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Larry Smith Fishing show

4/18/16 @ 5:56 AM
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I've watched this show a couple times now, and think it's a pretty good show. He seems down to earth. What do you guys think?

TODAY @ 5:19 PM
Bobber Down Turtle Flambeau
Jeff Robl
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 Got home from fishing early, fishing good weather stunk, having a beer and early dinner I don't use lake Link for anything other than posting fishing reports on the turtle Flambeau Flowage site by chance came across this thread while eating.

I did a show with Larry on the tff a few years back, had never met him before, haven't seen him since. I can tell you this about Larry, he is a very good fisherman and a fun guy to have in your boat. The other thing I can tell you is he is a very hard working s.o.b. We met at the boat landing at 7 or 8 in the morning, he had driven the 4 hours that morning prior to meeting me. We fished all day, I had brought all the fixings for a shore lunch, Larry couldn't wait for that! So after fishing we did the shore lunch (dinner), Larry and his crew drove all the way back that night for commitments the next day.  I figured back then he had an 18 or 20 hour day.,

 Oh there is one other thing I can tell you, yes he does eat a lot. probaly one of the more memorable treats someone gave me in the boat were the peanut squares Phil the blind had brought. Don't think I had had them since I was a kid delivering morning papers to a bakery shop on my route, the square ,white cake covered with white frosting then coated with finely chopped peanuts. I would definitly do another show with larry if he could find some more of those!

Did a tv show a month ago with a crappie fisherman from Ohio, The show went very well, I had been a little stessed about it prior to the show, I don't do a lot of crappie fishing. I was in Donner's Bay having a couple stress relieving beers, gleeful that the show went well. Russ came into the bar to say goodby, he had already packed and wanted to get half the ride back to Ohio done yet that day. The camera guy was leaving early in the morning to do a catfish show in Tenessee. Maybe they all work that hard.

I hope Larry is having fun and making a good living doing his show. 

Bobber Down Guide Service
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TODAY @ 9:20 AM
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New Mexico ... here's the show

TODAY @ 8:56 AM
User since 2/3/05

"He was in Colo. and IF anyone thinks THAT is elk hunting your in for a BIG surprise... it was most likely in a elk farm..  PAY to PLAY !" 

It was in New Mexico and it was a guided,not a canned,hunt.......

TODAY @ 7:23 AM
Fishn Jimmy
Fishn Jimmy
MEMBER since 7/21/01

He was in Colo. and IF anyone thinks THAT is elk hunting your in for a BIG surprise... it was most likely in a elk farm..  PAY to PLAY !

10/20/19 @ 8:30 PM
User since 4/13/03

Does anyone know where Larry was elk hunting a few weeks ago.  

10/20/19 @ 4:44 PM
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really enjoyed the Wings Over Wisconsin segment,  great to see the kids out there with mentors/parents... that turd orourke should watch this kind of stuff before spouting off about taking your guns away 

10/20/19 @ 6:30 AM
User since 6/16/08

This was on the back of the bathroom door in our hotel room...had to share  

10/9/19 @ 9:10 PM
beer bum
User since 1/9/19

Larry and Lightning Lance guided for my dad and I on Winnebago last winter.  Great trip and learned a lot.  Treated very well.  Had a keeper walleye get off at the hole while Larry was checking on us.  He almost crawled down the hold trying to grab it.  Very happy with his service, will do it again.  

Don't know where the two-faced stuff comes from.  But since there was no explanation or follow-up, going to take it with a grain of salt...….

10/7/19 @ 7:29 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

the comments on the bear hunt... I've never considered it or know much about it at all... but any bear hunting I've seen usually involved bait or hounds... except for on Mountain Men one of their guys does hunts for brown bears by scouting ahead, locating an acceptable size bear, then stalking it with his client

maybe bear hunting is what it is, in most cases hunting over bait or hounds???

10/7/19 @ 7:04 AM
MEMBER since 1/5/10

ran into him on devils lake ND a couple years ago, he's a 2 face fake

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