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John Gillespie ( Fishing Show)

12/1/03 @ 5:26 PM
bubba the catfish
USER SINCE 7/23/03

john has a great show...



6/21/21 @ 9:50 AM

I will admit it as well....John's dialogue and phrases can get annoying.  I do appreciate the show and just turn the volume down :)  Tight lines everyone.

6/21/21 @ 8:35 AM
USER SINCE 4/20/07

I watch it every weekend and I know what you mean, that it is getting harder and harder to watch.  John hasn't changed but I think it's him that's getting annoying.  It is his show, but he is constantly talking it seams nobody can get a word in, using the same phrases, repeating questions to the guides, yelling at guests to hold up their fish, and lately he seams to be cutting himself on every show.  His bleeding arm was all over his clothes by the end of the show.  He needs to retire and give the show to Blake.

6/21/21 @ 7:53 AM

I think part of "more difficult to watch" is all the complaining here... makes you aware of things that wouldn't normally bother you, just part of life, but now you know someone is going to complain about it... subtle, but I think it matters

6/20/21 @ 8:38 PM
USER SINCE 2/22/11

I can’t watch Gillespie or Smith anymore. Used to look forward to Saturday morning, but not anymore.

6/20/21 @ 2:54 PM
Goalie Dad
Goalie Dad
USER SINCE 9/13/20

I can't pinpoint why, but the show is getting more and more difficult to watch.

However, I'll continue to watch since that's one of the first things Ive been doing on Saturday AMs for as long as I remember. Something has changed, and no, its not Blake. She's fine. 

6/19/21 @ 7:10 PM
USER SINCE 1/19/03

"Just hold that 1 up don't bother taking the hook out" my once said is enough

6/16/21 @ 7:06 AM
Timmothy A
USER SINCE 5/17/09

John and Blake usually do a few solo trips every summer, trips to Big Cedar come to mind.  I watch more for the guides than John or Blake, they are the vehicles that get us to see the guides.  John does have a deadly crisp jigging cadence that I can only dream of.  (I'm not a jigging guy) 

6/15/21 @ 8:39 AM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

I record Gillespie every week but it’s getting pretty tough to watch. I felt awkward watching the last one for sure, the guy wouldn’t talk even when asked a question and when the lady caught a fish Josh jumps in front of her holding her fish and all you see is the top of her head. I can appreciate having new or upcoming guides on the show to promote them but Maina, Manthei, Tiegan and others are pretty well established guides so can’t John fish on his own? It seems after 40+ years he doesn’t have a ton of fishing knowledge. I still watch but usually zip through the episode pretty quick. 

6/15/21 @ 8:20 AM
USER SINCE 4/20/07

Gillespie's show is all about plugging his sponsors while they are fishing.  Granted, it's the sponsors that pay him, but I think it gets a little excessive and obvious while they are fishing.  Other shows I have watched will take a break maybe in a different segment and explain the equipment, line, and lures they are using, which is their time for plugging the sponsors.  It's true Gillespie uses the same lures/plastics in every show.  It would be nice if they tried different lures and explain their use/success, but it's only about the sponsor.

Maybe they should hold a screen test for their winners before they appear on their show,   .

6/15/21 @ 7:29 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09

I didn't like how they filmed the 'winners'.  I had a hard time telling they were there most of the time.  One of the fish that the woman caught was held up by Josh and they completely blocked her face and just talked to Josh.  Feel like we watch Josh catch fish every other week.  Let the woman have some camera time, we spent how long watching Blake learn to fish.  That woman was about as good as she was at the beginning.  I agree the guy didn't want to talk much, hard to work with that.

For a difference, I started watching Superior Angling on youtube because I plan to do some lake trout fishing.  That show is a night and day difference.  He even has an episode about the equipment he uses and how he uses it.  Rods, line, baits, etc.  Very informative show.  I can actually say I learned a few things, I can't say that I learn anything from Gillespie's show.  Just use the same plastics every show.

I'll still watch Gillespie though, don't get me wrong.  Its all entertainment, good or bad. 

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