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Marker buoys vs GPS or both

3/2/16 @ 10:38 AM
User since 11/30/11
Just curious what everyone thinks about using marker buoys vs GPS or using them in conjunction. I know I like to use the gps to get me in the area but like the visual reference of the marker on the structure I am fishing. I painted my buoys black and green to reduce the visibility and attraction of other fishemen. What are your thoughts?

3/31/16 @ 2:03 PM
Capt Quint2
User since 4/14/15
I use both my GPS and Marker Buoys. GPS to find the spot and the Marker Buoy to mark the "spot on the spot." Used it for some of the walleye lakes I use to fish "up north" but now me and my boy use them for summer and fall panfish when they are suspended and balled up. Just easier to look for/at the marker then to refer the the GPS. I've marked both ends of the school with great success and find it more efficient to use both.

3/30/16 @ 4:45 PM
User since 12/22/04
I dont use buoys - but at times wish I had one. I know one tip I heard on here is to use a duck decoy has as marker. Won't attract nearly the same amount of attention.

3/30/16 @ 11:46 AM
User since 7/20/09
I use them to mark log cribs because they are small and you can be 5' to ether side and not get a bite. Its very precise with some of them, the difference of fish after fish or nothing in the matter of a few feet. In those cases I'm fishing right by them though. I use GPS while trolling though or working larger spots.

We used to use floating lights pre-GPS to mark reefs for trolling at night. Actually had the Coast Guard come flying out one night thinking there was a problem....and in their haste they just about swamped us. So they almost had a rescue on their hands. Wondering

3/22/16 @ 4:33 PM
MEMBER since 12/19/01
I've been experimenting with the SonarPhone / Tpod from Vexilar.

I anchor up in the area of my target with the Minnkota Spot-lock, then cast the T-pod out and drag it back, while observing my iPhone display for the target.

Disadvantage is that it is slow, and the Wifi connection gets lost if you reel too quick. Advantage is you drop no markers, and there is less doubt if you are exactly where you want to be.

Also works well when you anchor off steep-breaking structures, and want to fish a particular depth, but don't want to be 25' down over 35' of water....

Still carry the markers, but only drop them if I am the only boat anywhere.

3/21/16 @ 8:52 PM
Timmothy A
MEMBER since 5/17/09
Both. I too like a visual target. Sometimes I will put 2 out to mark a distinct edge or hump, then I can anchor parallel to it. Years ago before gps's I used them all the time to mark spots on a drift that were productive that acted as targets/reference points of a drift. I probably had 6 stolen over the years using that technique. I also busted multiple people picking mine up. Now the gps does that for me with waypoints in regards to drift patterns.

3/4/16 @ 11:23 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01
I pick up trash, but would leave it alone if it's anchored

3/4/16 @ 9:52 PM
User since 9/24/03
To some extent both. I used to throw the typical bouys out farther away from where I'd fish because they are magnets for lazy people. My GPS waypoints on my big GPS unit are never right on an exact spot but they are in the general area of what I am looking for. My good waypoints then get fine tuned with landmarks.

I still use bouys but made my own. The orange, yellow, pink, or whatever color ones you get at a retailer draw attention. "Hey! There's a bouy over there! Let's fish that when he leaves!" Nope, I don't play that game. I cut the string off of those and tied it on empty gatorade bottles or soda bottles. If someone sees something like that floating they won't think it's marking a spot. They'll think some jerk tossed trash overboard so they never think twice about it.

3/4/16 @ 8:43 PM
muskie nut
muskie nut
User since 6/26/01
Stir away Frank, You have a spoon and kettle sponsorship too??? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

3/4/16 @ 10:23 AM
User since 12/10/14
I agree.

3/4/16 @ 8:01 AM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15
Musky Nut sorry I missed one or two .. The markers are yellow I think they came wit h a locator package I bought many years ago. I forgot to mention I like those wide gap Gamakatsu hooks and when I net my fish with a Frabill rubber net.

Just stirring the pot!

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