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10/11/19 @ 7:40 AM
1 bottom bouncer
User since 9/12/17

Recently.....I was digging through the discount/closeout bin and ran across this lure that looked interesting.  A crank bait with a big lip, and has rattles and batteries inside.  So it's 1/3 the list price and I had to buy it.  This lure makes funny chirping noises which is supposed to imitate shad as they are fleeing en mass.  I trolled this lure and caught three bass in 20 minutes.  As I'm putting the boat away I notice the lure lighting up and shutting off, then lighting up and shutting off again.  I called the company and asked how to turn off the light so the batteries don't wear out.  They said there must be an issue and sent me another lure of my choice.  Not only is it refreshing to find a company that stands behind their product, but these lures out fish Rapala's 2 to 1.  Look them up. Not cheap but they work.

10/27/19 @ 8:59 AM
User since 9/11/02

Good tip JKB.I will have to pick some up. Seems like a good application turning terminal tackle into an attractant rather than a plain piece a metal. 

10/27/19 @ 3:06 AM
User since 6/25/02

I talked to a guide that is using the sound emitting sinker with his live bait rigs and almost all of his fish on sucker rigs have been when using the sound emitting sinker.  He has some rigs that do t have the sinker in it.  Hard to believe but he has been smoking the skis and I have had no luck this fall fishing the same waters as he does.

10/21/19 @ 8:21 AM
User since 5/21/03

I wanted to try a few out for muskies...talked to a few guys that purchased a few and were running them.  No luck yet.  Seems like only the guys who make them are catching fish on them....which is always a little "fishy" to me.

I bought like 6 Sound Science bucktails due to Pete and the show.  Couldn't get them bit at all.  Went back to my "normal" bucktails and started getting fish again.  Could be the bait, could be confidence in the bait, too.  But...I quickly sold those Sound Science bucktails and got most of my money back on them.

10/17/19 @ 7:47 AM
User since 3/27/06

I tried one in Canada this summer for about an hour. No takers. However I was back trolling with it and might've been more effective throwing it.

10/17/19 @ 6:19 AM
1 bottom bouncer
User since 9/12/17

Comes to find out that it was a discontinued model, but they still replaced it for free

10/11/19 @ 3:43 PM
Jeff Bolander
User since 8/25/13

Pete Maina turned me on to these.  We sold the heck out of them in our Dewey Catchem and How bait shop in Minocqua last summer.  They really do work.  I love the balanced buoyancy as they sink.  I too am surprised you found them in a bargain bin.

10/11/19 @ 7:44 AM
User since 8/24/07

This is the brand that Pete Maina is always talking about on Waters and Woods. Hard to believe you got one in a discount bin as I thought they were pretty new. Cool that they stand behind the product, though. How is the action of the lure compared to a Rapala?

When he first started talking about these I questioned the legality of them (to myelf), but seeing him throwing them in MN on television answers that apparently!

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