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My Tackle Box is Getting Lighter and that's a good thing!

6/23/20 @ 12:31 AM
User since 4/2/02

Sold a bunch of lures on a local garage sale site. Now, when in the canoe or even in a  motor boat,  I often carry just a shopping bag that consists of pliers, tape measure, jaw spreaders, a few lures and plastics, extra hooks, a band aid, a few split shots and bug spray. I found that 95 percent of the time I was just using four or five lures, so why bring a whole tackle box to fish? 

Anyone else traveling light these days? Let's hear what are your "must have basics" and what you leave behind.  Never thought I'd say it, but less tackle sure makes fishing more enjoyable in most cases for me. 

7/11/20 @ 10:37 AM
MEMBER since 2/16/04

Canoe fishing in Quetico, I tied my rod in the canoe for portages and had a tackle box that slipped into the pocket in my fishing life jacket. We all tried to pack light so we could make hauling the canoe and packs in one trip. I had so much tackle jammed in that box my friends were afraid if the canoe tipped I'd be dragged to the bottom by the weight of it with my PFD still on. Reminds me of the "tons of stuff" a previous poster mentioned.


6/28/20 @ 11:35 PM
User since 4/2/02

There are local yardsale type online sites where posting a group of lures and setting a price can be a very effective way of selling some of your overflow. Especially if it's a various type starter set. People don't have to travel far to get a bargain and usually like this type of option to purchase a little of this and a little of that in a lot.

6/27/20 @ 10:56 AM
User since 3/17/06

Since I fish from a kayak now 80% of the time, I've whittled it down to 2 or 3 rods a trip and a small backpack full of everything I need. I calculated that there's over $500 worth of lures in the pack. If I cant catch fish with that, I should just give it up. Have one medium action rod that I've caught everything from walleye to Musky, and have a crappie rod along for panfish.  Sometimes I'll have a 3rd rod along with a slip bobber set up, but that's it.

6/27/20 @ 6:16 AM
Phat Walleyes
Phat Walleyes
User since 3/31/15

I have a ton of stuff turned my old boxes into exclusives boxes... One double foldout triple trays is for all my weights and jigs...  It's heaviest... Next is my musky box, it's huge and full, of course... Have a special box for overhead spinners... A box for inline spinners, minnow bait box, crank bait box, surface bait box, worm box, fly box... 

That's NOTHING, my nephew has flat boxes full of musky baits and he really doesn't fish for musky, more like prepared to be one day... It boggled my mind...  AND he's got doubles AND in many colors!! 

Me, what kills me, I bought all these lures when I was healthy, really cool stuff, and they're still unopened... 

I buy different sizes and depths and in certain colors/ patterns...  Certain brands/styles... 

When I go fishing, locally or not, I will have a box or two that fit in your pocket... Small pliers... Net... Phone... Basket...  Stringer... Headlamp if at night... Tape measure... Shades...

(waders and rain gear)

If going for a day, if catch and release then one rod and small box, pliers, hopefully a net... Lol... 

Cooler for bait if catfishing, bells too!(neoprene gloves)

(Bug and sunscreen too... Haha

This virus really put the kibosh on my fishing this year, making a dire situation worse, hope I snap out of it!

6/24/20 @ 8:37 PM
User since 6/19/01

I also downsized. I have stuff I bought that looked neat that I never used. My nephew last year up north showed me his small bag he brings, and I did the same. Leave big box in cabin then just take out whats needed . As others posted now its what to do with the rest I don't use.....garage sales...arrrgh

6/24/20 @ 4:31 PM
User since 4/17/07

I have alot of stuff, but compared to others its probably not too bad. I would like to downsize but just can't bring myself to part ways with some of the tackle. It just accumulates for me, usually I do good with one lure then I buy some more of that because I'm low, then end up using something else. I try not to buy new tackle unless I absolutely need it. I go through frogs, swim jigs and spinnerbaits the most, mainly because pike chew them up. It's a pain if I ever fish in someone else's boat because I got just enough crap where I can't bring it all so then I have to sort through and decide what boxes and bags of plastics to bring. I have 8 3700 series tackle boxes, a spinngerbait box, a small duffel bag for plastics, and small 4 tray box for pan fish, plus my other ice and fly boxes. Once my son gets older I'll either give him some for his own box or he will lose plenty of my lures :)

6/24/20 @ 3:58 PM
User since 9/27/01

Love it. As I downsize, that's how I'm going to to do it. When I was younger and didn't have the disposable income that I am currently blessed with, I would have sold them on Ebay or by other means to buy other stuff so I totally get guys doing that. My son will someday take my guns and guitars but he has no interest in fishing. I like the idea of filling a "beginner's tackle box". You can pick up used boxes at Goodwill or rummage sales cheap.

6/24/20 @ 3:35 PM
User since 7/15/14

@projectshutout   That's what I am talking about!!!!!  That is a great idea, the best I have heard in a long time.

6/24/20 @ 2:41 PM
User since 3/21/07

I also have a ton of stuff.  I had an idea to put an ad on Facebook Market Place.  I put  a nice little tackle box on and stated for free for a kid who was new to fishing.  To make  along story short I ended up with a special needs child with autism show up.  My surprise was to load the kid up when they got there with a bunch of stuff.  I gave him a bunch of tackle, bobbers, fishing pole.   The look on his face was priceless and made my day.   He was so happy.

I am going to do this again soon.  Just an idea

6/24/20 @ 11:13 AM
User since 6/24/12

like money and can never have enough!!!!

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