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Larry Smith fishing show

2/13/21 @ 3:02 PM
User since 2/28/07

Perch fishing in 80' of water. Nice perch but unfortunately no catch and release at that depth. Bet the crowds will be gathered on that area after seeing the show.

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2/22/23 @ 3:05 PM
User since 4/17/07
Ya it definitely changed my mind on ever going on a walleye or whitefish trip with Lonnie. If I ever go up that way it would be with a different guide. I dont know why they would post a video on this promoting what happened.

Larry says some stupid sh*t, but driving a full size truck on 10 inches of ice - come on guy. Ya 10 inches could support a truck, but there are always spots that have a little less. I like a good 16-18 inches myself which is more than enough, but should cover those spots that have a little less ice. Hopefully no one takes his advice on this.
2/22/23 @ 2:17 PM
User since 12/7/17
It's still good entertainment !

My thoughts are s**t happened.                  We all make poor decisions,
2/22/23 @ 10:27 AM
User since 9/10/15
I liked the show better when Hunter was producing it, but I still find myself watching. 
2/22/23 @ 9:14 AM
User since 2/28/07
I watched it yesterday on YouTube. Just shook my head. That Lonnie guy is a real pc.of dung. I loved him saying at the end of show that if he was younger he'd be taking care of some of these people posting negative comments. Would never hire him to guide. As for Smith down playing stupidity, what can you say.?
2/22/23 @ 5:43 AM
JDs Customs
User since 9/16/20
Is was great to see fellow guides come together and Help others out!!

BUT; I just Don’t see the Upside of Airing a Show such as this. Very poor Decision… IMO!

2/21/23 @ 9:06 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18
My thoughts on this aren’t specifically related to Larry. I’m just disgusted in general with how the outdoors have become so grossly monetized. 

LG is running a massive enterprise out there. He’s not the only one. I can’t comment on the soundness of his decision to have his shacks on questionable ice. Really don’t care.

My point is that no matter how you slice it, the guides are exploiting a public resource for profit. It’s just not how the script was written for our American conservation model. 

Being a freedom loving capitalist, I also cannot fault people for carving out a living even if I don’t agree with it. But I do believe the conservative model needs to be adjusted to get the guides and their clients on a catch and release only program. Same with the live-scope enthusiasts. I’m the last one to ever advocate for banning anything, even though it boils my blood watching fishing become a game that is played on multiple screens. Use this stuff to your heart’s content, but I believe those fish all must be released.

With our reactive nature in WI, I doubt anything will change until we’re in a hole that will take years to dig out of. I think we’ve crested the hill to a very sad reality for fishing in general.  
2/21/23 @ 4:36 PM
User since 12/6/22
This show is a joke. Last week talking and showing get snack out of ice.  This is a guide I would run from. The week before running around with a skunk. This is a fishing show. A joke period.
2/21/23 @ 8:14 AM
User since 7/20/09

I grew up in that area and before whitefish, there weren't a ton of people going out that far.  We would go out for walleyes (before it was popular) and it was always eery.  We'd be the only ones out there typically.  We always said the bay has to be locked up, so the ice doesn't have anywhere to go.  Or for sure the wind has to be blowing in, but I would prefer the bay locked up.  I guess I'm saying we were cautious.

Now with whitefish, everyone thinks its no big deal to go out there.  One big blow with open water around the bay and the power of moving water will snap ice like nothing, which is what happened the day those shacks floated away.  The people they rescue out there are almost always not from the area and they always say the same thing.  "There was 10" of ice, I can't believe this happened."  Well I sure could....its not 10" of ice on an inland lake....  Its going to keep happening as long as that fishery is doing well I think.

I thought Larry would be wise to distance himself from Lonnie after that fiasco. 

2/20/23 @ 3:55 PM
User since 9/10/15
The year of the Polar Vortex, I took my truck out on almost 20 inches of ice from Voke's landing in late March. Seemed safe enough. By the next night it was all gone. I'm all for helping a guy out but now way would I take an airboat or a wheeler out there on that shove ice to save some knuckleheads smashed up shacks. Stupid is as stupid does.
2/20/23 @ 1:57 PM
User since 5/21/03
So, there were some other guide shacks by Lonnie's about a week before Lonnie's broke away.  I think they could have been Brett A's, but I'm not really sure.  Either way, those shacks were pulled prior to the big south wind hitting, like days before.

I don't believe that Dale S even put shacks out this year.  Dale is a very safety first guide.  Say what you want about him, but safety is important to him.

Those folks that were rescued were rescued off of the Lighthouse area.  They were fishing on their own. 

2/20/23 @ 12:53 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/15/08
Vegas I hear ya......I was wondering if other guides IE Alexander, Strochein, etc. had shacks out. Doesn’t sound like it. Just a short time ago the coast guard and DNR rescued 11 people fishing in Sturgeon Bay off ice that had broken loose and drifted away. I love fresh fish and the thrill of catching them but since they’re $9.99# at the local grocery store I’m going to sit on the couch rather than risk my life in a condition like those guys faced. Bravo to those guys however.....

2/20/23 @ 8:39 AM
Bug zapper 2
User since 10/7/18
All this stupidity for a couple fish!
2/20/23 @ 8:29 AM
User since 5/21/03
Lol about why not putting your shacks out there.  There's only ONE GUY who did.  He pushed the limits and then blatantly lied about it.  Every one up there knew what that strong south wind was going to do to that ice.  Well, almost every one.

Then Lonny went onto Let's Go Door County and lied some more.  Said he's never been rescued, said his shacks were just fine.  Clearly they were not.

I guess the thing that upset me the most about the show was Larry when he said we should get off of our couches and go help.  Yeah right.  It's not my fault that Lonny was stupid, again.  Why should I risk injury or death for a guy that has no regard for safety for himself, the volunteers or his clients?

It was just a poor, poor show all around.  This should be the show and the situation where residents of Door County write a proposal to now charge guides for rescues.  Right now, all these rescues are "free" for the guides.  Taxpayers pick up the bill.  I think if Lonny were to get fined for every rescue, he'd be more cautious out there.  But hey, I've been wrong before.

And if you didn't think it was dangerous, just watch Larry shaking when his airboat was dead on the water and he didn't know how long it would float, while the local business owner and guide didn't take his 6 phone calls for help.
2/19/23 @ 3:05 PM
User since 10/6/09
Gobbler you answered your own question. No by all means fish the bay I do. But 10 inches on the bay is not a sure thing, And as far as saying you drive a truck on 10 inches of ice is just wrong anywhere.

2/19/23 @ 11:55 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/30/01
Why shouldn't they have been put out ? Conditions changed rapidly, as stated on show wind changed direction which caused current change, etc. This can happen at a blink of an eye, here it all the time on big water. Guess nobody should fish out there then. Give them alot of credit to address as soon as possible.
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