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John Gillespie ( Fishing Show)

12/1/03 @ 5:26 PM
bubba the catfish
USER SINCE 7/23/03

john has a great show...



7/12/21 @ 8:40 AM
USER SINCE 12/25/01

Erie is such a unique fishery that it really boggles the mind. 

I would think with so many different state agencies and Canada too that it must take a small army to keep up with how they change the bag limits. 

It's been awhile since I was there but it was 10 fish bag limit.

Lake Of The Woods could compare in some ways.

7/12/21 @ 6:53 AM
Timmothy A
USER SINCE 5/17/09

This show made me wonder about possession limits in general.  Possession is twice the daily bag limit, but that depends on where you live in the state does it not?  For example, I live south of highway 10 and pike fish north of highway 10, I never exceed my possession limit when we're in the cabin north of highway 10, but when I take them home south of highway 10, I'm over.  I do put the date/name of the lake/species/qty on the bag when I freeze them.  We all have read stories where the DNR gets a tip that someone is way over possession limits occasionally and they get busted.  Obviously the DNR has way more things to deal with than an issue like this, but it just made me scratch my head a bit.

7/11/21 @ 6:50 AM
USER SINCE 12/25/01

Eater size Walleyes on Erie.

7/5/21 @ 6:50 AM
reel riot
USER SINCE 8/26/01

John's recommendations on the Boathouse Restaurant  in Kenosha are spot on. I have eaten there a few times , and was always very good ! I  also had a fish smoked there was great ! 

7/4/21 @ 7:26 AM
USER SINCE 4/20/07

I'd take a pass on the Johnson pump washdown.  Its ok on a charter boat when you have blood all over and a floor like they did, but I have a carpeted boat and would prefer to wash it down with fresh water vs. lake water. You make pick up some smells in the carpet from the lake.

7/3/21 @ 7:02 PM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

I always laugh when I read ur posts rickj!!   

7/3/21 @ 4:52 PM
USER SINCE 7/29/01

The Johnsonville Pump looks amazing. When did J/G dump the Tub O' Towels deal?

As John always says alright alright alright......

Hard for me to believe those little coho salmon will be 12 pounds in a few months. Calab mentioned it on an earlier show a year or so ago as well and I thought it strange at that time.

Anyone know if Coho salmon cause cavities? I heard they are like candy...

7/3/21 @ 10:53 AM
USER SINCE 1/15/21

Perfect eater coho on Lake Michigan. That Johnson Pump wash down system is amazing.  Firecracker brats for the Leroy lunchtime. 

7/3/21 @ 3:07 AM
antler junkie
USER SINCE 8/17/05

nihsif,  I saw the picture of Cammie with her Musky on Fridays replay of J.G.,cute photo of her and her fish. Congratulations.

7/1/21 @ 2:19 PM
Timmothy A
USER SINCE 5/17/09

Herbeck was a great interview when Robbie Jarnigo and Lee Tauchen interviewed him in their legends of musky fishing series.  Another guy who worked his tail off and had tremendous success.  

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