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John Gillespie ( Fishing Show)

12/1/03 @ 5:26 PM
bubba the catfish
User since 7/23/03

john has a great show...


TODAY @ 1:59 PM
User since 9/11/02

I am an avid frozen pizza eater and those pregrilled Italians are great for turning an average frozen pizza into much improved average pizza. I make this statement not as a service to the show but instead an independent review from a moderately fat guy that likes frozen pizza. 

TODAY @ 10:30 AM
MEMBER since 12/15/08

If some of you want something else to complain about they showed the exact same shot of his humminbird this week that they used last week in MN. Same depth, same finger pointing at the weeds....However to me that’s no big deal. Just an example of what to look for while your out there.  It still is a show that what you see is what happened ........maybe not always in order of events. 

PS if he didn’t have those sponsors that he promotes whenever he can he couldn’t afford to have a television show...

TODAY @ 9:18 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

grilled italian this week, was going to put that in my post, but forgot

the ol Gillesp said you didn't need to grill them because the factory did that for you, but he still likes to put them on the grill... they even had buns this week! hahaha... guest Bob O said they were great and that they were going to add them to the grill at the golf course he is a pro at, because they could be made fast for guys wanting one at the turn 

... which reminded me of how Kettle Hills has a booth at #10 where you could get a beverage and a burger or hot dog... sweet!



TODAY @ 6:33 AM
User since 7/29/01

Anyone know what type of sausages were featured on this week's show? Sounds like it was a good show, I took the morning off from duck hunting to watch.......

I am also wondering how the kid is doing with his potty training?

TODAY @ 12:49 AM
beer bum
User since 1/9/19

You hate the "riff raff" about people cheating to get nice prizes (gift cards, possibly high priced item at the end of the year)?  Then all the jibber jabber about what sausages were featured and the effect it had on someone's bowels must put you over the top...….

10/12/19 @ 11:20 PM
User since 1/19/03

I honestly hate all the riff raff about the pictures of fish they show not being what they say they are... but today's 42inch pike blew my mind. That thing couldn't have been over 32

10/12/19 @ 3:24 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

might've been the best show of the year,  imo

St Germain with Rob Manthei musky fishing 

tremendous tips from Rob all throughout the show,  speaking and demonstrating...

tons of great info, plus some cool footage of figure 8 a couple times... comments using fluorocarbon for leaders, how to tie, and when to use wire... Rob offered a wealth of information today... 

guest,  Bob O was gracious and well spoken,  good guy 

10/12/19 @ 3:20 PM
User since 5/22/15

Nice Muskie show with Rob in St-Germain. 4 people in the boat and 3 caught Muskies. Great tips on leaders and knots, and weather tips. 

I really like the N.WI. shows with Rob and/or Pete. 

Big Shane,  Johnsonville Italian Grillers were in da house. (They aren't my favorite Italians). I've had them on a brat roll with melted mozzarella and marinara sauce. Good stuff, but I keep a roll of paper towels close by!

10/8/19 @ 1:25 PM
User since 12/7/17

Love the show 

I watch the show religiously I have missed a few not that one and seems to me that he has been a bit too careless lately perhaps it's time for him to take  the back seat and give Blake more control. 

I have been wondering if this were the show is headed now that I see her  on every show now but I don't remember when that started 

10/8/19 @ 12:07 PM
User since 8/24/07

I'm sure everybody has called him out at one point or another. This was the worst one by far in my opinion though. A tangled line is one thing. Impaling a well known figure like Pete in the face, or worse yet in the eye, is completely unforgivable when it was due to complete stupidity like that.  That's like the fishing equivalent of posing with a nice buck and pointing your still loaded rifle at your buddy with the safety off. 

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