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John Gillespie ( Fishing Show)

12/1/03 @ 5:26 PM
bubba the catfish
USER SINCE 7/23/03

john has a great show...



5/8/21 @ 6:56 AM
USER SINCE 7/29/01

Felt bad for Blake with the hook in the ear. Surprised it has not happened more often filming the show. John really struggles removing hooks from a fish and I have noticed many times after a good deal of twisting and poking he will hand the fish over to someone else while still hooked. He could defiantly use a forceps or some other type of removal tool. A few weeks ago when trying to unhook  crappies he reminded me of the dentist that torqued on one of my wisdom teeth for over an hour trying to remove it  

Crappie and bass with Matty B in Southern Wi this weeks show.......

JG and Pete Pete Pete's boat trailers came in Thursday so the new boats should be ready to go soon.

As JG always says at the end of the show "That's the fine life, baby"

5/5/21 @ 1:22 PM

Hooked my finger with a musky lure, THROUGH THE FINGERNAIL.

We were landing the fish in the cradle, and went to remove the fish and it head shook.   I got the front treble in my thumb, and back set were in the fish.  Cut the hooks off, which as you cut through sent a shockwave of pain through my hand.

I now have sterile and clean side-cutters and plyers in a ziplock in the tackle box now.  Suprized I did not get tetnis from the pair we used to cut the barb.

5/4/21 @ 9:52 PM
LJ Walleye Master
LJ Walleye Master

This comes to mind!

5/4/21 @ 4:09 PM
Bug zapper 2
USER SINCE 10/7/18

Isn’t that like a 20 footer they fish out of.Not enough room? True there is a camera man too.

5/4/21 @ 11:02 AM
[email protected]

one of the last time i fished with my father i was being a smartass felt a wack in the head hat went flying thought my dad cracked me one bounced a bait off my head

5/4/21 @ 7:42 AM
USER SINCE 7/20/09
My son hooked me in the nose a few years ago.  He was only 6 at the time and after one close call I told him to pay attention where his rod is going.  Very next cast my head gets yanked to the side.  We laugh now.  Even at the time it was kind of funny, was only a small #6 hook.

That one looked to be in Blake's ear pretty good.  

5/4/21 @ 6:40 AM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

I was fishing with a work buddy and his dad once. Me in front, buddy in the middle. He casts and on his back swing he hooks my hat and wings it out into the lake. It was hilarious and luckily I was unscathed. 

5/3/21 @ 8:22 PM
Goalie Dad
Goalie Dad
USER SINCE 9/13/20

I give Gillespie a ton of credit for showing that. He didn't have to. Blake DID look terrified like it was going to hurt; the ol' 1, YANK; expecting it to hurt on 3. 

Hasn't it happened to all of you, getting hooked or being the hooker? 

5/3/21 @ 11:35 AM
USER SINCE 12/7/17

 WOW !  John that's not what Blake ment when she said that you should put a hair jig on.

  I got hooked by a friend when I was about 15 got it in the outer corner of my eye socket scared the hell out of me thought it was in my eye, it didn't go through the skin i was able to get it out myself I think the bobber hit me to. It was because of a tangled up reel the line casted out about 10' and shot back to me.

  Ever since then I am always on guard when fishing with some one, 

LoL catch the fish not people who are fishing with you

5/3/21 @ 7:30 AM
Timmothy A
USER SINCE 5/17/09

I've hit a couple people in the head with the backswing of a cast over the years, but never hooked anyone.  It's a good reminder to be careful and not get complacent.  To me it looked like the hook just fell out.  

Speaking of getting hooked....last year I ended up with a 33" pike on 1 set of trebles of a Spanky bait and one hook of the other treble in my hand at the same time.  And Mr. Pike was very belligerent.  That was an interesting event to say the least.  The subtle moral of that story is all because you have a hook cutter in the boat doesn't mean it will cut hooks.  Make sure your hook cutter actually works.  With ease.  I can expand on the story if there is interest, but you get the gist.

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