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John Gillespie ( Fishing Show)

12/1/03 @ 5:26 PM
bubba the catfish
User since 7/23/03

john has a great show...


TODAY @ 11:44 AM
MEMBER since 12/15/08

When they’re showing past footage and he catches the 56” musky he’s in the boat with Pete M. But who’s the other guy. I recognize him but can’t put a name on him....anybody recognize him? 

TODAY @ 11:34 AM
User since 8/22/05

I thought at first it was Portage Lake as well, but then noticed a small island in a background scene and can't place that island on Portage; plus when I checked with the weather service, the 40 mph wind that day was out of the SSW, and there is no place to hide from that wind direction on Portage which makes me think it was actually Gratiot- the weird part is that I fished Gratiot the week before the show was filmed and the water temps were 3-5 degrees below what JG reported on the opening of the show.

But, the fish production was typical of the UP this year, 4-6 small fish in two days- tough year.

10/26/20 @ 10:55 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

My guess is he fished Portage Lake in Chassell, Michigan. I fished it a lot as a kid. We row trolled it with Heddon Flatfish in yellow with red and black spots. My brother and I fished out of a 14’ flat bottom wooden boat. It was really something when a commercial fishing boat came by. The wake they put out would blow a wake-boat away.

The show was great! The best part was the memorable video’s at the end.  The clip where John falls backwards on the hook set is great. If I remember correctly that was a late season show on Round Lake with Pete. When John catches a really nice fish, he goes from 70 years old to a youngster with his first fish in a nano second and that is great. I really like his show.

10/26/20 @ 8:21 PM
beer bum
User since 1/9/19

Matty B has been up there with them a few times.  Would be nice to know which lake   

And any criticism of JG - cue Shane.  

10/26/20 @ 6:54 AM
Timmothy A
User since 5/17/09

They've been doing more unguided shows this year; and last if I recall correctly.  It would be interesting for John to tell us why he picked that lake, unless I missed that.  There's a lot of lakes between his home and where he went.  Maybe he had some inside info.  

10/25/20 @ 7:25 AM
User since 3/26/15

Maybe it helps old guys that can’t hear very good.  Thanks John and Blake for an amazing show!

10/24/20 @ 1:22 PM
Bug zapper 2
User since 10/7/18

Nice to see show with no pros or guides once in a while.

10/20/20 @ 7:34 AM
User since 10/9/16

I find the show very entertaining and with the Edition of Blake I even find it more entertaining. She's getting better every week. She makes a great addition to the show. Now if we can get John to settle down a little bit after all these years he still gets excited enjoys what he's doing.

10/19/20 @ 3:50 PM
MEMBER since 12/15/08

Not to mention every show I’ve ever watched of Larry Smith he’s got a guide. And once upon a time he was one....

10/19/20 @ 12:12 PM
Timmothy A
User since 5/17/09
I enjoyed the show this week.  I never knew you could catch lmb on topwater in October, great to know for future reference.  And the action was neat on the lure.  Also nice to see the old jig and pig get some use too.  An oldy but a goody.  Plus they fished in a kinda new place.  

As to the people beotching about him just hiring a guide...that's the way the show has always been doorknobs.  Don't like it, don't watch and don't post.  

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