I thought some of you might find this interesting.  I wrote a second book as a follow up to my first book High Percentage Fishing.  The first book was a statstical reveiw of 40,000 data points with the aim to help anglers increase catch rates.  In the second book my goal was to catch a trophy class (Double-Digit) fish and document the process.  Along the way I met a bunch of world class trophy anglers and I wrote about my lessons learned from these folks.  You can find it on Amazon under the title Lunker Lore.

The first section of the book looks at just how rare trophy class fish are and the odds of catching them in each state.  The second section reviews strategies for public water trophies indlucing spawn and night fishing.  The third section looks at private water fisheries and has detailed chapters on La Perla and Camelot Bell.  The final section includes a deep dive into Geroge Perry's world record and wraps up with some tactical tips.

The book does has a southern slant, but it does contain useful information for catching the biggest bass in any system, even if 10lbers are not common in your home waters.  (Wisconsin is my home water)  I'm no Hemmingway but I thought I'd let you guys know it's out there.  Happy to answer any questions.