send the notice Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested. If provided in person, obtain a signature from each party to verify that they received the notice. You may notify others at your discretion. You also must provide a copy of the notice to any person or group who asks you to do so. State of Wisconsin DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES Waukesha Service Center Please write or call me at (262) 574-2137 or email Geri.Radermacher@wisconsin.gov if you have any questions. Sincerely, Geri Radermacher Water Management Specialist